Requirements for Early Retirement: Find out what you need to know

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The human being has unique characteristics that They allow us to carry out various activities in a very simple and peculiar way. As long as we have knowledge of the subject, we can perform in the different activities we carry out.

However each person It has different capacities and qualities that characterize it, which makes it suitable for certain types of activities. Simultaneously, as the years go by, human beings lose their job opportunities despite their age and physical abilities.

In addition to the complications that begin to suffer, generally companies or institutions according to the laws of each country When you reach a certain age, you proceed to retire. Where the person ceases their work within work and begins their old age.

This case cannot always be the case, there are different jobs that do allow the presence of elderly people. However, this will depend on the activities that are carried out but its processing will depend on the person.

That is why if you no longer feel able to continue working and want to process your early retirement, you are in the right place. Here we will provide you with the necessary information and the requirements you need to do it.

What is Early Retirement?

Retirement itself is when you reach a certain advanced age we proceed to the cessation of work activities. However, early retirement consists of a legal regime that the person or worker can process your retirement or retire before retirement age default.

Generally This is done when various circumstances occur that make work activities impossible. Or that the person simply does not feel capable of continuing to carry out the tasks that they had previously been doing.

However, your procedure must meet a certain minimum amount of Social Security contributions (or to the corresponding private entity). So you must have certain considerations when processing it.

What are the types of Early Retirement

As you know there are different types of retirement despite the possible cases that may arise and lead to the processing of this regime. However, within this type of retirement there are other subtypes that will determine the process you want to carry out.

Keep in mind whate in addition to early retirement, there are different types that could be adapted to the situation you find yourself in. Or the one you want to process, so we recommend you find out about the different types of retirement, however within this category are:

Voluntary Early Retirement

This occurs when the worker prior to retirement age You no longer feel capable of continuing to carry out work activities. In turn, this type of retirement must comply with certain aspects and terms so that the physical and mental state of the worker is verified.

However, if you are within these parameters, its processing can be done quickly and efficiently. You should bear in mind that this will also vary from the type of work you do, so we recommend taking certain precautions in this regard.

Involuntary or Forced Early Retirement

This occurs when certain circumstances occur that oblige the worker to process retirement forcibly. This type of regime is very common when an accident occurs or the worker begins to suffer from an illness.

Which scientifically makes it impossible for him to carry out the tasks within his work environment. Thus, forcing you to process this type of regime, it should be noted that, like the previous one, certain parameters must be met in order to request it.

What are the requirements to apply for Early Retirement

Surely at this point you will wonder what requirements I need to request your early retirement. Well, below we will provide you with the requirements and documentation that you must gather to be able to process your retirement:

  • Possess a maximum age of two years of the legal retirement age. It will also depend on the years you have been listed and when you started trading.
  • Having registered for social security or in a situation assimilated to registration as long as they are established by law.
  • Maintain a minimum quotation of 36 years and 9 months. This requirement will soon be modified to 38 years and 6 months.

The above-mentioned requirements Others must be attached if you have any type of disability. As well as if you carried out this process of in the form of forced retirement.

How to apply for Early Retirement

  1. In the first instance, you must process your requirements before completing the process.
  2. Therefore, you must deliver them to the Spanish social security offices. You may need some other requirement that asks for social security and you must process it within your work.
  3. Once this is done, you must wait for your notification of finding yourself retired, we remind you that you must deliver these documents granted by social security to the company or establishment where you work.

Once this is done, you will begin to enjoy early retirement but you must also take into account the deductions that this scheme applies. So we recommend you have some type of extra income if you apply for this regime.

What are the benefits of Early Retirement

Ending with this we must bear in mind that the great benefit that this regimen offers. Although really early retirement just like retirement it only provides the benefit of termination of work even though the periodic payment is still being made.

However, very few people reach this position since the mortality rate currently appears at much younger ages. So these are not so influenced within the retirement policies of Spain.


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