Non-Profit Temporary Residence Form: Format, Completed and MORE

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Process the Non-profit Temporary Residence Form, it is very easy although it may not seem like it. That is why here we leave you everything you must do, in order to make it simple and fast as long as you meet the required requirements.

Below you will find the model of the Form, how to fill it out, what it is used for, who should process it. Also the documentation that must be presented, who issues the Form, and what it is about.

Non-Profit Temporary Residence Form Format

Regarding the Format of the Non-Profit Temporary Residence Form, it can be said that it contains four (4) parts. In those parts the following should be placed:

  1. Information of the Foreign Citizen. Provide the personal data of the interested party, the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) and passport, names and surnames, indicate gender. Indicate the country of birth, date and place, also nationality. Select marital status: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced, Separated. Enter the name of the parents, if applicable. Address of domicile in Spain, cell phone number and email address. Indicate if you have school-age descendants.
  2. Information about the representative, only if you are an individual other than the interested party. Email address, cell phone number, and room address.
  3. The address information to admit the communications. The business name or name, address and cell phone number. Additionally, select the space to accept communications via online.
  4. Choice of the type of admission requested. Choose the respective alternative on the preliminary approach. If the field is chosen that does not admit the correction of the documentation, or information in charge of the administration, they must be supplied.

To finish completing the Non-profit Temporary Residence Form, indicate the date of the request, date and signature of the interested party. In relation to Annexes I and II of the Form, they will be filled out to give the authorization or not to correct the documentation that is not being provided.

These documents are: Those of the census, the proof of the police or criminal record and about Social Security. Do not forget that if the correction of any documentation is denied, it must be provided.

Filling out the Non-Profit Temporary Residence Form

To complete or fill out the Non-profit Temporary Residence Form, you must adhere to some guidelines. It is essential to write in capital letters and with a pen in black ink, in block letters or typewriter. The Form must be consigned in original and copy. The instructions are named below:

  • Select the relevant field: Man or woman.
  • Complete using two (2) numbers for the day, two (2) for the month, and four (4) for the year. In the following order (dd / mm / yyyy).
  • Choose the corresponding box: Single / Married / Widowed / Divorced / Separated.
  • Indicate the title according to the representation, that is: Mother / Father of the minor, Guardian, etc.
  • Complete only, if the person is different from the applicant.
  • According to Law 11/2004 and Additional Provision 4 of RD 557/2011, legal persons and the community of natural persons, who due to their economic or technical competence, professional delivery as well as other justified reasons. Have assured the income and possibility of concrete systematic resources, they are responsible for communication through this channel.
  • Select the respective field. The specific data about the steps to be taken and documents in conjunction with this Request Form. Likewise, for each process considered in it (Information Sheets), which can be found through the following web portal: Information on procedures and procedures – Information Sheets.

According to Article 5.1 LO 15/1999, it is notified that the information provided by the applicants, required to solve the application will be stored in a file. The recipients will be the General Administration of the State entities, in charge of foreigners.

Where they have the responsibility for this, the General Directorate of Immigration, the Delegations or Sub-delegations of the Government and the General Directorate of the Police and the Civil Guard. The applicant can exercise the right of entry, correction, cancellation and opposition against the entities previously named above.

Usefulness of the Non-Profit Temporary Residence Form

Among the utilities that the Non-Profit Temporary Residence Form, are the following:

  1. The foreign citizen who makes the request is not subject to any other citizen to reach it. That is, to an employer or a relative for family reunification.
  2. With him it begins the opportunity to live in Spanish territory directly with his family group, because when checking the economic resources to support himself, permission is granted at the same time for both the applicant and his family nucleus.
  3. The validity of the non-profit residence is considered to calculate the period of residence for the request for Spanish nationality.
  4. The foreigner does not need to make any investment in the country, he only has to prove his economic possibility to cover expenses.
  5. You have the opportunity to study and be a university intern, even when they are paid. This is due to the fact that the practices have an instructive nature and not a work one.
  6. You also have the possibility of carrying out economic activities in other countries, as long as you do not have to leave Spanish territory constantly.

Who should process it?

The people who process the Non-profit Temporary Residence Form, are all those foreign citizens who meet the conditions set out below:

  • Not having the citizenship of a country belonging to the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland. Similarly, you should not have family ties with individuals from these States, who enjoy the benefit of being citizens of the European Union.
  • Do not live in Spanish territory illegally.
  • Regarding your criminal record, they must not exist or be free of any crime.
  • Enjoy entry to the country, and to other countries with which they have signed agreements.
  • Have the corresponding financial means to pay the expenses of stay and departure, taking into account the family group if this is the case.
  • Possess insurance for medical assistance in Spanish territory, either with a private or public company.
  • Be normally healthy, with reference to the public health point of view.
  • If for any reason they are admitted through a voluntary return procedure, the foreigner must not be within the period of the agreement not to return to Spain.

Additional Documents for the Procedure

Together with the Request for Authorization of Temporary Non-Profit Residence, the original and a copy of the following documentation must be consigned for verification:

  1. The passport or travel book, with a minimum validity of one year.
  2. Certificate of criminal records issued by the country of origin or the country where you have resided for the last five (5) years.
  3. All the documentation that proves the economic possibility while the period of permanence lasts.
  4. The certification of have health insurance, whether private or public.
  5. A medical report, where good health is certified, especially the non-existence of pathologies that may have serious consequences for public health.
  6. Receipt of payment of fees for residence issuance services and visa on Form 790/052.

Who Issues It?

The management of said request is carried out in the Consulate or the Embassy Spanish, suitable in the country where the foreign person resides. In Article 49 of the Immigration Regulations, there are the rules for the process of requesting a non-profit residence permit. The procedure is the next:

  • Fill the Non-profit Temporary Residence Form and collect the requested documents, including the receipt of payment of the corresponding taxes.
  • Go to the diplomatic commission, according to its procedures and attendance hours, to present the request for non-profit residence (visa).
  • Wait for the Government Delegation or Subdelegation, decide about permission.
  • The Consulate or the Embassy will decide about the non-profit residence visa.
  • The person applying collects the visa at the Consulate or Embassy, having thirty (30) days to have it in person. After this period and if the visa is not withdrawn, it is understood that they withdraw from the visa.
  • Having the documentation in hand, the interested party must enter the country within the valid time of the visa, that is not more than ninety (90) days.
  • During the thirty (30) days after entering Spain, the foreign citizen has to fill out the foreigner identification card in person. Going to the Immigration Office or the Police Station, where permission has been requested.
  • To manage the fingerprint, the applicant must present the passport and also Bring the Card Application Form EX17, duly filled out and the receipt of payment for the card fee. Include three (3) color photographs, currently issued, with a white background and passport size.

What is the Non-Profit Temporary Residence Form?

The Non-profit Temporary Residence Form, is the documentation that a foreign citizen manages to make a request for approval to live in Spain, without having to do any type of work or professional activity.

The residency required is provisional in nature, that is, for a first period of one year (365 days). This Form is known as a Non-Profit Temporary Residence Authorization Request. With this permit, the foreign citizen is authorized to establish himself with his family group in Spain.

This while you have the ability to verify that you have the ideal financial means to cover the stay and livelihood. It should be noted that the non-profit residence authorizes all foreigners to reside in Spanish territory for a period of time greater than ninety (90) days.

The fundamental condition is not to carry out any type of work or professional activity. The validity of the non-profit residence begins to run from the date of entry to Spain based on the DR of the year 2011, in your ART. 49 (Immigration Regulations).

The Non-Profit Residence Permit can be renewed for two (2) more times, in other words, to last two (29 years. In the event that it is renewed a third time, there is the opportunity to make the request for a residence of long validity.

This last authorization will be for an indefinite period, however, the identification card as a foreigner affiliated with the type of residence must be renewed every five (5) years.

The Non-Profit Temporary Residence Form, It is a great benefit to which those foreign citizens who wish to reside in Spain have access, without the need to carry out any work or professional activity.

It is of great importance, in addition to complying with the required documentation, you must also obey the time established by the Law to manage it. We wish you luck with this process and you fulfill your goal of living in Spain.

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