Requirements for Social Rooting: Documents, What it is and MORE

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The Requirements for Social Rooting, together with a series of pertinent documents, are totally necessary when carrying out this procedure. In addition, it is important to know the procedure that must be carried out, the benefits that it entails and which institution is in charge of completing this procedure.

The Social Rooting It is widely used by foreigners residing in Spain. It is a way to obtain the residence card, under certain parameters and conditions, although temporarily. The applicant must demonstrate that they have ties to the country or that they are very well integrated into society. In this way, authorization can be granted without major inconvenience.

If you are interested in knowing everything pertinent to Social Rooting, don’t go! Today we will explain everything you need to know.

What are the Requirements for Social Rooting?

The Requirements for Social Rooting they must be taken into account when making this request. These, together with the documents that you will need to present at the indicated time, will allow you to obtain your temporary residence permit for exceptional circumstances.

These are,

  • Bear in mind that this authorization does not apply to foreigners, citizens of member countries of the European Union. Likewise, it does not apply to foreigners with relatives with this citizenship, if the former have the right to it.
  • Have free entry to Spain. You cannot have impediments when entering the national territory, neither from Spain nor from any other country with which it has an agreement in relation to.
  • Have no criminal record, neither in the country of origin nor in Spain, nor in any other country where you have previously resided. Everything as established by the Spanish legal system.
  • If a commitment of no returnYou must meet the deadline abroad before re-entering Spain.
  • You should having resided in Spain for at least three (3) consecutive years. The only exception to the continuity feature is that the absences in Spain are at 120 days in total.
  • Show the existence of links in the country. These can be with relatives, with Spaniards, with resident foreigners or because you have a certain degree of social integration. The latter must come in the form of a report, which is issued by the Autonomous Community.
    • With family ties, reference is made to descendants or ascendants in the first degree, and to the domestic partner (registered) or spouse.
  • You must be subject to a Work contract, with a minimum validity of one year. It must be signed by both your employer and you. Simultaneous contracts can be presented, with a minimum of 6 months of validity, for the agricultural sector. You can also have more than two employers but be under a contract for a full year, with a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • The employment contract will not be required if you present the integration report and also show that you have the financial means to live on your own.

Regarding contracts, the company must demonstrate that it has the productive capacity to be responsible for its employees, in terms of what is established in the contract, and must also be registered with Social Security and complying with its tax obligations.

Necessary Documents for Social Rooting

The necessary documents To submit the application, now that you know what the Requirements for Social Rooting are, they are the following:

  • Application for Social Rooting. You must print two copies, fill them out correctly, and sign where appropriate. This can be found by clicking here.
  • Copy of some identification document valid, be it the passport, the registration card or the travel document. These must be at least 120 days old.
  • Criminal record, which you must obtain from the country where you have previously resided. Specifically, in the 5 years immediately after entering Spain.
  • Evidence that you stayed in Spain for 3 consecutive years. The documents you present must have been issued, preferably, by a Public Administration entity. Likewise, it must contain your basic identification data.
    • Examples of the documents that prove your stay are: hospitalizations, employment contract, medical consultation with public health, and any other from public services that reveal your stay in Spain.
  • Evidence of ties in the country: marriage certificate, birth certificate, registration as a common-law partner, etc.
  • Social integration report, which is issued by the Autonomous Community where you are currently domiciled. In case this does not authorize it shortly before presenting it, you can request it at the City Hall or prove that it was not issued in 30 days and present another proof (that is admitted).
  • Employment contract or contracts or any other document that evidences having sufficient means to be able to live.
  • Yes you work on your own, you will need to present other documents.
    • For example, copy of degrees, whether they are bachelor’s, doctorate or master’s degrees, as well as courses, which allow you to see your ability to develop yourself in the stipulated tasks.
    • In addition, the correct registration of the initiative, with its corresponding payments.
    • Evidence of having the necessary investment amount.
    • Establishment project.

Keep in mind that the documents that have been issued abroad must be correctly apostilled and validated by the Spanish consular bodies.

Procedure for Social Rooting

The procedure for Social Rooting is the next thing you should know, once you have in mind both the requirements and the necessary documentation.

  1. You or your legal representative must appear at the Immigration Office corresponding to the applicant’s address, at the corresponding times. There you must present the relevant documents.
  2. Once you submit the request, you have 10 business days to pay the corresponding fee. You can learn more about this 052 rate, by clicking here.
  3. Your turn expect the response to the request, which may take approximately 3 months. If you get it, along with it will come a work authorization, either on your own or for a third party.
  4. You should register with Social Security so that the authorization is valid in its entirety, in the name of the contracting company. You have one month from the approval notification. In the event that you are neither self-employed nor employed by a third party, then the validity begins at the time of notification.
  5. As a fifth step, you must take out your Foreigner Identity Card also within 30 days of notification. This is done at the Immigration Office itself and you must present:
    1. The application printed.
    2. Invoice of payment of the corresponding fee.
    3. Proof of Social Security of being registered.
    4. Three (3) photographs. These must be in color, with a white background, recent and passport size.

Once all these steps have been completed, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of Social Rooting for a whole year. At the end of the term, you will be able to apply for residency.

Benefits of Social Rooting

Almost to finish, you may be wondering what are the Benefits that we mentioned in the previous section, in relation to social roots. Let’s see what they are, so that you don’t have any doubts.

  • First, you will be able to work and live legally in the country. This will allow you to create greater ties in the country and establish yourself in an economic, social and even family way.
  • You can return to your country of origin, for vacations, Christmas and holidays, if you wish.
  • You can make the residence application for your relatives, so that you can live with them in the same country. This is, of course, if you show that you have the necessary means to take charge of them financially in the first place. instance.
  • You will not have mishaps in the country due to lack of legal papers, such as expulsion.
  • You will enjoy the benefits that the Social Security.
  • Within a few years, from 3 to 10, you will be able to request the Spanish nationality and enjoy even more benefits.
  • You will be able to work in all economic activities for which you are qualified or qualified.
  • Independence from your employer for a whole year.
  • You do not need to leave Spain to request it.
  • They are flexible when it comes to submitting contracts. They can be several or it can be none, as long as the pre-established conditions are met.

Do you see all the benefits of applying for it? Of course, you should also keep in mind that there may be reasons for denying your application, among them:

  • They do not comply with the Requirements for Social Rooting.
  • The employer has unpaid obligations with Social Security or the Treasury.
  • This same does not confirm the economic solvency.
  • You did not pay the corresponding fees for the process.
  • The contract (s) are not drafted correctly.

What Institution is in Charge of this Procedure?

As we have said before, the request is carried out in the Immigration Office that corresponds to your home address. However, the documents that you must obtain before and after the application for Social Rooting if they are made in other places.

For example, the social integration report is obtained in the Autonomous Community where you reside or in the City Council, in the event that there is no response. Likewise, the Foreigner Identity Card can be obtained at the Immigration Office where you made the application for Social Rooting or at the Police Station.

We recommend you take time forecasts, so that you can have the documents in order and duly valid at the time of delivering them all.

What is it?

The Social Rooting it is a way to reside in the country legally for a period of one year. Upon completion, it will allow you to apply for residency and later for Spanish nationality.

If you are interested in enjoying the benefits that this authorization brings, then good. We invite you to start with the corresponding procedures once and for all. Especially now that you know what the Requirements for Social Rooting.

See ya!

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