Permanent Disability Form: Format, Instructions and MORE

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Do you want to get a disability benefit or compensation for injuries? Then you must know the Permanent Disability Form.

Here we will provide you with the information you need and we will give you detailed guides of everything you must do to achieve it. Stay with us!

Permanent Disability Form Format

Before you locate the Permanent Disability Form and fill it out, we recommend that you check if you meet the requirements to access it.

After you verify that this type of procedure concerns you, gather the necessary documentation, fill out the application form properly and carefully, and submit it to the competent body.

It is important that you know that one of the key moments for you to successfully achieve this process of permanent disability to Social Security, is pass the assessment test of a Medical Court.

Instructions for Completing the Permanent Disability Form

As we have been advising you, before filling out this form, make sure if you must directly activate the application procedure for a permanent disability pension or if you must wait for the Social Security official notice.

Then, go gathering your documentation:

  • DNI and that of your legal representative (lawyer) if applicable.
  • Medical history.
  • If this is the case, you must have the Civil Registry Certificate of abortion (pregnancy of more than six months), or death of the newborn (first 24 hours after birth).
  • Proof of payment of contributions if you have suffered disability due to common illness and non-work accident
  • If you have suffered an occupational accident or professional illness, you must have the respective administrative part with you.
  • Certificate from the company of the real wages you received during the previous year.

Once a day and in order with the documents, proceed to fill in the application form. We suggest you calmly analyze the form, so that you do not miss any step or requirement and attach the documents in order.

With these two big steps, you are ready to submit your application. Go to any of the INSS attention and information centers, being careful to have previously requested an appointment.

Keep in mind that you can also do this procedure over the Internet, so you don’t have to go to a Social Security headquarters.

We want to give you more information. We are going to detail the demands that you have to meet so that you can opt for Permanent Disability.

It is important that you know that they exist degrees or types of disability pension:

  • Partial
  • Total
  • Absolute
  • Great disability

For this reason we advise you to check the condition you are in. Review well the legal requirements that you must meet to request the type or degree of disability that corresponds to you.

Calculation on Disability

We also consider it important that you make an estimate of the calculation of permanent disability.

This calculation will quickly locate you if you meet the legal requirements to be taxed for a disability in any of its degrees.

The most convenient thing is that you request permanent disability once you have formally discharged medical leave.

Remember: all the documents that you must present must be in original accompanied by their respective copy.

If possible, have at hand your clinical history prepared by the competent Public Health Service in your Autonomous Community or the Report of the Medical Inspection of said service.

You could also find useful the Family Book or Civil Registry records that prove the relationship of your family group, and the City Council Certificate that attests to coexistence with the spouse and children.

Also have the judicial order or certificate of foster care, issued by the Autonomous Community.

If this is your case, locate the judicial resolution of separation or divorce where the custody of the minor children and the amount of the compensatory pension to the spouse or ex-spouse and that of child support are recorded.

If you are a foreigner, get the proof of residence that you have in Spain. You can present all these documents at any of the Social Security Information and Attention Centers.

Once you process your application for permanent disability, the instruction phase will begin.

After you conclude it, you will have to go through the assessment of the Medical Court, one of the key moments in the process of requesting permanent disability to Social Security.

What is it for?

Only with the Permanent Disability Form will you be able to carry out the administrative steps necessary for you to request your permanent disability before the INSS. It does not matter if you do it online or in person.

After having registered and processed your form, accompanying it with all the documents, you will have to activate the Medical Court. Once this key step is completed, the final resolution will come to you.

The good thing about all this is that you will always have the administrative means to challenge any decision with which you do not agree. And, finally, you will have the judicial option. Hopefully you never need it!

As we have already pointed out to you until you are tired, so that you can win in the procedures and achieve that the incapacity of the case is recognized, It is very important that you be careful at each step and in each document.

Above all, and in this case, medical documentation that reveals without a doubt your conditions and the limitations that you bear are essential. Thus, the Medical Court will not be able to ignore them in its evaluation.

Who should process it?

Once you confirm the requirements that you must meet and the conditions that you must demonstrate, you are directly responsible for requesting the form and process everything corresponding to Social Security.

It is you who must deliver the necessary medical documentation and fill out the form.

You can go to the officials of the Attention and Information Centers (CAISS) to guide and advise you on the fulfillment of everything necessary and you can properly present your documentation.

Request an appointment at the following telephone number 901 10 65 70, or directly at the electronic headquarters of the Social Security.

It is appropriate that you know that applications for benefits, under the management of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), must be processed at the Provincial Directorate of the INSS.

If your case is a benefit for incapacity for work, you must take the application to the provincial Directorate of the INSS of your home.

If you reside abroad, you must register it in the Provincial Directorate of the INSS of the province where your last contributions in Spain are accredited or alleged.

Other factors to consider

You also have the option of submitting your application to any official registry. If you have the digital certificate, you can consign it in the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security in Citizens.

Although the requirements of permanent disability change from one degree to another, it is necessary that you know that there are also common factors such as that you have not reached the retirement age or have been discharged.

In addition to the legal requirements for permanent disability that are mandatory for you, the grant you receive from the pension will depend on the medical aspects that you have to prove.

From the severity of an illness or injury, through the level of impact or affectation to the limitations caused by your ailment in the professional exercise of your work.

So, for you to be able to access a permanent disability, it is necessary that you have not reached the retirement age.

You must be registered with Social Security, or in a situation of assimilated discharge.

It is important that you have a minimum period of prior contribution, unless the contingency of your disability is due to an occupational disease or an accident at work.

If the origin of your permanent disability pension is due to a common illness or a non-work accident, the payment will be paid by Social Security. Being due to an occupational accident or professional illness, it will be borne by the mutual.

That Is it the Permanent Disability Form?

The Permanent Disability Form It is a legal document that is issued based on a set of requirements and conditions.

Mainly, the form is a specialized endorsement or medical certificate that testifies to your physical or mental inability to work due to accidents, illness or maternity.

Some of the main ailments that you can invoke is the loss or decrease of your physical or mental faculties. As well as any impossibility for your performance as a public servant to perform your job for some time.

All of which can produce risks in your workplace, accidents or illnesses that occur as a result of or as a consequence of the service, in accordance with the provisions of current Labor Legislation.

Situations that obviously affect your health, and even more serious, that may imply the possibility of greatly affecting your co-workers.

The responsible thing is that, with a reasonable time, you process this form so that you can obtain the legal declaration of your temporary or permanent disability, as your case warrants.

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