Requirements for not paying BBVA commissions: Get all the information you need

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Goodbye Commissions Program

The goodbye program commissions They go on to the formation of a comprehensive program and inseparable from the account and card contracts that are currently signed.

As long as the requirements that we will show below are met in advance.

These commissions have been formalized before the Madrid notary, Jorge García Llorente, on September 19, 2019

Goodbye Commissions is a program of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, SA (hereinafter, BBVA or the Bank).

Designed so that our clients save the payment of commissions or expenses for certain operations and habitual services in the account that fulfills the requirements that we explain in these bases


The advantages of this program are the following:

In the active free account: you will not have administration fees in addition to that you will have the total maintaining that account

It has totally free activity: it does not have any administration fee

Maintenance fees on reduced accounts: € 11 year.

Besides that it has advantages on the card:

You will not have annual commissions for issuance, you will also have the maintenance of a credit or debit card with details in the ANNEXED.

Which are domiciled in said account and are issued by one of the holders.

Requirements for not paying BBVA commissions

In order to enjoy the advantages of this program, you must comply with the following, if the situation is in some of them:

Persons under 21 years of age:

If each of the holders are 21 years old, only for that reason they have all the rights to the advantages of this program.

People ages 21 through 25, which include:

In the event that the account holders are at this age and the first account holder has:

  • You have activity on one of the BBVA cards which is included in the annex
  • The multichannel contract is formalized. (If you need to do it, you are in all the right since it is necessary, in addition to being totally free).
  • Has a cell phone
  • Your email is in the BBVA database.


People ages 26 through 29, which include:

If all cardholders have this age and the first cardholder has the same and the following, they will be able to count on the benefits of the BBVA card.

  • You have activity on one of the BBVA cards which is included in the annex
  • The multichannel contract is formalized.
  • Has a cell phone
  • Your email is in the BBVA database.


When the program applies

This program is fully automatic and with great security you can participate in all its advantages.

Only with the fact of maintaining an account in force, in addition to meeting the requirements, it is necessary to supplement an additional bottle or an additional document.

Without any prejudice to the objected payment savings of the program, each of the conditions that were agreed must be kept in force.

Of each product that was affected by it, and the modifications cannot be considered, these being the ones that are applied in the event of not being able to meet the following requirements:

The bank will cancel the applications of each exemption in the following cases:

  • If for any reason the account is canceled
  • In the case of failing to comply with the requirements and conditions that are entrusted with the rights to exemptions.
  • If some of the account holders made a fraudulent update to obtain exemptions, this is at the discretion of the bank.

Who is it for

To all individuals, BBVA customers and holders of one of the accounts or cards shown in the annex to these Terms and Conditions called «ANNEX Goodbye Commissions» (hereinafter, the ANNEX) and who meet the requirements.

We refer to it as account or leave, but we must remember that this only applies to the accounts and cards of said ANNEX.


The applications will have a breakdown of benefits and will be of an initiative nature, if BBVA reserves the possibility of modifying the conditions of said program.

Like this song anytime.

In the event that he wants to modify or cancel said program, tell god to the commissions.

You must notify each of the beneficiaries.

Said notification will be made in about 2 months in advance, through a totally individual communication from each of the beneficiaries of the program.

Success in your process!

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