Requirements for the Health Card: Procedure, Documents and MORE

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If you are interested in processing the Health Card, you must first know what the Requirements for the Community Card. This is an individual management, which is requested by the system.

It is important to know that everyone who is going to carry out this procedure must be registered and associated with any Social Security system. In addition, you will find information on who can request the Card, where it can be requested, what to do in case of loss and other information of interest.

Procedure for the Health Card: Requirements for the Health Card

Among the procedures that can be carried out with the Card are the following:

  • Apply for the Health Card for the first time.
  • You can request another Health Card if it is lost, damaged or stolen.
  • When the home address is updated.
  • When reporting a mistake or modification of personal information (telephone number, NIE or DNI number, identification information, among others).

To request the Health Card, you must go to the hospital that has been fixed, which offers user service from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. When looking for the health institutes it can be done through the telematic request. For this, it is required to have an electronic DNI (National Identity Document) or digital certification.

In this telematic application, the verification of specific information is admitted, freeing the applicant to consign the pertinent documents, which are requested as Requirements for the Health Card. It should be noted that, in the application, the option that the communication can be received electronically is enabled.

Necessary Documents for the Health Card

In relation to the documents that must be presented to request the Health Card, it will depend on the type of applicant, which complements the Requirements for the Health Card. The requirements are detailed below:

Employees, Pensioners and Beneficiaries, Citizens Associated with Social Security

Regularly citizens linked to Social Security, whatever their employment status (unemployed, active, conditions assimilated upon registration, among others), have to record the following:

  • National identity document (DNI)When the applicant is a foreigner, a valid resident permit (TIE) is required. For minors under fourteen (14 years) in case of not having ID or residence permit, they must consign the Family Book or the birth certificate.
  • Present the Registration Form, issued by the corresponding town hall within 90 days before its consignment.
  • The (DAD) Document Accrediting the Right to have health care, issued by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Where it reflects that the applicant is an employee. pensioner or beneficiary in charge of a holder.

Request on behalf of third parties

It is possible to verify the information on the Health Card and the pharmaceutical contribution that touches, according to their situation (pensioner or active) and their degree of income. Through this online service the applicant has the opportunity to:

  • Verify the information of your Health Card, expiration and condition of the same, the Social security number and also the CIPA (Personal Identification Code of the Community of Madrid).
  • Find out about the pharmaceutical contribution assigned to you by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), the amount and the contribution code.
  • It can print the information voucher working in the Population Information System of the Community of Madrid. For this verification the following is necessary:
    • Number of the National Identity Document (DNI), also the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number), the autonomous personal identification code of your health card and the date of birth.

NOTE: To modify the contact information, you need the digital certification or electronic DNI.

Who has access to healthcare in Spain?

For people who have the right to health care in Spain, the Community of Madrid is provides a Health Card. This with the objective that they can reach all the public assistance services of the National Health System.

Likewise, all those who reside in the Community of Madrid, to whom the INSS (National Institute of Social Security) taken into account as insured or beneficiaries. In accordance with the provisions of Law 16/2003, of May 28. Those citizens who are in the following situations have the quality of insured:

  1. Employees affiliated with Social Security, with a condition of registration or assimilated to registration.
  2. Pensioner of Social Security.
  3. Receive any regular Social Security benefit, which includes the subsidy and unemployment benefit.
  4. Having consumed the subsidy or benefit for unemployment and be registered in the relevant office as a job seeker.

Conditions Required to Process the Health Card

When any of the conditions mentioned above are not met, Spanish citizens, who belong to any Member State of the European Union, from the European Economic Area or from Switzerland who live in Spanish territory (registered in the Citizen Registry of the European Union). Similarly, foreigners with a residence permit in Spain can acquire the quality of insured.

The approval of the right to health care dependent on the National Health System is the responsibility of the INSS, through its Social Security Information and Attention Centers. (CAISS). Its telephone number is 901166565, in accordance with the provisions stipulated by the same entity.

With respect to the beneficiaries of an insured, while living in Spain, the spouse or a citizen with a similar affective bond, who must certify the relevant formal registration.

Likewise, ex-spouse who is under the responsibility of the insured, children and similar persons in his charge, who are under 26 years old or who have a disability.

Similarly, all foreigners in the community are entitled to this assistance. who have migrated the right to Social Security that they have in their countries of origin. Also non-EU citizens from countries with a Bilateral Agreement on Social Security matters, who benefit from these agreements.

Spanish citizens by birth who reside abroad can acquire the Health Card in accordance with Law 40/2006, on the statute of Spanish citizenship abroad.

Regarding provisional permanence, or if they return definitively. They must request the right to health care at the INSS, and then the Health Card at the relevant hospital.

Where is the Health Card requested?

To request the Card, you must go to the hospital center corresponding to the residence address. Where the personnel belonging to the Administrative Unit, will indicate which are the Requirements for the Health Card according to the condition you have.

Another way to request the Health Card is through telematics, if you have an electronic DNI or digital signature certification. Through this channel, the requested documents can be consigned or the verification of the necessary information can be admitted.

As soon as the Health Card is ready, it is sent to the hospital where it was requested, and there the applicant must collect it in person. Upon receiving it, it is essential to verify that all the information that appears in it is correct. Otherwise, you must notify the center staff, who will tell you the steps to follow.

What to do if the Health Card is lost?

If for any reason the Health Card is lost, the person must provide the following documentation:

  • National identity document: If the applicant is a foreigner, he must present the TIE (permission like resident) valid. If you are under 14 years old, and do not have a DNI or TIE, you must enter the Family Book.
  • For Change of Address: Registration form, issued by the town hall where you live within the 90 days prior to consignment. If the person lives in the municipality of Madrid, they can authorize the verification of their information in the Municipal Register of Inhabitants, preventing the consignment of that document.

What is it?

The Health Card is a credential issued by the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, which recognizes people as beneficiaries of the Public Health System of the Community of Madrid and makes it possible to enter health care in the country.

This Card is valid to have access to public health care and benefits, in the Community of Madrid and in the National system of health. Regarding the validity of the Health Card, it is established as follows:

  1. The validity of the Health Card is indeterminate.
  2. In the event that the holder is a foreigner, the validity will go hand in hand with the one that reflects the TIE (Foreigner Identification Card).
  3. The non-EU foreign citizens, the validity will be the one that reflects the Certificate of Registration of Citizen of the European Union.
  4. For foreign EU citizens, they must notify the corresponding hospital of the expiration date of the residence permit at the time of renewal.

To Take into Account: When a minor turns 14 years old, and acquire the DNI must notify this information as soon as possible to the relevant hospital. Likewise, you have the possibility of attaching your DNI online. If the legal representative of the minor has an electronic ID or digital certification, they can enter this link.

It does not matter in what condition you are within the country, however, it is essential that you know the Requirements for the Health Card, since by having them you can know what the specific requirements are for your case.

Gather everything you need and go to the corresponding health center so that you can start your health card process, and you can have the peace of mind that you will enjoy health care when you need it.

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