Requirements for security guard: Everything you need to know

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You may be interested in being a security guardHowever, you should know that it is not so easy to enter. You will need to meet a number of requirements and some trainings, here we will explain which ones.

Requirements for security guard

So that I can exercise as a security guard You may be asked a series of requirements, among them are the following:

  • Your age must be understood between 18 and 55 years old
  • You must have your nationality Spanish or one of the states that are members of the European Union.
  • Has to be found already graduate in ESO or its equivalent
  • Must not possess background of a criminal nature, nor have they been separated at some point from the service of the State Security Forces and Bodies.
  • They have to present proof that they are divided in two parts, the theoretical and the physical.
  • They must perform 400 mt, vertical jump, fixed bar push-ups, throwing the ball medicinal, the minimum marks vary according to your age and gender
  • The theoretical part is a questionnaire writing that has 80 questions, which must be completed in fifty minutes.
  • In this part you will have a minimum grade approving out of 5 based on 10 points
  • The background penalties must be accredited with their respective file
  • Must possess at least a course of training for surveillance distance learning or a course for professional training that is approved by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • It is valid that he has the nationality Spanish acquired and not of birth, you just have to certify it
  • You have to submit a certificate recent doctor to prove that the applicant is in good condition.
  • To be able to carry out all the labors that may require the position you are applying for.

Steps to follow

There are a series of steps to complete before being able to be security guard, some of them are the ones that we place below:

  • First you have to take care of overcome a course that includes 180 teaching hours
  • These are mostly distributed within 6 weeks in any center approved through the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Of the 180 hours that are corresponding at least half must be taught in person
  • After the modules are passed for your tests physical and some modules of the training this center will give you your certificate.
  • The other 90 hours will be complemented also with the part of physical development, such as personal defense and certain shooting events.
  • Then you have to show up at the tests that correspond to the secretary with the state for security
  • Through this you get your card identity professional or your TIP.
  • In order to do so, they will require the diploma for the course that is approved as a security guard, your medical certificate and other requirements.
  • Once you are registered in the National Private Security Registry, you will be able to act as a security guard.

Roles of a security guard

The Security guards They must fulfill various functions, among them we can find the following:

The security guard It is in charge of being able to ensure the safety of its people with property or buildings.

In all their day to day, the respective tasks will be carried out for their surveillance and protection of people, buildings, establishments or material goods, whether public or private.

It is also your responsibility to check, prevent and to register whatever is required of them, in order to prevent criminal acts or some infractions from being committed.

In cases where it was necessary it will be the security guard who may choose to carry out their arrest and place them under the disposition of the security forces.

The offender and carry out the complaint that may correspond to the case.

Formerly the Security guards They were only limited to guarding and protecting the interior or surroundings of events and establishments.

That it corresponded to them no matter if they ended being private or public.

But currently they also carry out these tasks in the respective commercial or leisure complexes, as well as on the perimeter of its prisons.

Or those of internment of foreigners CIE, can carry out the controls respective identity and complement the police action if necessary.

What do I need to do to specialize in private surveillance

In the sector of security surveillance It is also possible to carry out specializations in order to have added value.

With respect to what corresponds to others aspirants to these positions, for this there are a multitude of courses that can train you specifically.

With a teaching load that will be at least 10 hours of character face-to-face, there are x-ray surveillance courses.

The security surveillance at airports, guide for security dogs, public shows, public transport watchdog and more.

The only thing is that those who wish to be vigilantes of explosives They will then need to pass an extra module of the twenty questions in their theoretical section.

Are there training courses for private security?

If there are courses for the training of Security guards, most are approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

The content of these courses they are usually the following:

A Module which is a reference to Constitutional law: There they study the Spanish Constitution, the European Union, their Private Law …

Module of Criminal Rights: the penalty offense, people who are criminally responsible, cases of homicide and its forms, crimes …

A Module of Procedural and Criminal Law: they have a detention, of a private security personal nature such as an auxiliary of the State security forces and bodies, the rights that a detainee has …

Module of Special Administrative Law: With respect to the competent Authorities in matters of security, the Laws of Private Security …

A Module of Labor Law: Concept of labor contracts, Prevention of occupational hazards …

Module with respect to Legal Practice: How is the Preparation of documents and briefs, The Briefs for the complaint …

  1. Other Area Socio-Professional
  2. Area of character Technical-Professional
  3. The Area Instrumental


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