How to Pay the Orange Bill: Steps, First Time and MORE

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How to Pay the Orange Bill, If you are already an Orange customer or are about to be, we suggest you read this article.

Orange is one of the most important telecommunications companies in Spain, it is characterized by a very wide coverage and a large number of services for its customers.

Steps to Pay the Orange Bill

Orange invoice payments are generally paid by domiciliation bank, but if your bank has any problems, it may not be able to collect the payment in due time. If this happens, you will have several payment methods.

If you still need to pay the Orange bill, we will indicate several options so that you can do it:

  1. Through the phone.
  2. Making a transfer to pay your bill.
  3. Online with a card, only if you have a mobile bill in arrears.
  4. With cash at an ATM.
  5. From abroad.

Other Alternatives to Pay the Orange Bill

Below we describe the alternatives so that you can pay the Orange bill:

Pay your Orange bill by transfer and from abroad

The facilities you have to pay your Orange bill are various. Among the options, you can pay by transfer.

This method by transfer of the value of your invoice, you can do it while in Spain or from abroad.

When making the transfer, do not forget to indicate as a reference your NIF number, and the telephone number of the owner of the line.

If you are abroad, it will request the bank’s BIC / SWIFT:

  • ES03 0182 3994 0002 0151 5421 at BBVA. BIC / SWIFT: BBVAESMMXXX.
  • ES88 2038 0969 4760 0003 1614 in BANKIA. BIC / SWIFT: CAHMESMMXXX.
  • ES41 0049 1500 0229 1012 7757 in Santander. BIC / SWIFT: BSCHESMMXXX.

Pay your Orange bill in cash

You can pay through Cash income at any BBVA ATM, you are not yet a customer of that bank.

  • Look for the option “Telephone companies”.
  • Press “Mobile Orange”.
  • Provides the mobile phone of the returned or unpaid invoice, and the DNI / NIF / NIE of the invoice holder.
  • Issues the amount of the returned or unpaid invoice. Watch page.

Pay your Orange bill by phone

You call the 1478, providing your credit / debit card details. This phone is free of charge and you can make the call from any operator. If you make the call from a landline you have to press the number 656001478.

Its opening hours to the public are from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. On Saturdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It should be noted that customers who only have a fixed line do not have service on Saturdays. The service is not available on Sundays and national holidays. Apart from these hours you can make the call and make the payment automatically.

If you make the call from a central office, the link with the 1478 takes several seconds to run. After dialing stay calm until you are attended.

How to speed up the reactivation of the line

To request reactivation of your line, you must send by email or fax the proof of payment, it can be a photo, incorporate your NIF and telephone number. You can send your receipt to the email or fax address that we indicate here:

If you are a private client

  • Billing period: from 1 to 30 / from 16 to 15 / from 21 to 20.
    Supporting email:
    Supporting fax: 91 838 27 06.
  • Billing period: from 8 to 7 / from 12 to 11.
    Supporting email:
    Supporting fax: 91 838 27 08.

If you are a freelance client or company

  • Billing period: from 1 to 30 / from 8 to 7.
    Supporting email:
    Supporting fax: 91 838 27 06.
  • Billing period: from 16-15 / from 26 to 25.
    Supporting email:
    Supporting fax: 91 838 27 08.

Pay the Orange Bill: First Chance

When the first invoice is generated, it will be divided and the proportional value corresponding to the time you belonged to Orange will be displayed according to your planned plan. These are the program deadlines:

  • It starts to bill you between 6 to 12 days, from the activation of your line.
  • After 4 days they will send you your invoice by email.
  • After 4 days they pass it to the bank.

We give you an example:
If you activate your line on the 2nd, your billing It should be on the 12th. This is how each month your invoice will go out on the 12th to the 11th of the following month. You will receive the email with the notice of your invoice on the 16th and it will be transmitted to the bank on the 20th.

Keep in mind in this first billing:

  • From the date you set the rate, you will only be charged the proportional part of the month related to the billing date.
  • They will only include the proportional part of the minutes included in your rate. Take this into account so as not to exceed your consumption.
  • Yes, you can enjoy GB of the total price on the first invoice.

Telephone Cut by Failure to Pay the Orange Bill

In the event that your line is cut, you can continue to receive calls, messages and use emergency phone numbers. However, the outstanding amount of Orange It varies according to your service contract: for the Love rate they pay 29.04 euros, and in Love Business they pay 30.25 euros.

Therefore, with Orange You can change the date of payment of the invoice, to a more suitable date for you.

Orange Pay

Orange Pay is a free service that allows you to pay for digital content and applications such as games, music, movies, books, in different markets using mobile bills or prepaid balances. This is a simple and secure method, you do not need to identify yourself every time you make a purchase.

East method Payment is included in multiple stores and app markets. As an Orange customer, you can pay for the content you need in your Orange account. You only need to enter the phone number, it is not necessary for the store in the mobile terminal, so your purchase cost will be reflected in the Orange invoice.

What is Orange?

Orange Espagne SAU is a Spanish subsidiary of the French multinational Orange. Operators use the mark “Orange”To provide telephone, Internet and TV (Orange TV) services in Spain through it.

It was launched as a trademark in Spain on October 3, 2006, after the unified brand was “Orange”Under the fixed telephony and Internet operator Wanadoo, and the mobile operator Amena (acquired from the group in 2005). Currently, it is the second largest mobile telephony operator in the country, and the third largest fixed telephony operator. Watch page.

Mobile telephony

Orange uses GSM 900 MHz (EGSM) and 1800 MHz (DCS) technologies, as well as the old Amena UMTS (3G). It belongs to the FreeMove Alliance. In April 2015, the Spanish government banned the use of the 800 frequency band necessary for the new generation of 4G networks. Since July of the same year, Orange and its main competitors Movistar and Vodafone, have enabled these frequencies by allowing advantages such as better penetration indoors.

As of February 2016, Orange is the second largest mobile phone company in Spain, with 13.9 million subscribers.

Fixed broadband internet

Orange provides a connection to Internet fixed broadband through ADSL and fiber optic technology. As of September 2017, the company had 4.2 million fixed broadband customers, including 2.08 million fiber optic customers.21

Convergence of technologies (telephony, internet and television)

Orange sold Unik phones, and if you sign up for LiveBox, you can make calls using mobile networks and coverage Wifi. It uses UMA technology. The terminals currently in use are from the Nokia, Samsung and Motorola brands.

Secondly, Orange It offers different combinations of line maintenance, ADSL with Wi-Fi router, TV through its Orange TV service, calls (landline to landline, landline to mobile) and USB modem or PCMCIA card22.

On pay TV:

  • Movistar + (Movistar Spain).
  • Vodafone TV (Vodafone Spain).

How do I get My Orange Invoice?

It’s very simple, you can download your orange bill from the online customer section and the Mi Orange application:

  • Provide your username and password.
  • Select one of the lines that you have contracted.
  • Enter the “Invoices” section in the “Last 12 invoices” menu.
  • Choose the invoice you want and click “Download”. Watch page.

My Orange invoice: all the information of your invoice

Orange is one of the big enterprises of our country, it serves millions of clients, its product catalog is very diverse: mobile line, ADSL, Orange fiber, TV, football and Orange landline.

Here we inform you how the Orange invoice is broken down:

  • Billing period: It is the time interval to record consumption. Not all companies have the same billing period, even if not all Orange customers have the same billing period. It all depends on when the contract is signed.
  • Total to pay: It is the amount to pay. The total amount that will be deducted from the bank account associated with the contract.
  • Fees and discounts: All additional discounts that have been applied to your consumption will be displayed.
  • Infographic on consumption: Bar graph showing consumption history. So you can see the months that cost the most and the least.
  • Dues: Detailed display of the cost of each contracted service, such as voice, messaging, Internet and data.
  • Consumption Detail: Collect in detail the minutes consumed in each call and the messages sent.

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