Request a Unemployment Card: What it is, What it is for, How to Apply, Necessary Documents and MORE

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Are you interested in knowing how Request Unemployment Card? Here we want to help you to see that it is not a cumbersome or difficult procedure to carry out. Especially if you are an unemployed worker. We will show you each step and requirements and we will give you advice that will help you clear any doubts about it.

With this card you will get unbeatable benefits. Don’t wait any longer to get your card and get what you need most!

We invite you not to stop reading!

What is the Unemployment Card?

As a worker in Spain there are a series of documents that you must know and request. One of these documents is the unemployment card. You should know that this is how the Document for Registration and Renewal of the Employment Claim (DARDE).

We emphasize that this card is of vital importance to you. Especially if you are looking for work or if you want to apply for any of the aid for the unemployed available in Spain. It is essential that you know how to apply for the unemployment card and what are the deadlines and procedures necessary to seal the unemployment.

As we have already anticipated, the unemployment ballot is a official document issued by the State Public Employment Service of each Autonomous Community. If you find yourself unemployed and you meet the requirements to apply for the unemployment card, you should keep reading. We will let you know everything you need to generate a DARDE document.

If you were unemployed, either because your contract has expired or because you were fired, you need to process the strike. To do this, you must go to the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and manage job applications and benefits or subsidies.

To carry out any procedure with the SEPE you must have the employment demand card, also called Document of Registration and Renewal of the Job Demand (DARDE). This ‘role’ is essential so that you can collect unemployment benefits and, in addition, accumulate seniority as a job seeker.

Once you have obtained the Unemployment Card you must renew it (Seal it) and you must do it quarterly. If you do not, you will be discharged into the unemployment aid or payments system, losing your contributions or contributions.

What is the Card for?

With this card you will receive the contributory benefit that will protect you against any situation of temporary or permanent unemployment or have your ordinary working day temporarily reduced from a minimum of 10% to 70%.

So that you can have access to the ballot, You must meet some particular requirements and the previous Social Security unemployment contribution.

It is important that you know that this contributory benefit includes:

  • Retirement Social Security contribution
  • Temporary disability, disability, death and survival
  • Health care, maternity, paternity and care of minors affected by cancer or another serious illness.

That is why we recommend that you sign up for unemployment, or what is the same, ask for the job seeker card, which you will have to do at the regional employment services of each Community. Well, the Autonomous Communities of Employment are in charge of controlling the registration of the unemployed, training courses and job offers. You should know that the SEPE is only responsible for the recognition and payment of unemployment benefits.

IMPORTANT: When you are going to receive unemployment benefit, it is mandatory that you are registered as a job seeker in the Autonomous Service. Keep in mind that the SEPE will check your situation and if you are not registered, they may deny the benefit.

We inform you that, in most cases, They are allowing the processing of registration via telephone and email, through digital certificates. This will make it easier for you to do this process in the midst of current mobility problems and capacity limitations in employment offices. With these possibilities, it will not be necessary for you to go in person to register for unemployment.

Documents to Make the Request

So you can Request Unemployment Card You must present the requirements that we will describe below:

  • Your identity document (DNI, passport), if you are a Spanish citizen.
  • Registration Certificate, or the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE), if it is the case that you are a foreign citizen (NIE).
  • Document or certificate of the bank account where you will make the deposit of the requested benefit
  • Registration title with the number of family members (if there are dependents of the applicant), family book
  • Document that certifies or validates that you worked during the last 6 months (this document is necessary in case the employer has notified the SEPE)

When you present these documents at any of the SEPE offices, you will be able to process your Unemployment Card.

How to make the request?

If you want Request Unemployment Card, you must meet one of the essential requirements to receive unemployment benefit: be registered as a job seeker. To carry out this procedure it is necessary that you gather all the documentation to present for the unemployment card and bet on any of the available ways to do so.

You must register as a job seeker or what we know as “signing up for unemployment”, as it is mandatory that you carry out some procedures in order to access the services of the SEPE. The normal thing is that you register as a job seeker.

You must do this from the first time you enter the labor market (between 16 and 30 years old) and you must repeat it every time you become unemployed. In this way, you will be able to access the job offers published by the employment office portals.

It is necessary that you go to the office of the public employment service of the Autonomous Community in which you reside and that corresponds to your address. You must go personally with:

  • an identification document (in case of being a foreigner or foreigner, also with a residence and / or work permit),
  • the Social Security card (in the event of being a foreigner or foreigner, this document will be provided if you have worked in Spain before) and
  • Present proof of professional or academic qualification.

Once you register as a job seeker, you can apply for unemployment benefit in the case of having the right to it. Specifically, you must process it through the State Public Employment Service, by prior appointment via the Internet or by calling the SEPE 901 010 210 or the provincial phones.

NOTE. This procedure can also be done in person. However, you should bear in mind that while the state of alarm for the coronavirus lasts, the deadlines for submitting applications are suspended.

What we want to tell you is that this procedure is simple and will not have complexity if you have the requirements or required documents at hand.

Also that you follow these basic steps that we will describe below:

  • First meet the requirements for your application.
  • Then, make the request for your appointment on the website of the Electronic Office of the Social Security.
  • Attend the day and time indicated in the appointment at the SEPE headquarters.
  • Once there, submit the required documents or requirements.
  • Finally, wait for the approval and delivery of your Unemployment Card. Keep in mind that when they give you your card, they will indicate the next date on which you will have to stamp your card or renew it.

By following these simple steps you will be able to obtain your unemployment card quickly and easily.

How to Renew the Job Application?

As it has already been clear in this article, where we have indicated what you should do to Request Unemployment Card, It is a benefit granted by the Spanish Government through the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) to cover the circumstance that you have been unemployed or unemployed.

We also know that you are convinced of the usefulness of obtaining the Unemployment Card (DARDE) or the Unemployment Benefit. For this we are sure that you will attend the offices of the SEPE closest to your home with all the documentation required for this application (ID, Social Security card, any document that proves you have been fired, among others).

Remember that for this to be possible you must prove that your job loss was involuntary. Note that, If the loss of your job was of your own free will, you will not be able to enjoy this benefit.

When Finding a Job How to Cancel the Card?

We are about to conclude all the information you need to Request Unemployment card. Now we are going to tell you what to do if you find a full-time job and you must notify the SEPE that you are working to stop receiving the benefit.

You have surely wondered what you should do if you are collecting unemployment and have found a job. If it is the case that you registered as a job seeker at SEPE and you have just signed an employment contract, you should finish reading what we have to tell you.

Whatever your situation, when it comes to working in Spain there is one thing you should be clear about: You must inform the SEPE that you are working and therefore it is essential that you unsubscribe from unemployment. Pay special attention to everything you have to do.

Although our maximum recommendation is that if you are collecting unemployment, you must inform the employment offices in Spain of a possible change in your situation, we also need to inform you that unemployment benefits are not incompatible with all types of contract.

If you have just signed a part-time contract, you can combine this salary with the collection of the unemployment benefit that you were receiving until now. Of course, you must take care that it is a reduced amount calculated based on the working hours stipulated in the contract.

Now, if your case is that you have just signed a full-time contract or have registered as freelancethen yes you will have to report the hiring to the SEPE and waive unemployment benefit. To do this, you must make an appointment at the INEM SEPE and choose any of these three ways when giving the notice: by calling the State Public Employment Service, through the SEPE website or in person.

With all the information we have just given you, we wish you success in obtaining your Unemployment Card!

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