Requirements for the Community Card: Benefits, What it is and MORE

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Are you planning to live in Spain and do you have a family member who is a member of the European Union? In this article you have the Requirements for the Community Card.

It is important to know how to carry out this procedure, the people who can choose it, the documentation that must be presented. Also the benefits of having this card and much more information.

What are the Requirements for the Community Card?

Within the Requirements for the Community Card are the following:

  • Get together with some citizen belonging to the European Union or to another State that conforms to the European Economic Area, which has the right to residency for a time greater than 3 months.
  • Said citizen is obliged to obey the following requirements:
    • Work as a freelancer in Spain.
    • Being a dependent worker in Spain.
    • Have for yourself and your family group the sufficient financial means not to be a responsibility for social assistance in the country in your time of residence. You must have health insurance, either private or public (processed in another country or in Spain).
    • In the case of being a student, you must be enrolled in a private or public institution. You must also have private or public health insurance, obtained in another country or in Spain and fully covered in Spain.
  • It must have some link with the person belonging to the Union. These might be:
    • The spouse, only if the relationship has not been annulled or the divorce has been processed.
    • The couple, with whom they have a bond related to the conjugal and who are entered in a public register stipulated within any member state of the Union.
    • It can be a child of the Union member or their partner or spouse, as long as a divorce decree or marriage annulment has not been processed. This person must be under 21 years of age, in the case of being of legal age must be dependent on him or be disabled.
    • All members of the family group who are dependents or reside with the Union citizen in their country of origin. The coexistence will be valid if it is verified truthfully that it is followed for 24 months in the country of origin.
    • Likewise, any member of the family group, who for serious causes in terms of health or disability, the citizen of the Union must take charge of this.
    • The common-law couple who, although not registered, have a permanent relationship and that stable kinship is correctly verified. At least one period of cohabitation of at least 1 year in a row. Unless they have children together, thus being proven coexistence. Otherwise, the matrimonial conditions will be considered incompatible.
  • Taking into account other conditions, the following are included:
    • Direct descendants of the citizen who belongs to the Union. Also the registered couple, as long as there is no annulment of the marriage or a divorce decree.
    • The parents of the citizen of the Union, his partner or spouse who are dependents of him.

Documents Needed for the Community Card

The documentation necessary for this procedure is part of the Requirements for the Community Card. All documents must be consigned both in copies and in original at the time of formally making the request. These are:

  1. Application printed on the official format (EX 19) and its respective copy. Correctly complying with what is required and duly signed by the family member of the person who belongs to the Union.
  2. Present the current passport of the relative. If expired, a copy of the passport and the renewal request must be submitted.
  3. Documents that prove the relationship between the member of the European Union and the family member.
  4. If the partnership status is not registered, present the documents that prove the relationship as a common-law partner. The period of coexistence must be justified or, in this case, certification of the birth of the children as a whole.
  5. If you are a descendant of the citizen belonging to the Union, or of your spouse or registered stable partner and you are over 21 years old, present the documents that prove the relationship or dependency.
  6. In the event that the descendant is a minor and does not live in Spain with both parents, documents that prove the relationship as a dependent or dependent of the person who is a member of the Union or their spouse.
  7. In the case of being the parents of the member of the Union or of their common-law partner, the documents that prove the relationship of a dependent family member.
  8. Consign the DNI or registration certification of the member of the Union, with whom they live or with whom they are going to meet.
  9. If it is another member of the family group, all the documents that corroborate the link and dependency must be consigned. Or in any case, that they lived in the country of origin with the Union citizen, or of serious causes of illness and disability.

Requirements for the Community Card that must be met by the Citizen of the Union or the European Economic Area

When you are employed by someone else

You can submit the following documentation:

  • Employment certification or hiring notice by the employer. It must contain the name and address of the company, the tax identification and the contribution account code.
  • The employment contract which must be registered with the Public Employment Service, or the notification of the hiring and its clauses through the CONTRAT @ platform.
  • Documentation of registration or similar situation to registration in the relevant Social Security regime or approval of the proof of information in the files of the General Treasury of Social Security.


In this case, the documents mentioned below must be presented:

  • Register in the Census of economic activities.
  • Verification of your business through registration in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Documentation of discharge or situation similar to discharge in the pertinent Social Security regime or approval of the proof of the information in the files of the Tax Agency or the General Treasury of the Social Security.

When no work activity is carried out in Spain

  • Document that certifies that you have private or public health insurance. Which was obtained in another country or in Spain, and that covers in the time of permanence what is equivalent to that provided by the National Health System.
  • Pensioners obey this situation, since they provide the certificate of enjoying medical assistance as a dependent of the State, which is where they receive a pension.
  • Document that proves that you have sufficient financial means for the member of the Union and his family group during the time of residence in the country. This can be accredited through the following resources: Credit cards, certified checks, documents proving the acquisition of capital income, etc.

Who can qualify for the Community Card?

The people who can opt for the Community Card are those relatives of a citizen of Spanish nationality, or who belongs to a member country of the EU. These are mentioned below:

  1. Spouse, they must be married or be registered as a common-law partner,
  2. Your descendants and your spouse’s descendants.
  3. Your parents and your spouse’s parents.

NOTE: If the case is that the bonding relationship is a marriage or a common-law relationship, we would speak of a Community Card for marriage. In other words, the couple must be legally registered in the Public Registry.

Prior Appointment of Immigration

The procedure to request an appointment in Immigration, makes it easy to choose from the available shifts. Similarly, the system offers different procedures and gives the opportunity to select the one that is needed.

It also gives a receipt number with which the previously scheduled appointment can be changed. Also, cancel or confirm it. For enter the system and manage the foreigners appointment, you can press here and then follow all the steps that are indicated.


The benefits of having the Community Card in Spain are the following:

  • It allows work in spanish territory.
  • Provides the opportunity to study in Spain.
  • It makes it possible to have assistance in the health system.
  • It gives the opportunity to make trips to countries belonging to the Schengen Area.
  • Allows opening bank accounts.
  • Apply for family reunification for a member of the family.

To obtain more details about it, enter this web portal where you will find the necessary information.

What is the Community Card?

The Community Card it is a form of residence, which can be managed to normalize the situation of some members of the family group. All this based on the fact that you have a family member as a citizen belonging to the European Union.

This relative must live somewhere in Spanish territory. This card it is valid for 5 years, which begin to elapse from the moment in which it is issued. In the case of being aware that you will live in Spain for less than this time, it will be valid depending on this.

Here you have in detail the Requirements for the Community Card. You only have to meet the requirements for you to start managing the process.

Spain is an excellent option to spend some time, or to live permanently. Do not wait any longer, we hope you have success with your procedure.

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