Request Form for the Health Card: Format, Requirements and MORE

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The Request Form for the Health Card is the document with which the application for the Individual Health Card is made before the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, which certifies Spanish citizens as beneficiaries of the Public Health System of the Community of Madrid, and favors access to benefits sanitary.

A health card can help you become a beneficiary of the assistance or public health services of the Community of Madrid and the National Health System.

Format of the Request Form for the Health Card

Process the Format of the Health Card Request Form It is a very fast and simple process, you just have to comply with all the legal requirements and regulations for its management.

Often Spanish citizens manage the application for this card in order to travel abroad, many of them are unaware that the European Health Card is only used to travel to certain European countries.

There are three ways to elaborate Request Form for the Health Card:

Personally at the Spanish Social Security headquarters

It is one of the most feasible, to make the request for the health card in the health unit that you have stipulated, at the time designated for user care.

Via Internet

  • The first step for this management is to enter the portal Web Head of Social Security Electronic Office, there you start the application.
  • When you enter the portal you must select the option «Citizens».
  • Then the form throws you several optionsYou must write down the line of «Health Assistance», so that you can enter another list.
  • Now with the list of «Health Care», you must view and select the European Health Card (TSE) option so that it displays all the information.
  • In this step, various ways of entering directly are reflected, with prior verification of the data: Digital Certificate, Username and Password.
  • Finally, you find: the type of request, personal data of the owner, address of the owner.

Via telephone

In this way the request is the simplest to make, to make this request by phone you must call this number: 901.16.65.65.

When the operator answers, you must indicate that you are going to apply for the European Health Card (TSE), and you must indicate all the personal data.

Once all the information and data required by the customer service operator have been indicated, it ends with the successful registration of the request.

Requirements to Make the Request

Regarding the requirements that must be submitted in order to apply with this Format of the Health Card Request Form, It must be considered that these collections are attached, in accordance with the legal regulations of the Spanish Social Security.

Keep in mind that the TSE is constituted as a personal document, for this reason the requirements that you must consign are personal papers.

The documents that you must attach to the aforementioned application are:

  • The National Identity Document (DNI).
  • The Social Security Card, which contains your Social Security affiliation number.
  • Your email, preferably gmail, for the process via the internet.
  • Receipt of any public domestic service, either electricity, water, gas, internet, fixed services, among others
  • European passport.
  • Proof of residence which is issued by the legal authorities of your locality
  • Proof of working life certified by the authority of the General Treasury of Social Security.
  • Fill out the application form provided via the website of the General Social Security Treasury (TGSS)

What is the Application Form for the Health Card for?

The Request Form for the Health Card It is used to apply for a personal health card, it is a document issued by the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid that identifies citizens as users of the Public Health System of the Community of Madrid and helps to obtain medical benefits.

It can be used to obtain assistance or public health services in the Community of Madrid and the national health system.


  • These are the countries in which the TSE is valid: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.
  • If the purpose of the trip is to receive treatment, the TSE is not valid. In this case, it is necessary for the National Social Security Society (INSS) or the Naval Social Institute (ISM) to issue the corresponding form to inform in advance the benefit of health services.
  • In some cases, you will have to pay the same fixed amount or a certain percentage of health care costs as the insured person in the state in which you are traveling. These amounts are not refundable.
  • The TSE is valid from the date of receipt to the expiration date indicated therein. The use of the TSE during the period of validity depends on its holder continuing to comply with the requirements that motivated its acquisition. Otherwise, according to article 76 of Regulation (EC) 883/04, the expenses incurred can be considered undue benefits.

Who should process the Request Form for the Health Card?

To process the Request Form for the Health CardApplicants must obtain insurance, or subscription to the Spanish social security system or from any other member state of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

In summary, in the case of Spaniards, all citizens who:

  • They are self-employed or employed and are affiliated with Social Security (registered).
  • They take place as pensioners of the Social Security system.
  • They may be recipients of any periodic Social Security benefit: unemployment, unemployment benefit or similar.
  • Dependent persons (spouse, children, etc.) of the worker, pensioner or unemployed who have the right to it can also request the Health Card. It is important to note that each of the family members must acquire their own European Health Card.

The health card will be issued to all residents residing in the Community of Madrid, and in accordance with the provisions of the National Public Security Agency, the National Social Security Association has recognized the right to health care collected with public funds . Law N ° 16/2003, of May 28, on cohesion and quality of the national health system.

Social system that regulates the identity of the insured and beneficiaries for assistance purposes. Public health expenses charged by the national health system in Spain.

How long does the Health Card take?

Once the competent entity has registered the application and verified all the documents issued by the applicant, the delivery period begins.

The delivery period does not usually exceed ten (10) days after the request date. Once this period has passed, the card will be delivered.

It should be noted that once the estimated term has been estimated, the card will be sent to the address that appears in the application data.

What is the Request Form for the Health Card?

The Request Form for the Health Card It is used to request the personal health card. It is a document issued by the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid.

This document identifies citizens as users of the public health system of the Community of Madrid and contributes to obtaining medical benefits.

Through the Request Form for the Health Card You get the health card, and you can use it to access healthcare or health services public, in the Community of Madrid and the national health system.

A health card is required at the health center assigned to your home. Here, the professionals of the administrative department will point out the necessary documents in your particular situation.

How is the Health Card used?

You must show your Health Card when you go to see a doctor, a pharmacy or a public hospital. You will have the right to medical assistance in accordance with the social regulations and the requirements in force in your country of residence.

Depending on the country of accommodation, the following may occur:

  1. Receive free medical care without having to pay any payment.
  2. Or that you have to pay for medical care, and later request reimbursement from the Social Security of that country.

Important to know

  • You must request a new health card if you present the case of: breakage or loss, amendment of the card details (name, DNI, Social Security number, other), change in membership status or change of address.
  • Often in the country, and except for some exclusions, the health card has an expiration date, but its validity has about 10 years after its issuance, its renewal will be automatically.
  • The health card must be shown every time the health services are needed.
  • When a new card is requested, the one used must be returned to the administrative services of the Health Center or sent by mail.
  • In the transits within the national territory you must have your health card with you.
  • The Health Card is delivered to users at no cost.

More information on the page Web.

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