Requirements for the DNI: Documents, Where to Get It and MORE

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The Requirements for the DNI in Spain they are essential for any citizen residing within the country. However, many people are not usually very attentive to this process, accumulating more than one doubt.

How is it removed? When is it processed? How long does it remain in force? What is it for? We will explain this process and other important information with this guide on the Requirements for the DNI in Spain.

Requirements for the DNI

At the time of requesting the issuance of the DNI (National identity document)It is essential that the person requesting it appear personally. Likewise, you must present the payment of the legally stipulated procedure and the documentation detailed below:

  • Birth certificate issued by the relevant Civil Registry. Issued with a six months anticipation the day that the request must be consigned, and with a note stating that it is issued only to acquire this documentation.
  • Present an updated photo in color and on a white background, where the person has his head uncovered. No glasses with dark lenses or any accessory that interferes with the identification of the applicant.
  • The first inscription. Consign the Register Flyer or the Town Hall Registration Certificate, where the person has their residence. This must be issued three months prior to the date of the petition of the DNI.
  • Spanish citizens residing abroad will prove their residence address through the certification of the Diplomatic or Consular Representation, where they are registered as residents.
  • In the event that the applicant has under 14 years of age or unskilled, the documentation will be delivered to the person exercising parental authority or guardianship. This person can also be a proxy.
  • If the applicant is a minor but is over 14 years old, you must collect the document personally.

Documents Needed for the DNI for the First Time

When a person wants to request the DNI, they must attend a team to issue the National Identity Document. This step is carried out after having requested an appointment in advance, through the telephone number 060 or online by entering this link.

As it is the First Registration, you can appear in said team with the Requirements for the DNI mentioned in the previous point. In the case of people with pathologies, dependency or disability and who cannot go to an issuing office, they can process the DNI through a family member or another person.

This person must present the required documentation and additionally consign an application form in the office, complying with the applicant (represented, family member, etc.). You must also attach a photo of the applicant and an official medical report certifying that he / she cannot travel to said office.

For this reason, a mobile team will move to the residence of the applicant or to the health center where they are to do the procedure. If you require more information about the documentation that is needed for this management, you can enter the web portal corresponding to the Electronic DNI.

Documents Needed to Renew the DNI

Depending on the reason why a person has to renew their DNI, they must provide some documents. It is necessary to mention that, to renew the DNI, you must within 180 days before that it prescribes or also when it has expired. The reasons may be the following:

By expiration

  • A photography.
  • Present the previous DNI.

For Loss, Theft or Damage

  • Consign 1 photograph.
  • On some occasions, a model 601 format must be complied with. This is received at the same issuing office, while the DNI is requested.

Data update

  • Submit a photograph.
  • Previous ID.
  • Documentation that justifies the modification.

Change of Address of Residence

  • A photography.
  • Consign the previous DNI.
  • The Padronal Steering Wheel or the Municipal Registration Certificate, where the person has his or her residence. It must be issued three months before the date assigned to make the application for the DNI. Said documentation will not be required if the applicant allows the issuing team to verify the address information, through the Residence Data Verification System.

Renew the DNI It has a cost of € 12 euros. This amount is charged for regular renewal, loss, damage or theft. This amount is exonerated, in the event that there has been a change in the address or affiliation information. Or also in the case of being a member of a large family.

On the other hand, if a person needs to renew their DNI and does not have a scheduled appointment, they can go to one of the National Police offices. This is done only on exceptional occasions and that is justified, such as: In cases of emergencies, bureaucratic procedures, for work or a scholarship.

However, this situation has changed. Currently there are few exceptions, since DNI renewal procedures are not carried out without having a regular appointment. There are some police stations, which still distribute a certain amount of numbers early in the morning at 7:00 a.m. to attend to these contingencies.

If for any reason, a person after requesting the appointment to renew the National Identity Document, cannot attend it, you have the possibility to cancel it without the need to explain or justify. Of course, you must make sure to cancel as soon as possible.

How to obtain the DNI if I live abroad?

The National Identity Document it is not possible to process from abroad. This is because, as said previously, it is essential that the applicant make the application personally so that it can be issued.

This procedure is carried out in the places established within Spain by the Ministry of the Interior. This according to the competent functions, and what the Royal Decree 1553/2005 of December 23, and which corresponds to him.

Where are the Procedures for the DNI done?

There are some municipalities that do not have a Police Station, in which a mobile team that is established in the town hall operates. The people who live in these areas and on the periphery, have the possibility of acquiring the DNI consigning the same documentation as in the established offices.

When the mobile team is transferred to the town halls, a communication is sent to them in advance. Likewise, the dates indicated for attendance in such a way that the information is published to all the people who live in these municipalities.

On the other hand, there are the Autonomous Communities with a co-official language. These communities are: the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, the Basque Country and Galicia. The DNI apart from being issued in Spanish, It is also issued in the corresponding language to each of the aforementioned Autonomous Communities.

What is it?

The DNI (National Identity Document), is also known as an identification card. This is the identity document that it is broadcast in Spanish territory, and as of March 2006 it is electronic. That is, it is a card made of polycarbonate that contains a chip with digital data.

This card has the same characteristics as the cards that are used regularly. This document It is mandatory from the age of 14 of age, it can even be requested when the minor is registered in the Civil Registry. By October 2015, more than 44 million ID cards had been issued in Spain.

Many times people ask if they can travel with an expired ID, and the answer is no. By having the DNI in that condition, it is as if it did not exist. Travel companies and hotels are obliged to make the corresponding arrangements with the current document.

Regarding the opening hours of the National Police offices, to carry out any procedure corresponding to the DNI is the following: Monday to Friday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. In the afternoons from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., except on holidays and special hours in the month of August.

Validity Period of the National Identity Document

The DNI has a time of valid for two years for citizens who are less than five years old. On the other hand, for citizens under thirty years of age the period is five years, for those under seventy years it is valid for 10 years.

However, for people over the age of seventy it is permanent. In a special way, the DNI can be granted permanent validity, when the citizen is over thirty years old and proves that he has a condition of disability. Or in this case, a period of one year if you cannot consign the documentation required for its issuance.

The Requirements for the DNI they are a question that every Spaniard must take into account throughout his life. Since this is the identity document that you must carry to move within the country and carry out different procedures.

Whether to obtain it for the first time, renew it, because it has been lost or for any other reason, you cannot forget all the paperwork and process that the processing of the Requirements for the DNI.

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