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Do you know what a master formula is? Are you interested in being aware of the technical and scientific standards of the pharmaceutical world?

Or on the other hand, do you want to know everything related to the formulas dispensed in specific pharmacies? Are you interested in being an informed user? Well then, keep reading us. In this writing we will tell you what the National Form, what it is for and how it can be useful to us.

National Form Format

The first thing we want to tell you is that the National Form is a publication where you can locate the magisterial formulas and official preparations that we know simply as medicines.

You will be able to explore categories, indications and raw materials that go into the composition of a pill or a syrup that we take when we are sick.

Also, and only if you want to go further, in this book you will get the rules of preparation and control of these pharmaceutical preparations (art. 44 of law 29/2006, of July 26).

It is useful for you to know that the form is published in support of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, the body responsible for its content.

To make you feel confident, its content is consulted by experts by the Electronic Headquarters of the State Agency Official State Gazette (AEBOE).

You can access the National Form (in PDF on-line) at the AEBOE headquarters and free of charge. It is good that you know that you will always have a permanently updated version, since each revision or update of the Form will be integrated immediately.

This is a guaranteed and very careful process, as it is controlled by professionals who monitor the conditions of use. That is why we tell you that you can consult it with confidence.

The feeding of publicly accessible web services is expressly prohibited. The form service cannot be assigned, licensed, sold or transferred to third parties, by any physical or electronic means.

Sanitary Procedures Explained by the National Form

You should know that magisterial formulas and officinal preparations can only be made by an expert pharmacist or a specialized technician supervised by an apothecary. You can only get reliable magisterial formulas in pharmacy services, hospitals and legally established pharmacy offices.

Remember: only a pharmacist is professionally and legally trained to make medical preparations .

It is vital that you know that the National Drug Form is an official book where you will get the magisterial formulas of the medicines.

You can also review the categories, indications and raw materials that are part of the care and sanitary procedures for its preparation. You will locate with transparency the norms of its correct manufacture and control.

You can be calm about the medicines you consume, because Royal Decree 175/2001 guarantees the obligation and absolute respect for all sanitary technical standards.

You can see the strict compliance with the rules known as Correct Manufacturing Standards (NCF) or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP):

  • The minimum conditions with the personnel, the premises and the utensils;
  • documentation and materials;
  • the elaboration, the quality control and the dispensing of the magisterial formulation.

Mind you, this is a very serious process. They are responsible for our health and medical life. They prepare the medicines for our particular conditions and by pharmaceutical specialty.

And not just for us humans. Our pets and animals in general also benefit from the national form. You can locate the magisterial formulas in veterinary medicine and request the preparation of a medicine for an animal or for a group of animals in the case of livestock.

You will get everything. Formulas for allergy, food intolerances (without wheat starch or lactose), diabetes (without sucrose), atopic skin (without parabens), multiple chemical sensitivity-MCS, etc.

If you are a special patient, you can review your condition directly and individually. They are able to attend a detailed medical prescription of specific medicinal substances. All following the technical and scientific standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the criteria on FM?

We want you to handle criteria on Magisterial Formulas (FM). That is why we leave you here the requirements that must be met:

  • Keep in mind that they must be prepared with substances of action and indication legally recognized in Spain according to the guidelines of the National Form (FN).
  • Watch that they go to entities legally accredited by a health authority.
  • Observe that they ensure the “Standards of correct preparation and quality control”.
  • Take a look: in the FM you must clearly read the name of the pharmacist who prepared them, as well as all the information on storage and use.
  • Be picky. You must expressly request that FMs for animals be prescribed by your veterinarian and prepared or directed by a pharmacist.
  • In all medicines you must check the dates of manufacture and expiration, the registration number and the acceptance or rejection of the formula by the pharmacist.

From what you see, the development of an FM is not something simple or sloppy. It requires the development of many steps and different processes. We have to verify that pharmacists follow everything legally and professionally typified.

Raw Materials in the National Form

One issue that you cannot ignore is the quality of the medications. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the raw materials in the form.

Check that in the compilation of the specific standards you can locate the description of the physical, chemical and biological quality that medicinal substances, excipients and control methods must have. Remember: for both human and veterinary use.

To ensure this, you can locate the quality code that the active ingredients and excipients that make up medicines for human and veterinary use must comply with.

You can see these codes in a pharmacopoeia, and especially in the Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia, which is the general reference for everything related to medicines, health authorities, universities, Royal Academies of Pharmacy, hospitals and pharmacy offices, and the pharmaceutical industry .

If you have problem with other languages, The form gives you access in Spanish to the most prestigious international legal compendium on the quality of medicines. Keep in mind that their job is always to minimize the risks in medications.

The Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia and the National Form are available electronically for all those interested in the “The BOE Store”. You just have to subscribe.

What is it for?

We reiterate, the national drug form offers you the list of drugs offered by the corresponding health authority (Ministry of Health or other), or by medical and pharmacological societies.

It gives you knowledge about the medicines that are identified by the international non-proprietary name.

With this national form you can:

  • Have information on the equivalences between drugs, so that you know options and prescription recommendations;
  • Achieve possible exchanges or substitutions of medications in cases where you need it; and
  • Help you simplify the process and administration of purchases of the health authorities for their care and treatment centers (clinics, hospitals, etc.)

Who should be bound by this Document?

It is key that you know by now that pharmaceutical professionals are the main users and makers of this form.

Thanks to the form, you will have the certainty that the pharmaceutical professionals of the pharmacy offices, both community and hospital, have a modern means of adaptation and updating on the new requirements of the preparation of magisterial formulas and official preparations.

In order to guarantee us efficiency and operability, there is an entire official organization that is governed by the national form. We want you to know about it.

You should know that there is the National Commission of the Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia, as well as the two permanent coordinating Committees: the Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia and the National Form.

They need to ensure that all the preparation and technology that they apply to our medicines have the special knowledge.

Who is the National Form for?

We consider it very important to tell you that the form addresses various professional fields in medicine and pharmacology. Here we leave you a list. Check how reflected you place your health issues in these areas and organizations.

  • Drug Safety.
  • Medicines for Veterinary Use.
  • Pharmacy and Health Products.
  • Veterinary Health.
  • Scientific and Technical Research.
  • Toxicology.
  • Official Associations of Pharmacists.

  • Official Associations of Veterinarians.
  • General Council of Physicians.
  • General Health Inspection of the Ministry of Defense.
  • Private organizations and pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials industry.
  • Veterinary drug industry.
  • Ministry of Health.
  • Spanish Medicines Agency.

What is the National Form?

Once again we tell you that in the National Form you can get the registration of master formulas typified and official preparations recognized as drugs prescribed by doctors.

You can rest assured because the information you will find in the form is legal, updated and very careful in its scientific information.

A fact that we have not told you: the National Form contains 81 Monographs on Raw Materials, 22 Monographs on Typified Magisterial Formulas, 57 Monographs on Official Preparations and Standard Work Procedures.

You can obtain the Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia and the National Form electronically for the BOE Store, just by subscribing. We assure you that it is useful for you. Look for them!

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