How to Pay DGT Fees: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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If you are going to do any procedure at the DGT, you need to know How to Pay DGT Fees. The truth is that General Directorate of Transit collects a certain fee to carry out certain procedures. This is maintained for a whole year once established and payment is made before submitting any procedure.

Knowing what steps you must follow to make the payment of this fee is really important. It is also important to know in what ways you can do it, what are the requirements for it, what exactly the DGT is in charge of and much, much more. Today we will be explaining everything regarding this topic. Keep reading!

How can the DGT Fees be paid?

Let’s start by talking about the Payment Methods for DGT Fees. There is not only one option, but you can choose between different alternatives and choose the one that best suits your preferences. We will explain what these options are, so that you can make a conscious decision. Let’s see!

  • Pay online. It is probably the most used method or, at least, the most sought after. It is done through the DGT payment application and you can do it before completing the procedure, so that you download the payment receipt and you can use the rate number for when you go to carry out the procedure on the internet.
  • MiDGT..We are talking about the App that you can download from your Android or iOS phone or Tablet. From this app you can check and pay the rate that corresponds to you, as well as your purchase history. You just have to look for it in your phone’s store (PlayStore in Andrid), download it and access it.
  • Finally, you have the option to pay your fee in the form face-to-face. You can do it in cash or with your account, if you make the payment to a financial institution. However, you can also do it at a headquarters with your credit / debit card.
    • Only in this last way the payment can be made at the same time of the process. However, keep in mind that cash payments are not accepted.
    • If you do it in a financial institution, you must also file form 791.

Whichever way you use, you first need to pay to be able to complete the procedure later. This requirement is seen more clearly when it is done online or from a financial institution, but even if you do it in offices, you first have to pay and then do the management you need.

These collection services are free of charge. That is, whether you do it online or in person, the only thing you will have to pay is the corresponding fee.

Requirements to Pay DGT Fees

Now let’s talk about Requirements to Pay DGT Fees. Whichever option you choose for, there are a series of requirements that you must have on hand to be able to carry out the management. Before taking action, we will explain what these requirements are depending on whether you will make the payment electronically or in person.

  • DGT electronic payment system. In this case you will need your electronic ID or digital certificate. You will need to be able to confirm your purchase, so you need some of these and, of course, have autofirm @ installed.
    • To pay you will need your bank account, whether you are going to pay with a debit or credit card. You can be the owner, co-owner or have the bank’s authorization to make the payment.
    • You also need to have the autofirm @ program installed on your computer or table.
  • For the MiDGT App you need the same as if you do it in the app.
  • If you do it at the headquarters or traffic office, you will only need your debit or credit card, in addition to your identity document. On the other hand, if you do it with a bank or other financial institution, with your bank account, you will need:
    • Fill out and submit Form 791.

Additionally, you need to know the rate you need to pay. This is the most important step and you can find out through Virtual assistant that has the web portal of the Directorate.

Steps to Pay DGT Fees online

Since you know what you need, we will explain the Steps to Pay DGT Fees online. This is the most used route, since it is the ideal one if you plan to complete the entire procedure online. We will explain how to make the payment, step by step, so that you have no doubts about it.

Remember that you have to have an electronic DNI to confirm your payment or a digital certificate. Also, do not forget to have a good internet connection and not to skip any of the steps that we will give you below.

  • To begin, enter the web portal of the General Directorate of Transit (DGT).
  • Once there, locate the section of Other formalities and click Purchase Rates.
  • You will be redirected to another page, in which you must click on the option Purchase of fees and download form 791. You can also enter the Tax payment from this link, directly.

  • It will seem like a list of the rates that you have available to pay, divide according to the procedure you want to do. Where you want to buy, enter the amount you need to pay. Then click Update totals to see the total amount you have to pay.
    • Note that the name of the procedure that is carried out with that specific rate appears, which can help guide you in what you need. You can also click Description of fees, if that’s what you want. It’s located in the upper-right part of the checkout box.
  • Click on Pay.
  • Since you selected the rate, it is now time to make the payment. Enter your NIF / CIF and your email. Then select whether you will pay through a checking account or using a card.
    • Current account: enter the IBAN number.
    • Card: select the issuing entity, the card number and the expiration date.

  • When you’re done, click Sign and pay. The system will proceed to verify that you have a certificate installed. If you have several, you will have to select the one that corresponds and to accept.
  • Finally, the Payment Detail. Enter your email if you want to receive the invoice, if you want to print the receipt click on Print Screen and finally click Get PDF file To download it.

That easy! Now you know how to pay DGT fees online. As you can see, it is a very dynamic process and for your convenience.

How and where to pay in person?

Almost to finish, we explain How to Pay the DGT Fees in person. Since paying it from the App is a process very similar to the previous one, we will proceed to tell you how you can make the payment in person. Let’s see!

  • To get started, you must decide If you want to do it at a financial institution (paying with cash or with a bank account) or at a DGT office (or headquarters). If you adhere to the latter, click here to see where you should go with your credit or debit card.
  • If you choose to do it from a bank or other intermediary, then you must fill out the Form 791. You get this in the headquarters or from the application of Tax payment that we leave you in the previous section. If you do it from the web, you do not need an electronic certificate.
  • You’ll get three forms that you should print when you complete it online. One must keep it, another is for the bank, and the last for the DGT.
  • Write your account number at the bottom (of the one intended for the financial institution). That is, from where you want to pay.
  • Go to this place and wait for the vouchers to be delivered with an authorized stamp or signature.
  • Finally, you have to approach one of the DGT windows. Obviously, you must carry your form and the other requirements of the process so that it can start.

If you prefer to do everything yourself, or you don’t get along very well with technology, this is the best method you can use. Again, just follow these steps.

General Directorate of Transit (DGT)

The General Directorate of Transit (DGT) It is the body in charge of managing everything related to traffic regulation in Spain. From its electronic headquarters, various procedures can be carried out, such as those related to the payment of fines, circulation permits, among others.

For most of these procedures you have to pay a fee, which is what we have explained to you today. It is your responsibility to first buy the rate you need and then do the procedure you need. This payment, like most of the procedures, can be done online, from the My DGT App or in person.

If you decide to do it in person, then you can pay in cash or from an account at a financial institution, or with a credit / debit card at headquarters. If you do it online then you need a digital certificate or electronic DNI.

Finally, it is important to note that the cost of paying online or elsewhere is zero. The only cost you will have to pay is the fee. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!

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