Requirements for an Account at Banco Santander: Types, What is it

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Owning a bank account provides many benefits, by making life easier for us. One of the most prominent and recognized entities in the world for its great service is Banco Santander and in this article we present the Requirements for an Account at Banco Santander.

In order to open an account it is important to meet certain requirements, it is also good to know much more about the entity and the types of account that are offered.

That is why in the following content you will be able to learn much more about this bank, as well as what type of account suits you, since we detail them one by one. Stay and read the following article and enjoy the content.

What are the Requirements for an Account at Banco Santander?

In order to open and open an account in the Santander Bank, it is necessary to comply with a certain amount of requirements requested by the bank.

These requirements consist of a series of documents, which are important and necessary to carry out the process. Each of them is presented below in this section.

This list shows the Requirements for an Account at Banco Santander:

  • Transmitter data and information. In this sense, it is essential to present the name and surname.
  • Identification Document, you can issue the identity card or passport. Said documents must be in a valid state.
  • Proof of address. This document must prove the address and location of the applicant’s home, for which he can present receipts for electricity services or some other service.
  • Contact information. The applicant must issue a cell phone number, landline phone and email address. This is requested to be able to contact the issuer when the bank needs it.
  • Declaration of economic movement. In this case, the bank is responsible for issuing the document and the applicant must sign it.
  • Justification of income. The applicant must justify his current income, either from his work activity or some other activity.

It is important to present each of these documents, so it is advisable to take note of the requirements and make sure you have them all before going to the bank to open the account. It is essential to present the Requirements for an Account at Banco Santander.

Types of Accounts offered by Banco Santander

Before opening an account in this bank, we must know what types of accounts they offer, in order to choose the one that best suits our needs.

In the next part of the article, we are going to explain what each of the accounts offered by Banco Santander consists of and so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Classic Account

One of the most requested accounts by people in Spain is the Classic Account. It is a non-paying checking account, which can be for clients or non-clients.

One of the great advantages of the Classic Account is that it is not necessary to comply with many documents and requirements to be able to open it, but only by having your identification document you can do it.

This account is considered one of the easiest to open. Among the benefits it has, are the following:

  • Ease of opening the account.
  • To be able to manage the balance, in any of the offices.
  • Right to handle and own a bank card, either debit or credit.
  • Make transfers without any type of restriction.
  • Domicile receipts.
  • Among others.

Zero 123

The Zero Account 123 It is a non-paying account and current type, which is known as Santander without commissions. One of the fundamental characteristics of this account is that it is managed digitally, and grants the full balance.

The Santander account without commissions provides a large number of services such as debit card, multiple transaction, among others.

One of its benefits is that payments can be made at any time and in any place, where the client is, 3% of the nominal profit for the year is granted, determined by the daily settlement that is kept in the account.

The most important requirements to be able to open this account are to be of legal age, that is, to have 18 or more years, it is also necessary to verify Spanish residency.

The transacting person may only open two Zero 123 accounts in the bank, only in the event that one of the accounts is not their own, but is shared with another individual. It is important to consider that this account offers two packages with different services and requirements, there are packages A and B, and the customer can choose the one of their preference.

Package A

To opt for this package, the applicant must have a monthly fee of at least 600 euros, or have an equivalent benefit. A person who has a pension of at least 300 euros and the rest of an honorarium also applies, up to 600 per month.

In other words, the client must have an income of 600 euros per month.

Another requirement that must be possessed is to have at least 3 receipts included in the account, which must have been canceled in the three months prior to opening. You must also have made at least 6 transactions with any of the debit or credit cards of Banco Santander.

Package B

To be able to apply for this package, you must have a salary of at least 20,000 and 60,000 euros per month and keep that amount in the savings account and the checking account. It is also necessary to have investment assets, sustained deposits, among others.

You must have future individual pension plans, and also have insurance for capital and investment.

Account 123 Professional

The Account 123 Professional, as its name implies, it is an account for professionals who own companies or start-up businesses. The account is perfectly adapted to the needs of the business or company. This account does not request the payment of commissions.

In order to open it, the following requirements need to be supplied:

  1. Have an income of at least 1,800 euros in professional account 123.
  2. Make payments to employees of the business or company, through Santander bank.
  3. Have at least 6 movements of the cards associated with the professional account 123 of the Santander bank.
  4. Aid from the CAP for 3,000 euros per year.
  5. Possess 3 receipts for the last three months associated with Banco Santander.
  6. Use the credit or debit cards registered to the account every day at least 6 times.

Day Day SMEs

The Account Day Day SMEs It is a non-paying account, which is one of the most used and demanded by clients who need to make a radical improvement in their companies and ventures.

This account offers a wide variety of benefits to clients who own it, such as the annual interest fee it offers is 0% commissions.

To apply to this account, it is necessary to meet the requirements presented in the following list:

  • Have an income of at least 9,000 euros during the last three months.
  • Cancel employees on time, through Banco Santander.
  • Have at least six movements in the Banco Santander account in the last 3 months.
  • Have achieved in the last three months a minimum amount of 750 euros.
  • Having operations abroad are solvency.

Basic Payment Account

It consists of a checking account, which is not paid. It can be obtained by whoever requires it, as long as they live and have legal residence in Spain or in a country of the European Union.

Savings accounts

Ideal for people who like to save, the Banco Santander savings account allows you to have constant savings and determine, in a safe and efficient way, when you can earn with that account.

Remember that to have one of the accounts offered by this bank, it is necessary to comply with the Requirements for an Account at Banco Santander.

Benefits of owning an account at Banco Santander

Owning a gutter at Banco Santander provides a large number and variety of benefits, which range from excellent service and service, such as incredible deals and promotions.

In this section we will tell you some of its advantages. Below in this list we show you each of them:

  • Quality care by a highly qualified staff.
  • Wide variety of account options that perfectly adapt to your needs.
  • Account management digitally.
  • Investment and profit opportunities.
  • Effective advice issued by the Santander team.
  • Promotions, offers and discounts.

To learn more about its benefits, you can enter the Banco Santander web system by clicking here.

What is Banco Santander?

The Santander Bank, known to most of the people as Santander, is a banking entity of Spanish origin, which is one of the largest and most important financial entities in the world.

It has offices in many countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, among other nations. It was founded on May 15, 1857, in the city of Santander, where its main headquarters are located.

Follow the advice and comply with the Requirements for an Account at Banco Santander.

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