Requirements for Act of Demonstrations: Function, What it is and MORE

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If you plan for a relative to arrive in Spain through intermediation, be sure to read the Requirements for Act of Demonstrations, and get to know what it is all about.

In this type of procedure there are doubts and confusion, so it is better to be clear about what must be done and in this way future inconveniences are avoided.

Know well then, why this Act is prepared, what function it has and other information that we present here.

What are the Requirements for the Declaration of Demonstrations?

According to the Requirements for Act of Demonstrations, A series of documents are required to apply for an Act of Manifestations.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Present the DNI.
  • Foreigners present the NIE with photograph or the passport or residential card of the country of origin.
  • In the case that it is a legal person, they must deliver the documentation of the company. The constitution document, the identification of the legal representative, among others.
  • Documents must be submitted in original.

Function of the Act of Demonstrations

According to Requirements for Act of Manifestations, The Acts of Manifestations as its name says are express declarations of the will of a person, is to manifest the will. This declaration or manifestation of will is made in front of the Consul General.

Therefore, it is a document that certifies that a citizen has made statements at a certain time, but authenticity is not valued, this means that whoever makes the statement is who assumes the effects of it.

The procedure to be carried out is as follows:

  • The application form must be completed and signed.
  • Photocopy of the passport or valid national identification document of the person or persons making the declaration.
  • Send document or minute where the statements that the declaring person exposes in a formal way.
  • It must be written in the Spanish language and in Word format. It is not accepted in pdf format.
  • Likewise, you must attach a document proving residence in the consular district. In the case of Spaniards, they will do so through the consular registration.

Appointments are not given before receiving the documents. And all documents must be sent via email.

Differences between the Act of Demonstrations and the Letter of Invitation

According to the Requirements for Act of Manifestations, There are marked differences between the two figures, and sometimes the citizen does not know the purpose of each one and may make mistakes that later cannot be corrected.

A Act of Manifestations is for family reunification in a community regime. It is the document that is made before a Notary with the objective that the family member can enter Spanish territory and then request the Community Family Card.

The Invitation Letter is a document that seeks to ensure the entry to Spain of a person who comes as a tourist.

This figure is created so that when a family member or friend comes to visit as a tourist and intends to return to the country of origin when the allowed stay in Spain ends, which is a maximum of 90 days with the possibility that this time be extended.

Recommendations for the use of both figures

If the person who intends to enter Spain comes from a country that does not require a Visa for community relatives or tourists, then the Invitation Letter should not be used.

It is advisable to enter as a community family member through the Act of Manifestations of Family Reunification in Community Regime. Making the situation clear in a forceful way, that the relative enters the country with the aim of establishing themselves and not doing tourism.

Likewise, in the case of countries that are asked for a visa, since it is risky to use the Letter of Invitation because the family member intends to stay in Spain and not do tourism. Here it is advisable to apply for a community family visa.

Now, if you are a community family member and you enter as a tourist with the Invitation Letter, you have the right to apply for a community family card and your objective was not to do tourism. We have a problem here, since they can instruct both who enters and who invites a file.

It is not necessary to make these kinds of mistakes when things can be done differently. Although both figures guarantee the accommodation of the foreign person, it is not the same for the procedures that must be carried out.

An Invitation Letter is a very useful instrument that guarantees the accommodation of the foreign person who enters the country, replacing the hotel reservation when they want to come to Spain as a tourist.

It is created for when there is the possibility that a family member or friend can come to visit as a tourist and with the desire to return to the country of origin once the stay in Spain is completed.

Whereas, the Act of Manifestations is the instrument that when doing it before a Notary Public is for the purpose that a relative or friend enters Spain for a period of more than 90 days.

Who Needs It?

Continuing with Requirements for Act of Manifestations, known is on the part of Spanish citizens or community citizens who can at any time make the family reunification, fulfilling the requirements and presenting the necessary documents for the management of the process.

Being a Spanish citizen or community citizen, the family members who can regroup are the following:

  • The spouse, as long as they are not in the process of divorce or nullification of the bond.
  • Partner with whom you maintain a de facto union and is registered in a public registry of a Member State of the Union, or also in a State party to the European Economic Area.
  • Direct child of the citizen or his / her spouse, under 21 years of age or older but dependent on the latter or with a disability.
  • The direct ascendants of the declaring citizen or his / her spouse or domestic partner, who is in their charge.
  • Likewise, any family member in the country of origin and who is in charge of the declarant.
  • Likewise, the members of the family who live with the declarant in the country of origin. Coexistence duly certified where a continuous coexistence of 24 consecutive months is demonstrated.
  • Also, family members who for serious health reasons, or disability, have to be in charge of the declarant.
  • The common-law partner who is not registered, but the relationship is proven, lowers the existence of a real relationship. This is understood if the couple has been living together for more than a year.

What is the Act of Demonstrations?

The Acts of Manifestations are documents where the notary collects the statements of an individual in his presence. This Act of Manifestations does not certify if the statement is true. Simply with it the notary attests that it has been done.

Likewise, it is a document that constitutes documentary evidence of these manifestations.

The Act of Manifestations is an instrument that is made before a Notary PublicWith the objective that a family member or friend can enter Spanish territory with the intention of staying for a time greater than 90 days. It is used when applying for a student visa or a European Union citizen family card.

This document expresses the will of a Spanish citizen to group the family together, with the intention that they live in Spain. Thus, the will to bring the family member or friend to the country is recorded in writing.

These minutes are simple documents, which are made frequently and are made for the narration of certain events, also for the explanation of personal and family contexts.

You already know then what an Act of Manifestations is, after having read the Requirements for Act of DemonstrationsYou already know what to do in the cases discussed in the article. Recommend the article so that more people will benefit from the information presented.

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