Request Disabled Parking Card: What is it, Requirements, How to Apply, Parking Zones and MORE

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Today we will give you the information you need to Request Disabled Parking Card. It is a very important right for all people who need to use their car and have a special condition

For this, there is the regulation of parking cards for people with disabilities and people affected by reduced mobility in the appropriate places for it.With this card you will get benefits that you have not yet imagined. Don’t wait any longer to get your card and discover everything you can enjoy!

We invite you not to stop reading!

What is the Disabled Parking Card?

It is important that you know before Request Disabled Parking Card, which is valid throughout Spain and the European Union. This card will allow you to park in areas reserved for people with reduced mobility.

You should be aware that the application and use process is not the same in all locations. Keep in mind that each municipality has different regulations that you should consult.

Requirements for the Application for the Disabled Parking Card

So that you get on the optimal path to Request Disabled Parking Card, you must take care of every step and requirement. That is why we advise you to clarify your doubts and stay informed.

You should know that in addition to the parking card, you have other benefits or deductions if you are a person who has a disability. For instance, You can request an exemption in the payment of the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM). To do this, you must meet a series of requirements:

  • Your vehicle must be registered for exclusive use in your name if you are the disabled person. Whether you are going to drive or be transported.
  • You must be part of the same cases as the application for the parking card for people with reduced mobility.
  • You must have the recognition of a disability greater than 33% or be a pensioner due to total, absolute or severe permanent disability.
  • You will have to do this process at your Town Hall using the form they have available for it and accompany it with the documentation that is required of you.

You must have the following documentation in order:

  • Certificate of registration
  • Optional Technical Opinion in force for the recognition of reduced mobility or visual impairment in the required terms.
  • Two passport-size photos on photo paper
  • Photocopy of the family book if the owner is a minor

How to Apply for the Card?

We know that you have seen more and more on the street and in a greater number of spaces reserved for parking people with reduced mobility. They are painted or marked with the illustration of a person in a wheelchair on a blue background. It is there that your Disabled Parking Card.

Well, only this card will credit you to park in these places. That is why it is necessary that you have this document. To do this, you must meet the essential requirements, which are required and processed by each municipality.

For individuals

You must do it in the municipality in which you are registered and you must meet the following requirements:

  • Accreditation as a person with mobility difficulties in collective transport.
  • Recognition by an ophthalmologist authorized by the ONCE or by qualification teams and recognition of the degree of disability in case you are blind or suffer from visual impairment.
  • Ownership if you are a staff that provides social services referred to in article 3.2 of Royal Decree 1056/2014 to organizations belonging to the third sector.

For legal persons

If it is the case that the headquarters of your company is located or your activity is carried out in the corresponding municipality, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Ownership of private service vehicles for the collective transport of people with reduced mobility.
  • Certification of legal persons referred to in article 1056/2014 of the Royal Decree. This if you belong to the third sector and provide social services.
  • Statement of humanitarian reasons. In this case, each city council will reserve the right to grant the card and under specific circumstances.

Parking Zones for these Cases

It is important that you consider the areas where you can park according to your special condition. The good news is that these handicapped parking possibilities are all over Spain and in the EU. So it is important that you do everything to Request Disabled Parking Card.

Keep in mind that your document will be valid in the 28 countries of the European Union. From the Famma Cocemfe – Madrid federation they point out that the parking card for people with reduced mobility (PRM) «allows you to park beyond Spain«.

You can do it in those blue car parks designed and marked for it. There is no time limit. You can use these car parks for as long as you need. You should know that the validity of the card will depend on each case (age and mobility characteristics). Take a good look, because its expiration date will appear on the card as it does on the driver’s license.

Keep in mind that the function of your card is not the same in all cities. You will be able to count on other possibilities in addition to the parking for PRM. In some town halls they will allow you to park in other areas.

  • Loading and unloading areas.
  • Green and blue areas.
  • Limited parking areas (ORA).
  • Pedestrian zone.
  • Public transport stops.

You should know that parking in these spaces will not depend on your card, but on the provisions of each town hall. Municipal ordinances will tell you whether or not you can stop in these zones.

Who Can Get the Card?

As we already told you, you can use the card throughout Spain and the European Union. You will only be able to access it, if you present the following special conditions:

  • Recognized disability of at least 33% (Certificate of Disability).
  • Difficulty using public transportation. For this you must have a positive mobility scale.
  • Visual capacity equal to or less than 10% or a visual field less than or equal to 10 degrees.
  • Be a natural or legal person responsible for the collective transport of disabled people.

You will also be included if you have any type of work disability: pensioners due to permanent disability in total, absolute or severe disability. Similarly, if you receive a retirement or retirement pension for permanent disability for service.

Where to apply for the Disabled Parking Card?

For Request Disabled Parking Card You must deliver the documentation to the City Hall of your city. In some cases, the procedure is carried out through regional bodies.

Remember that this card is personal and non-transferable. But this does not mean that you should always be the driver, since the card is also valid if you travel in the vehicle. That is why it is important that your parking card is always visible.

Once you get your disabled parking card, you can enjoy a series of rights, benefits and obligations that you must fulfill. Here we will comment on some of the most important points:

  • The regulation and issuance of the parking card for people with reduced mobility is common throughout the territory. Although the processing will depend on the place where you request it.
  • You must correct the regulation of the municipal ordinances of the areas available for parking in each city.
  • With the parking card for people with disabilities, you can park in the areas designated for this purpose.
  • You may require your City Council to install a designated parking space for people with disabilities near your home or workplace.
  • In some municipalities you will have the possibility of require a personalized parking space with your license plate.
  • You can also park in loading and unloading areas, public transport stops, green or blue parking areas and limited parking. Provided there are no harm or risks.

Other important considerations so that you do not hesitate to carry out this procedure

  • You should consult the public ordinance of your City Council for more information, since in each place the regulation may be different.
  • In the event that you receive a parking ticket, you can appeal to the Traffic Headquarters alleging your Certificate of Disability.
  • You can use your card in any vehicle as long as you travel in it.
  • If you requested the card to use the collective transport of people with disabilities, you can only use it in a vehicle whose registration number appears on the card and provides transport service for people with reduced mobility.

Please note that the parking card for people with reduced mobility has a valid for ten years. We advise you to find out the special cases, perhaps you will get more validity and possibilities.

We are happy with the information we have made available to you. We are sure that you will be able to obtain it so that you can enjoy its benefits to improve your mobility conditions in the city.

We wish you all the success in this process that will alleviate your stay in the areas you frequent!

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