How to recover the Jazztel mobile PIN: Unblock Jazztel SIM Card

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In this article we will be giving you information about how you can recover the PIN of the Jazztel mobile and other data of interest, so that you can carry out this procedure without major inconvenience.

How to recover the PIN of the Jazztel mobile

The PIN code and PUK code of Jazztel They are used to unblock the Jazztel SIM card and be able to enjoy the terms of the rate that you have contracted in the operator.

It is a system of security for which it is intended that only the owner has access to the line. The PIN is a four-digit security code that you must enter each time you restart the telephone mobile.

While the PUK code of Jazztel It is an 8-digit code that is used to unblock the Jazztel SIM card when you have incorrectly entered the code PIN up to three times in a row.

Unlock Jazztel SIM Card

The Jazztel PUK is a code that cannot be modified at any time, if your card has been blocked, it will ask you for the PUK code to unblock it. You can retrieve the PUK code from Jazztel in different ways:

You can check the PUK code of Jazztel in the original documentation, in the plastic holder where you received your card SIM. On the back, you will find the Jazztel PIN and PUK codes

Find the PUK code for Jazztel from the Jazztel customer area:

  • Enter your personal area by entering your credentials from the operator’s website. On top of the page you will find the icon to access the customer area
  • Select your line of Jazztel in the case of having several of them
  • At the end of the page, you will see the “And also” section, where you can check the PUK code of Jazztel

Retrieve the PUK code Jazztel from the app:

  • Download and install the app Jazztel on your mobile and enter your credentials to enter your personal area
  • Select the line Jazztel to manage
  • Check your PUK code Jazztel in the “And also” section

Get the Jazztel PUK code by phone:

Call customer service from Jazztel from a line other than the one you have blocked, to 1565 if you call from a line of Jazztel or at 640 001 565 if you call from another operator, from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

The automatic voice-over will ask you for information about the telephone number on which you want to consult the PUK Jazztel

When prompted for the query topic, say “PUK Query.”

They will ask for your number DNI (without the letter) of the line holder

If the information provided is correct, the voiceover will provide you with your PUK code

Change Jazztel PIN

You must enter a new PIN to unlock the card Jazztel as we have explained previously, although you can change the Jazztel PIN at any time. You have two options to change the PIN , do it through a code on your phone or do it through the settings application, we explain how to do it:

Change the code PIN from Jazztel using the following sequence + call key:

** 04 * Old PIN * New PIN * New PIN #

Change the PIN Jazztel from your phone settings:

On Android: Settings> Security and privacy> More> Set up SIM lock> Change SIM card PIN

On iOS: settings> Mobile data> SIM PIN

Keep in mind that the Name of the sections may vary slightly depending on the version of the operating system you have. Also, to change the PIN from Jazztel, you must enter the old PIN code. Remember that if you enter the code wrong PIN three times, the SIM card will be locked.

Remove the Jazztel PIN

Finally, if you have a very bad memory and you always forget your code PIN, you have the option to remove the code PIN from Jazztel from your phone’s settings menu. In this way, when you turn on the mobile, it will turn on without the need to enter the code PIN.

To remove the PIN from Jazztel:

On Android: settings> Security and Privacy > More> Set up SIM lock> Lock SIM card

In iOS: settings> Mobile data> SIM PIN. When you access “SIM PIN”, you will find two possibilities activate / deactivate the SIM PIN, leave the deactivate option checked.

Again, for make changes and remove the Jazztel PIN, they will ask us for the current PIN code of the SIM card. However, for security reasons, it is not a highly recommended option. If you don’t have a PIN code, anyone could turn on your phone and access all your data, especially in case of loss or theft.

Jazztel PIN utility

The codes PIN and PUK of Jazztel They are responsible for maintaining the security of our SIM card so that only the holder has access to the line. However, it is quite common that at some point, we forget the PIN code and let’s block our SIM card.

When to go to the PUK Jazztel

The PIN code is the security that allows you to register your SIM card JAZZTEL with the mobile network, which once entered allows you to have coverage on your phone.

This code, as well as the code PUK (8-digit code that cannot be modified and used to unblock your SIM PIN), comes with the documentation original, in the plastic holder that you received with your SIM card.

We hope that this information has been of great interest to you so that you can recover the PIN of the Jazztel mobile, thanks for the time taken in reading.

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