Requirements for National Police: All the information you need

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In this opportunity Procedures and requirements brings you an article that contains everything you need to know about how to enter the National Police, stay to read this content and discover the requirements you need and the steps you must take.

Requirements for National Police

In Spain one of the most coveted jobs by citizens is to belong to the National Police. This is a great opportunity, to be able to have a permanent job, a good pay, among other benefits. In order to apply to any of the scales offered, it is necessary to comply with a series of general and specific requirements, assigned by the National Police.

Each of the requirements and requirements requested are presented below.

General requirements

Each applicant has the obligation to present the general requirements that are presented below:

  • The applicant must have Spanish nationality.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The level of instruction of the applicant must be minimum the baccalaureate. You must present the bachelor’s degree or its equivalent to accredit the studies of the same.
  • The minimum height is 1.65 meters for men and 1.60 for aspiring women. Said data is accredited at the time of the physical test.
  • You must have a category B driving license.
  • They must not have any physical or mental condition that does not allow the proper performance of the operations of the National Police.
  • You must prove by means of a statement the commitment to possess weapons and, as the case may be, to use them properly.
  • Do not have a criminal record for a malicious crime.
  • He must not be disqualified from the exercise of public functions.

If you meet all the requirements then you can continue with your process.

Specific requirements

If you meet all the general requirements, you must now have the following requirements if you want to opt for an executive position or scale:

  • Possess the official university degree.
  • Possess the title of Technical Engineer, or some equivalent or higher.

Places in the Police

Every year in Spain, citizens prepare for months to apply to the National Police. The government is responsible for publishing the call for such applications.

In 2019, 2,506 places were offered for the National Police call, with 501 places being reserved for professional military personnel with at least five years of service provision, and at least 100 places were also being offered for applicants to an executive rank.

To apply it is necessary to comply with the general and specific requirements mentioned at the beginning of the article. You must also pass each of the tests and evaluations that the National Police performs.

National Police Oppositions 2019

The oppositions consist of a series of entrance tests that applicants must pass to belong to the National Police. These tests are divided into three blocks or sectors, which are:

  1. Physical fitness test.
  2. Knowledge and Spelling Test.
  3. Voluntary language exercise, psychotechnical test, interview and medical examination.

Each of them is explained below:

First phase-Physical fitness test

This is the first phase of the opposition, which is qualified as suitable and not suitable. In turn, this is divided into three tests: agility circuit, pull-ups and endurance race. All of them point from 0 to 10 points, it is necessary that the applicant has a minimum of 15 points to pass and be qualified as suitable. Another important condition to consider is that you must not have any 0 in one of the tests.

For the presentation of these tests, the applicant must wear sports clothing and a medical certificate to prove that they are in good condition to perform the corresponding tests.

Obstacle course

The circuit consists of making the journey stopping at each station doing the corresponding physical activity. Each exercise has a maximum of two attempts. The width of the circuit consists of three meters. The test is developed by dodging flags and fences, which must be passed over and under.


  • In the case of men, on a bar, they must perform several push-ups with their chin sticking out and their arms fully extended. This exercise has a maximum attempt and it is forbidden to swing the body or help with the legs.
  • For women, the bar is used in the same way and consists of the same exercise with some modifications. In this case, push-ups are performed to evaluate how long the applicant holds. The goal is to get on a ladder and get into position.
  • The moment the support is removed, the time begins to count and ends when the applicant lowers her chin from the bar. There is only one attempt for this exercise.

Endurance race

This test is carried out on a flat, smooth and hard surface. Both men and women must complete two and a half laps of the running track, which is equal to 1000 meters. There is only one attempt for this evaluation.

Second phase-Test of Knowledge and Spelling

Once the first phase is completed and approved, we pass the knowledge and spelling test. This evaluation is carried out by means of a questionnaire of 100 questions, which are multiple choice. This questionnaire covers 41 topics, which are divided into three sectors: Legal Sciences, Social Sciences, and Technical-scientific.

The score ranges from 0 to 10, where the minimum score required to pass is 5 points. The test lasts 50 minutes. In the case of spelling, it qualifies as fit or not.

Third phase- Other tests

This last phase contains a psychotechnical test, and a language test

Language Test

In this case, the languages ​​to be evaluated are English and French, where the category or minimum level to pass is a basic knowledge and command of both languages.

Psychotechnical Test

This evaluation is divided into three parts:

  • Psychotechnical Test: In this the intelligence capacity for the performance of the position is measured and evaluated.
  • Interview: This is done in person and is based on a biographical information questionnaire. A personality test is also carried out where various social, personal, professional factors, among others, are evaluated.
  • Medical examination: This is done using conventional techniques, also carrying out a blood and urine test.

If you want to know more about this process, you can watch the following video, which is presented below:

Consider the content of this article and get successful results.

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