Requirements for Low Risk in Pregnancy: Get the information you need

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How will you know the moment of gestation It is one of the most important and precious periods for women. In turn, this at a certain moment may represent a certain risk to the life of the mother and the baby if they are still working.

That is why the government of certain countries have taken action on the issues and They have generated various policies regarding this issue. Thus allowing the enjoyment of physical well-being for women and the being they keep in their womb.

However, it is very important that If you are on tape and you are already going for a few weeks, take precautions in this regard. Not to mention the ones you should take to prevent fortuitous events.

That is why today we want to show you the easiest and most practical way to process your discharge due to the risk of pregnancy in Spain. In addition to providing you with the complementary information and the requirements you need to do it.

What is Pregnancy Leave?

In the first instance, we must mention what the pregnancy leave in Spain is based on. Mainly this is a rest period to work that is given to women for a period of approximately weeks.

Which They are endorsed by the laws of Spain and in turn you can request it during and after work. It should be noted that this drop is fully remunerated so it will not affect economically.

Nevertheless remember that there are various jobs for which it is impossible to work with a pregnant woman. Despite the different activities that are carried out there, such as the handling of chemical or biological materials that may affect said person in any way.

What are the reasons for Pregnancy Leave

In the medical aspect There are several risk factors for a pregnant woman. However, only a few are accepted by Spanish law. However, within the subject related to the reasons for the different types of cancellations, we will describe them below:

Low risk in pregnancy

This occurs when there is any risk situation for the well-being of the woman that is in the gestation period. It should be noted that these will be adapted to the type of job you have but in general they must meet the following parameters:

  • If she bends below the knee more than ten times per hour or lifts a weight greater than ten kilograms four or more times per shift.
  • Yes, the pregnant woman remains standing for more than four hours a day.
  • In case the pregnant woman climbs stairs four or more times per shift and bends down two to nine times per hour.
  • If the pregnant woman is on her feet intermittently for more than 30 minutes every hour.

Leave from work due to pregnancy

This occurs when there is some unfavorable situation in the workplace for the well-being of women that is in the gestation period. Which must meet the following parameters:

  • Working conditions where it is received or exposed to physical agents such as vibrations, noise, radiation, extreme cold or heat, among others.
  • Be in working conditions where it is received or exposed to biological agents such as diseases, hepatitis or tuberculosis, among others.
  • Working conditions where it is received or exposed to chemical agents such as pesticides, solvents, mercury, anesthetic gases, among others.
  • Being in working conditions where psychosocial agents are present, such as shift work, night work, isolated, high tension or stress, among others.
  • Carry out tasks where the actions are Ergonomic, such as standing, forced postures for pregnant women, heavy loads, movement of objects, among others.
  • Working conditions where tasks are carried out that may cause some risk or that are demanding such as work at height, risks of infection or kidney disease, absence of areas and rest hours, among others.

Sick leave Pregnancy

For this type of sick leave we can say that there are different factors that could be considered as a risk situation for the health of the pregnant woman. It is true that the gestation period is one of the most important but delicate for a woman.

Nevertheless This type of leave must be evaluated by a doctor and he will stipulate the time of leave that is most optimal and appropriate for the woman. Generally when they are mild illnesses they can only be for a few days.

However, each of these are evaluated according to the physical state of the woman and the type of pregnancy that she has. As well as carrying out an evaluation that determines whether or not any complication could occur.

What are the requirements to request discharge due to risk in Pregnancy

Next we will mention you the documents that you must take into account when processing your loss due to risk in pregnancy. Keep in mind that several of these must be submitted in original and copy.

  • Medical report specifying the possible date of delivery issued by the Public Health Service.
  • A certificate of the activity and conditions of the applicant’s job.
  • DNI or NIE of the applicant presented in original and copy.
  • A medical certificate from INSS or Mutual

It is worth mentioning that the company you work for can offer you a much easier job title. The withdrawal request can even be denied if there are no specific situations to approve it.

How to request pregnancy leave

That said, we can say that the process to request it is extremely easy. As long as you follow our steps, your application process will be very fast and successful.

  1. First you need to gather the documents mentioned above.
  2. Next you must accredit to the company and to the National Institute of Social Security or the Mutual your work situation.
  3. Once this is done, we must process the provision process by the National Institute of Social Security or the Mutual and once approved we can obtain our withdrawal. Remember that these documents are requested within the National Institute of Social Security or the Mutual.
  4. !Ready!

How much is charged while on leave for pregnancy

Finally, we must mention what the charge is when you are on leave. Let us remember that the collection of these is done thanks to the provision that we previously requested.

Many of these charges will depend on the case that arises, for example if it is during pregnancy a subsidy belonging tol 100% of the regulatory base. Which is pretty good for a pregnant woman.

In addition to these, there are other payment methods that vary according to the case and are adjusted according to a certain percentage already established. We urge our readers to review the legal statutes on this subject in Spanish law.

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