Request a Tachograph Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, How to Apply, Delivery and MORE

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If you are interested in knowing everything you have to do to Request Tachograph Card, you should keep reading this article. It is a smart discount card for people over 60 years of age, pensioners, disabled people and retired military personnel.

With this card you will get benefits that you have not yet imagined. Don’t wait any longer to get your card and discover everything you can get!

We invite you not to stop reading!

What is the tachograph card?

You should know that digital tachograph cards are smart cards that replace the diagram discs in the new digital tachographs installed in the European Union. Information on driving and resting will be safely stored there. It will also save your personal data to prevent its falsification or modification.

You can insert it into the control device installed in certain vehicles dedicated to road transport. It will allow you to view, record, print, store and send data about the march. You will be able to know from the speed of these vehicles to the periods of activity of their drivers. All this thanks to the chip incorporated in the card itself.


We know that you are preparing for Request Tachograph Card. That is why it is vital that you know that tachograph cards can be of the following types:

  • Driver card. It is the one that the driver should use. You can store information from the last 31 days of activity. It is white and is valid for 5 years.
  • Business card. The tachograph will allow you to download the information that you store in it. You can also lock and unlock the tachograph. It is yellow in color and is valid for 5 years.
  • Control card. With this card you can download the information from the tachograph to carry out controls by the authority. It is blue and is valid for 5 years. .
  • Workshop card or Workshop card. With this card you will be able to activate all the normal functions of the tachograph for its repair and maintenance. It is red and its validity is 1 year.

Requirements for the Card Application

We continue to provide you with the necessary information for you to achieve Request Tachograph Card. That is why we want you to know that you must renew your driver card within a maximum period of fifteen business days before the expiration date of the card. You will need to renew your driver card every five years.

Keep in mind that the applications for the granting of digital tachograph cards will be adjusted to the models according to each type of card. Similarly, for each tachograph card that you request, you must pay the corresponding fee.

We inform you that your request and the payment of the corresponding fee can be made through the internet. For it, you need to have a valid class 2 CA digital certificate, issued by the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

It is necessary that you pay special attention to the photo and signature that you must attach. The photo you submit must be individual and passport type. You must take care that your signature is clear. Photographs of the signature of other official documents are not allowed.

NOTE. You should consider that the maximum size limit of each file is 500 Kb and that they will only accept a valid format of the type: BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG.

How to make the request?

We continue to give you the necessary information so that you achieve Request Tachograph Card. Therefore, we want you to know that you must renew your driver card within a maximum period of fifteen business days before the expiration date of the card. You will need to renew your driver card every five years.

You can obtain your driver card if you are a professional driver with habitual residence in a certain Autonomous Community. If you want to get the business card you must have a tax address in the Community where you are located. In the case of test centers, they will require that the establishment be located in the Community in which the center is located.

You must make the payment of the fee indicated and complete the corresponding form. These two data must then be attached to the application.

You follow these steps:

  1. Make the electronic submission of the application for the first issue, renewal, replacement or exchange of the digital tachograph card.
  2. You must electronically fill in the form that appears on the Electronic Office Through the link “Internet Application” in the “Management” section.
  3. You will have to attach to the application, the digitized copies of the required documents. Fidelity to the original will be guaranteed with the advanced electronic signature.
  4. After registration, you will be able to consult the files in the Electronic Office itself through the option “check the status of the file of the requested cards”.
  5. You must carry out the evaluation process of your application. It will be a study of the documentation provided and the consultation of information to other organizations through the different Electronic Registries.
  6. You will have to develop the correction process if your information is not complete. They will demand the correction through the Electronic Office. You must complete this step within 10 business days.
  7. Finally, it touches the resolution of the procedure. With this final step you will get the issuance of your tachograph card.

Where should the request be made?

You can do the procedure exclusively digitally. You only have to do it from the Electronic Headquarters of Development, where you have a guided application and a Handbook. When you collect and scan all the requested documents, you can start your application via the Electronic Office of the Ministry of Public Works.

NOTE. When you complete all the steps of the application, you must use your Digital Certificate to sign your application.

Depending on the documentation you are submitting, as well as the need to provide or correct the registered information, your file can last between 10 and 30 days at most until you receive the physical card.

Keep in mind that you will have to reimburse as many fees as the cards you request. You can generate a payment document and you will have to go to the bank. Also, you can pay the fee directly from the Electronic Office.

You must be aware of your request, because They may request more information for your file. This will have to be done from the application of the Ministry of Development itself.

You will only have to access the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Development and identify yourself with your digital certificate. Once inside, you will have the option to contribute / correct documentation.

Similarly, you can authorize an Administrative Manager, a service company or your driving school to process your application on your behalf. Of course, before you must take care of sending to a document in which you authorize a representative to carry out this procedure on your behalf.

In order for you to check the status of your case, you will also have to enter the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Public Works. As you did when starting the process, with your digital certificate and / or your file number.

IMPORTANT: You should not receive any information by telephone about the status of your file. This because they take care of the confidentiality and protection of your personal data.

Card Delivery

Now that you know how Request Tachograph Card, we will give you information about the delivery of your card and what you should do next. After they issue your card and you must make any changes to your data, you must request its renewal before the competent body. This should be done within a month after the cause of the modification occurs.

These requests must be made online or in writing stating the data established for the request, with the following particularities:

  • In the cause of the request you must specify that it is a renewal by modification of data.
  • You will have to indicate the number of the card that you are going to renew.
  • Along with this request, in addition to the same documents that you submitted in the application or first issue, you must submit the documentary justification that proves the data modification.
  • The competent body will issue your new card within fifteen business days following the request. This because they need to verify your identity.
  • Your new card will be valid for five years. You must return the original of the old card before the delivery of the new one.
  • Keep in mind that the card expires every 5 years. You should know that when you request it, it will take between 15 and 20 days for it to arrive at your address.
  • Remember that you can request it online with your digital certificate, or at the Provincial Transport Office located in the province of habitual residence.
  • Do not lose sight that your card is personal and non-transferable.

We are sure that you will carry out every step and comply with everything necessary to obtain your tachograph card!

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