How to Pay Taxes with Banco Santander: App, Web and MORE

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Making the payment of taxes is a delicate and important issue, which is why this article offers you information to do this process in a more practical and simple way. Here we will tell you How to Pay Taxes with Banco Santander.

Paying taxes at Banco Santander is an easy and simple process that provides, in addition to comfort, security because this financial institution is working directly with these systems in the country.

Go ahead, continue reading and learn about the different payment methods that this bank offers when making the payment of taxes in Spain.

Pay Taxes with Banco Santander using the App

Make tax payments with Banco Santander using the App or mobile application It is a facility provided by Banco Santander in Spain. This financial institution allows you to do various transactions online and a very important one is to admit the payment of taxes.

Initially you must do the app download and follow the steps below:

  • Once the application has been downloaded, enter the application from your mobile phone and go to the top in the section called Receipts and Taxes.
  • Later, go on to make your choice.
  • Has to select Tax and click or scan the barcode with the mobile device.
  • Then, follow the instructions that the system will give you so that you can simply and quickly make the corresponding payment of the tax.
  • Likewise, if the payment of taxes corresponds to a legal person, it can be done in the App for companies available.

App for Companies

Do the download the Santander Empresas App in the cellular device and access to a myriad of services that make the daily administrative life of the company easier.

As a company, you can check the movements and balance of the products, you can also operate with them from anywhere. You will enjoy having better control of finances and having the global position of the company as well as the subsidiaries. You can make transfers and transfers in a convenient way and see and access the movement of the cards.

You can carry out the following procedures with the Santander Empresas App:

  • You can do the consultation of the company’s Global Consolidated position and its subsidiaries with all the necessary detail.
  • Also can view associated cards, see the movements made and the statements of the credit cards monthly.
  • In addition, you can make transfers not only national but international and make transfers between accounts.
  • Do the payment of receipts manually or with the camera of the cellular device.
  • Also, you can direct debit, return and download the receipts in PDF format.
  • You can manage the confirming advances.

Pay Taxes with Banco Santander from the Web

Paying Taxes with Banco Santander from the Web is easy and simple as all the amenities offered by the Bank to its customers. It is a preferred form of payment because it has the advantage that you can do it from anywhere, it can be from the office or from the comfort of your home.

Take into account the following considerations:

  • Enter the web portal web portal of Banco Santander.
  • put the DNI and access password.
  • The system makes the entry to the account, there you must select where it indicates Accounts and Cards, within the list that is displayed select
  • A series of options is displayed on the screen and you must choose the one called Tributes.
  • Next You must choose the account from which the amount will be debited that corresponds to the payment of the Tribute.
  • Enter the code of the issuing entity and all the data that are requested to finish the procedure.

If you are a legal entity, you can make the payment from the web portal and follow the steps indicated in Santander companies.

Pay Taxes with Banco Santander with ATMs

To Pay Taxes with Banco Santander with ATMs, it is a practical, simple, comfortable and safe method.

Follow the steps below:

  • Insert the Banco Santander card in the indicated slot.
  • Click indicating the card data.
  • Then, in options select Surcharges, payments and Others.
  • Choose where indicated Payment of Taxes and Fees.
  • Then, just enter the voucher identification data or receipt, this operation can be done manually or by bringing the receipt closer to the reader to scan the barcode.
  • Then he debit the balance of the card to make the payment corresponding to the payment of the tax in question, so you must select Yes.

In this simple way, the payment of the tax is made.

Paying Taxes with Banco Santander: Advantages of Paying Online

The advantages of performing the online payments Of course, they include the financial institution that seeks a way for the customer to be satisfied every day with the way the bank operates.

Among the advantages are the following:

  • The main advantage is that payments can be made from the App, or from the web indistinct but equally effective.
  • The payment is immediate, since when performing the online procedure, the payment of the pending tax is paid.
  • Make the payment virtually, makes save time avoiding moving to pay the tax.
  • Also, something very important that there are no restrictive hoursOn the contrary, the Banco Santander system for making tax payments works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What must be taken into account when paying?

Paying taxes is very important and doing it on time too. That is why both natural and legal persons seek to do it in the simplest and most comfortable way possible.

Avoiding taxes is an issue that has become a serious problem in the country, therefore Spain has lately become a tax haven where it is provided to facilitate the concealment of income and thus pay less taxes than those that really correspond to it. In Spain, evading taxes is a crime whose penalty is jail.

Taxes or taxes are those resources that enter the State in order to direct these resources to the provision of services to the same citizens who paid the taxes.

However, when making tax payments online, there are certain details that must be taken into account when paying taxes efficiently and quickly. Here are some data to take into account:

  • In principle, take into consideration whether it is a tax to pay to the Ministry of Finance or Municipal.
  • Necessary have all the required data for authentication before logging in.
  • Very important, do the statement of actual income and expenses legally, without evading to avoid future inconveniences.

What is Banco Santander and what benefits does it offer?

Banco Santander is a global and multinational financial institution that in 2012 was confirmed as the best Bank in the World according to the annual Euromoney ranking.

Banco Santander’s business model is based on the model that focuses on commercial banking products and services for individuals, companies and small businesses.

Santander Bank serves more than 100 million people that is to say, a large number of clients in a network of 14,400 branches, the largest in international banking. With a management of funds worth billions of euros. It has well over 3.3 billion shareholders, in addition to a total of 187,000 workers.

Santander is the main financial group in Spain and Latin America, whose largest markets are Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. It has a significant presence in Germany, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the northeast of the United States. It also offers financing services in the Nordic countries such as Austria, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands.

Benefits offered by having Banco Santander credit cards

Among the benefits and advantages offered by Banco Santander credit cards are:

  • The prizes and bonuses.
  • In addition, perform the transactions with total security and trust.
  • The minimum amount financed of 60 euros for two months.
  • Likewise, the minimum monthly fee of 18 euros with a maximum installment of 36 months.
  • The percentage by commission of the amount transferred is 3%, the minimum amount for the transfer is 300 euros.
  • That amount that is deferred accrues interest in favor of the Bank, at annual nominal interest.
  • It is necessary to review the contracts of the cards, since not all support the same forms of payment.

After the article, it is very clear the tax payment facilities offered by Banco Santander. Here with this reading he learned How to Pay Taxes with Banco Santander.

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