How to Pay on AliExpress: Methods, Security and MORE

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To know How to Pay on AliExpress It is the first step you should take once you decide that you want to buy something in this virtual store. Whether you want to buy clothes, accessories, electronic devices, footwear, toys or household, sports or beauty items, you first need to know how to carry out the transaction in order to receive your product.

However, this is not the only thing you should keep in mind. In addition to the payment methods that you have at your disposal, you will be interested in knowing how the purchase security is, what possible errors may appear and how to solve them, what are the most frequent doubts and much, much more. And today we will explain everything to you! Keep reading!

Methods to Pay on AliExpress

Let’s start by talking about the Payment Methods on AliExpress. There is not only one way to pay in this virtual store, so we will start by explaining how you can pay, either using your credit or debit card, PayPal, Western Union or by bank transfer.

First, you must register. For this, you have to click on My Account> Sign up. This option is at the top right of the page. You just have to provide your email, your name and choose a password.

If you’re only buying one product, just click To buy. If you will buy several products, then you must add the items, one by one, to the cart. Then then proceed to buy them all in their entirety. When it corresponds to you to choose the payment method, you have the following options:

Pay with card

You can make the payment with credit card or debit card. This is the most used form of payment, not only for trading on AliEpress, but in all virtual stores. In this sense, you will find that you can make the payment with:

  • Mastercard,
  • Visa,
  • Teacher,
  • American Express,

The truth is that all banks use, at least, the first ones we mentioned. You should have no problem canceling your purchases using them. Just make sure you choose the Card option (Card) and enter the data for this (number, name, expiration date and CVV) correctly. Finally, you should only confirm.

Additionally, don’t forget to first make sure that your bank has the option to make purchases online or in another currency enabled. This would mean a blockage and the impossibility of making your purchases on AliExpress.

On the other hand, you also have the alternative of using virtual or prepaid cards. These can be more useful since you can only spend the money that you have previously recharged.

Finally, keep in mind that you have the option to cancel your order or to request a return. In this case, this process takes a few days and the refund of the money will be reflected in your statement as a refund. If you paid with a prepaid card that is currently expired or canceled, then it will go to the associated bank account.


You can register your credit or debit card and be able to use it in the future without having to enter all your data. You just have to select the option to Save card (Save this card) and ready!


You also have the option of make your payment via PayPal. Despite the disputes that AlisExpress has had, today you can choose this payment method so recognized worldwide.

You do not need a credit card, just have your bank account registered in Paypal. However, keep in mind that this platform has been designed to make transfers, not purchases. Many sellers feel mistrust regarding the use of this means of payment, so you will find that you will not always have the option to pay this way.

You can get the list of sellers who accept PayPal on AliExpress by clicking on the link or you will simply be told if you have the option when you go to buy the product. If it appears, you must select it in the Step 2: Payment Methods and enter the data that they request.

Keep in mind that the commission can be a bit high. Consequently, do not forget to review it and, if you agree, confirm your purchase. If you request a refund or cancel your order, the money will go back to Paypal.

Wire transfer

This is the least recommended payment method. The transfer is usually international, although the payment must be made in dollars, and also the purchase amount must exceed $ 20.

Secondly, not so safe for buyer like Paypal or the card. Nor is it the most profitable option, since the commission for making international and foreign transfers is usually high.

However, if you decide to use this route, remember not to make the payment directly to the seller’s account for a more secure transaction. The transfer is made to AliExpress and you just have to select the option and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Qiwi Wallet Alipay

This payment method comes directly from AliExpress. You just have to register and recharge your balance from your bank account. It is especially useful if you are going to make purchases on Ali on a frequent basis. However, it is not yet available for Spain. It is found in the United States, Brazil, Russia, and other countries.

In this electronic Wallet, you can pay directly from it, from your card or using the available balance on your associated phone. All this with the code that AliExpress launches when you select this option.

Western Union

Nor is it an option that we recommend. Shopping can get tedious and is only an option available for purchases over $ 20. You will have to go to an office of this institution, fill out a form and wait up to three days for the payment to be received. In addition, you will have to pay a commission, both to pay and to request a refund.

Other methods

Finally, you can choose other methods depending on the seller and AliExpress itself. To see them, you only need to locate yourself in the Step 2: Payment method, which appears when you click Buy.

Once there, select See all payment methods and choose the one that seems to you. You can find DOCU, Giropay, Boleto, etc. Follow the instructions and confirm your payment.

As you can see, the safest and most common method is to pay by card. Take your forecasts and, if you will do it differently, see how safe it is to do so.

How to Pay on AliExpress: Security

The Security when paying on AliExpress It will depend on the payment method you decide to use. All the sellers on the platform have gone through a series of filters in order to place their product for sale, but it cannot be said that fraud has not occurred.

However, you should know that these scams have been more the responsibility of the buyer than of the page itself. Why? Because many consumers decide to pay the buyer directly instead of using AliExpress directly.

AliExpress works through a Escrow system. Your personal and transaction data are encrypted to guarantee full security, the most current in the market (VeriSign SSL encryption). The seller will not receive more than the amount of the purchase you made when you confirm the arrival of your order.

Basically, first you place your order, the system ensures your payment, the seller sends you the product and then, when you receive it, you confirm that it is in good condition and that it is what you requested. When you do this, the payment is released and the seller receives it.

In the same way, we leave you a list of the things you can do to avoid having a bad time:

  • When you go to select a product, read the reviews that this one has. Many people talk about the product and it lets you know if it is a safe purchase. Be careful, this does not mean that those who do not have reviews are bad purchases, they may just be entering to sell on AliExpress.
  • Select a payment method that you know. No payment option on the page is insecure, but you can feel more comfortable choosing one that you know and that is easier for you.
  • Never transfer money directly to the seller’s account.
  • Check the commission you owe cancel before confirming payment.
  • Make sure you have your delivery details up to date.

If you follow all these recommendations, your safety is guaranteed.

How to Pay on AliExpress: CVV Code

For Pay with Card on AliExpress you need to provide your CVV code. However, many people do not know what this code is or what it is for.

Once you are processing your payment, it is your responsibility to enter your card number, name and expiration date. This can be MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or American Express. To get the code Card Verification Value (CVV), you just have to turn over your card and locate the three digits that are there.

Usually this value is only found in Visa and MasterCard cards, so don’t worry if yours doesn’t have it there. On the American Express card, this four-digit value is at the top of the card number.

Frequent Doubts When Paying on AliExpress

In closing, let’s solve some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Can you pay for a purchase in installments?

The answer is no. However, if you pay with a credit card, it can be said that you will pay in installments. Of course, this relationship would be between you and the bank.

Does AliExpress accept cash on delivery? Can I pay in cash?

No, and almost no page does it because of its high risk. If you want to cancel in cash, use Western Union or prepaid or virtual cards.

Why have I overpaid?

You could have paid a higher amount for different reasons:

  • You paid in dollars, with which the re-conversion makes your purchase more expensive in terms of your local currency since a commission is charged.
  • Your bank charges a commission per transaction.
  • You are paying some other type of commission for the payment method you selected.

Can I pay in euros?

Yes! You can pay in euros, dollars, British pound and Russian rubles.

What do I do if I get that I have items pending payment?

Check that the order has not been duplicated. This is usually the most common reason.

Will I have to pay customs?

Yes. Only sometimes the seller is the one who is in charge of making the shipment including this cost, but if so, it will appear in the product advertisement.

Why was my order canceled?

It may be because you canceled it yourself or because the seller did not comply by sending you your purchase within the stipulated period.

What is this error that I get?

You can check the most common error notices by clicking here.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress it is a virtual store. It is divided into several sections, where people can buy everything from clothes, accessories, footwear and beauty products, to toys, household products, electronic devices and much more.

It was founded in 2010 and is part of the Alibaba Group. You can buy a large number of products and it works in a similar way to platforms like Amazon.

Today we have explained how to pay on AliExpress and we hope we have helped you with it.

Until next time!

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