How to Pay the DNI Fee: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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Many in Spain ask themselves daily How to Pay the DNI Fee. The national identity document (DNI), also called identity card, is the most important document you must have in Spain. Since March 2006 it is electronic.

It is a polycarbonate card that incorporates a chip with digital information. It has dimensions identical to those of commonly used credit cards. We describe below all the details of the subject.

Requirements to Pay the DNI Fee with Telematic Payment

The collections you need for the payment of the DNI, with the telematic payment are these:

  • So you can do the payment, you must have the application on your computer with the signing certificate. In the case of the electronic DNI you will have to download the software you need to sign from here, in the download area.
  • Do not forget that you must know the PIN of your DNI. You can get to change it in the Update Stations (PAD) with access in all DNI and passport offices, where you can also update your electronic certificates.
  • You must also download the program Self-signature from the page .

Steps to Pay the DNI Fee with Telematic Payment

Below we indicate the respective steps, so that you can make the telematic payment of the DNI:

  • You can make the payment after requesting a appointment through the Web.
  • If you cannot make the advance payment at that time, you can do it later under the option of “Appointment consultation”.
  • You have two options to make the payment of the DNI: Through the credit card or through the bill bank. Remember that in both options you must be the owner of the card or bank account, and of the document you are requesting.
  • Payment by Credit Card or Bank Account. Query the complementary information located on the right of your screen, then click on the option “I have read the information necessary to make the payment.”
  • The form shows you the ID of the applicant under protection, since said payment can only be made by the citizen who has made the request for the previous appointment.
  • The other data such as names, surnames, bank details, must be supplied by the respective citizen.

Way to pay

  • As for the Bank data, choose your payment method: Payment on Account or else Payment by Card.
  • This is how, you will have to select your bank from among those described in the drop-down list. Automatically, the program will issue the code in the “Bank” option. Only the banking entities described in the list will be accepted.
  • Later we proceed to the payment signature. In case you are going to sign with your electronic ID, you must include it in the card reader.
  • To continue with the payment, press the “Sign Data” button.
  • Click on “Allow” to open the AutoFirma program.
  • Then you will be shown a new window in which you must enter the PIN of your DNI and select “OK”.
  • If your PIN is correct, a new box will appear in the lower area of ​​the window. You must confirm your signature by selecting “Yes”.
  • Then the payment with the signed data, and you will return the Proof of Payment made.
  • Once complete, press the “Validate data” button, which confirms the data provided and that the account or card is valid, and if the data is correct, an informative message will be displayed, in green.
  • Don’t forget to keep your Voucher Payment, since they may require it at the time of issuance of your ID or passport.

DNI Fee Costs

How to Pay the DNI Fee here we indicate the fees:

  • First expedition: the fee is 12 euros.
  • Renewal: the fee is 12 euros.
  • Timed out: the tas is 12 euros.
  • Deterioration (expired): the fee is 12 euros.

Legal Bases That Require the Payment of the DNI Fee

Law 84/78, of December 28, in its wording issued by Law 11/2007, of June 22, on the access electronic from citizens to Public Services, Fourth Final provision, establishes the rate for issuance and renewal of the DNI, currently DNI version 3.0. This tax rate is a state tax and is designed to collect taxes on the issuance or renewal of national identity documents or DNI.

According to the provisions of the third final provision of Royal Decree 1553/2005, which regulates the national identity document and its electronic signature certificates. Regarding the rates, modified by Royal Decree 414/2015, of May 29, the Spanish Government promoted the legal norm of rank, modified for the adaptation of the fee that has to be received for the issuance of the National Identity Document, according to the cost and taking into account the benefits it provides to the community.

It is updated annually in accordance with the General Budget Law of the Nation, which establishes the following amounts for this year:

In general:

  • Renewal by expiration, loss, advance, theft or deterioration: 12.00 euros, credited in cash at the dispatch office, or using the payment electronically, at the Web.
  • Renewal with the DNI due to data change, of filiation or domicile, as well as registering to be a beneficiary of the condition of a large family, is free.

The large family conditionAs a result of justifying the free rate, it is endorsed through the presentation of the applicant’s Large Family Card or Title, in force as issued under Law 40/2003 of November 18, for the protection of large families and its regulation RD 1621/2005 of December 30.

All the components of said family unit will come out in said guarantee. You can also present the individual large family card of the holder of the document to be obtained, whether he is a minor or a minor. Watch page.

First Registration

As established in Article 5 of Royal Decree 1553/2005 of December 23, to request the issuance of the National identity document, the physical presence of the citizen to whom it is to be issued, the cash payment of the fee, or using the payment by electronic means and the delivery of the following documents will be essential:

  • Birth certificate in text issued by the corresponding civil registry. For this reason, only certificates issued up to six months before the date of application for national identity documents will be accepted, with clear reference to certificates issued solely for the purpose of obtaining the document.
  • A recent photograph in color of the applicant taken from the front, 32 × 26 mm in size, with a uniform and smooth white background, with the head completely exposed from the front, without black glasses or any other clothing that could make identification difficult or difficult. (The photo must clearly show the oval shape of the face, including the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and chin, and must be high resolution and on high quality photographic paper.
  • The certificate or registration form issued by the town hall where the applicant is located, it should not exceed three months before the date of application for the DNI 3.0.
  • Spaniards residing abroad They will prove their domicile by means of a certificate from the diplomatic representation or consular representation office where they are registered as residents (published up to three months before the date of application for the DNI 3.0).

Other Collections

  • When the holder of the DNI 3.0 is under 14 years or person with judicial authority, will be present under the authorization or guardianship of their parents or under their authorization. You can download the authorization model and it is important to read the description of the information that is downloaded with he.
  • When registering as a national for the first time and the citizen has a foreigner’s identity card (TIE) or union citizenship card that includes a foreigner’s card (NIE), they must provide the identity card as essential to process the DNI.
    On special circumstancesIf any of the above documents cannot be presented due to circumstances beyond the applicant’s control, and the person in charge of the issuer considers that it is sufficient to be recognized by other means approved by the issuer, you can obtain such documents. DNI 3.0 valid for one year.

Spanish Citizens Residing Abroad

The foreign holders of a residence permit, once their right of residence has been transferred to Spain, even if it is a permanent issue, they must renew the permit to renew their residence. More information in page.


The period of validity The national identity certificate is two years for those under the age of five, five years for those under 30, ten years for those under 70 and permanent for those under five. Seventy years.

In special circumstances, a permanent validity period can be granted to people over the age of 30 who demonstrate that they have a serious disability, or a year if they are unable to present the required issuance documents.

Security measures

Various security elements have been developed in the electronic DNI to prevent its falsification:

  1. Measures visible to the naked eye– Optically variant ink, such as reliefs or security backgrounds.
  2. Images verifiable by optical and electronic means: ink only visible with ultraviolet light, that is, micro-writing.
  3. Digital security data: Recording of the chip data, access to the electronic DNI function, by means of the personal access code (PIN). The keys never leave the chip, the Certification Authority is the General Directorate of the Police.

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