Rental Security Deposit Form 806: Term, What it is and MORE

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In Spain, Form 806 Rental Security Deposit It is a highly required document to provide reliability and guarantee during negotiations regarding contracts rental deposit.

In this article you will learn what this form is like, what it is for, its format and much more. You don’t want to miss it, right?

What is Form 806 Rental Security Deposit?

The Form 806 Rental Security Deposit It is a document that opens the procedure for the general urban lease deposit.

Once the lease is signed, a one-month period is granted to inhabit the house. After that time, the tenant must hand over the keys to the place.

The presentation and the sealing of the security deposit must be delivered within one month.

If this is not the case, a proportional fine to the time exceeded after the aforementioned month.

Bond Contract

Here, is how we give way to surety contract which is a negotiation that must take place prior to the processing of the Form 806.

It is a document through which a person (the guarantor) agrees to pay a specific amount to another (the creditor), just in case the debtor can’t do it. Thus, payment is guaranteed by the debtor and provides security to the creditor when making the collection.

Only the following subjects participate in this contract:

  • Creditor »This is the person who should receive the payment.
  • Debtor »In this case, we are talking about the person who must make the payment.
  • Guarantor »Is the one in charge of guaranteeing payments based on one of the most relevant contract systems: The System Judicial of the Bond Contract.
By mentioning only three participants in this business, we do not want to be exclusive in terms of the number of people that can be included in it. If required, there could be 2 or more creditors, 3 or more debtors, etc. It all depends on the circumstances of the case.

This document is characterized by having several peculiarities. Among which, the most essential are described below:

  1. The contract is a personal guarantee, that is, the obligation is to the person, not the document.
  2. This document will always depend on another person to exist, so it is considered an obligation that must be fulfilled to the letter.
  3. It is considered a subsidiary, because the guarantor is responsible for the payment only when the debtor cannot make it. However, it will not pay a greater amount or any other debt that that debtor has, unless it is stipulated in the contract by prior agreement.
  4. It is a consensual contract, that is, it is by mutual agreement between the parties that everything declared in the document must be legally complied with.

Submission of Form 806 for Rental Security Deposit

The interested party must personally present before an administrative agency belonging to the State Administration, the Form 806 Rental Security Deposit duly filled out together with your identity document, either the NIF or NIE, and the proof of payment of the form.

Together, the following additional documentation must be submitted:

  • National identity document.
  • Original and copy of the IBI receipt for the leased property.
  • Photocopy and original of the lease in national territory.
  • Original receipt of some domestic service.
  • Calculations of the tax units referring to the surety contract.

It is necessary to mention that it is of the utmost importance that the Form 806 is delivered properly filled and without erasures.

Also, keep in mind that it is possible that the institution where you do the procedure, additionally request some other extra form depending on the case or some other identity document.

What is the Form 806 Rental Security Deposit for?

The Form 806 Rental Security Deposit It is a document that serves to provide security and legality to any negotiation related to the payment of the rental deposit in Spanish territory.

It is a document in which it is stated that the participants will comply, each one, with the obligations that are incumbent upon him and thus the fulfillment of the pertinent payments or collections is guaranteed.

There are many Spanish citizens they need to get this document. This is why it becomes one of the most relevant leasing procedures.

Officially, the amounts that appear in the contract are quantified through what is called a risk premium. In this case, the insurance company uses these numbers as collateral and status according to the rental law from the country.

This contract can serve from a unilateral or bilateral point of view. If it is free it will be considered unilateral Because the only person who assumes the obligation is the guarantor.

On the other hand, if it is burdensome it becomes bilateral because both parties have the same rights and obligations, as well as joint, joint or multiple legal law.

This is why there may be more than one guarantor, creditor or debtor, they would respond with equal percentages and what is stipulated in the obligations belongs to all.

The duration can be something established with certainty or something uncertain, so it is very likely that certain documents relevant to the case (capacity, knowledge, legality and / or legal objects) are required.

Presentation deadline

The deadline for submitting this form is 15 working days counted from the signing of the surety contract.

In the event that the negotiation is carried out in a municipality that does not show a relationship with any dependency of the company that produces the Generalize in the depository realization of properties, the term is of 30 business days.

A positive point is that this document is very important, which is why its issuance is recurrent; In other words, the opportunity to process it and therefore obtain it is wide.

Who should process it?

This process can do it Anyone that it requires it and that it considers that it meets the conditions to make the request once the payment is completed.

The bond contract may have different values, this will depend on the specifications of the contract, the time, the legality and location of the citizens.

Likewise, with regard to the Leasing Bonds, the contract price determined by the creditor must comply with the provisions of the Leasing Law.

Motivated that in Spain the rental process has had many scams and fakes, the authorities of the country have been forced to implement legal and security measures that, perhaps, make the entire process a little longer and / or tedious, but this does not make it impossible to carry out. As long as you follow the instructions given, you will be successful in your process. Good luck!

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