Requirements to access intermediate degree: In the FP

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Do you need to work? Create a profile to be able to apply to the labor market with solid and safe knowledge as a technician, review the Requirements to access intermediate degree: In the FP and you will expand the knowledge about this academic option.

What are intermediate level training cycles

The intermediate grade FP, It corresponds to the acquisition of academic skills in different areas in order to have the necessary knowledge to execute them in the labor market.

The studies consist of two courses, where theoretical and practical content are taught.

In addition to the subjects that are seen in classes, the FCT or Formation in work centers .

Even though these practices are mandatory, they are part of the training and there is no contractual commitment with the companies. But they do represent a very good reference in the curriculum summary.

Among the characteristics of medium-grade VET, we find that:

  • They can be done in person or remotely. If the choice is distance study, the time of the training cycle must be adapted to the needs of the applicant.
  • The teaching catalog is very robust, it has 150 courses to choose from. They are distributed in 26 different families. Among these, those of Health, Personal Image, Hospitality and Tourism, Image and Sound stand out.
  • They present the availability of study FP outside of Spain. Through a system of scholarships and approvals available to students in general.

Objectives of the intermediate courses

In short, your goal is to earn a qualified degree to enter the job market with ease and safety.

Which represents a platform for personal and professional growth and development of the individual. Generating the motivation to obtain greater academic, social and economic capacities, to achieve their goals and a better quality of life.


To enter the intermediate academic training courses, it is necessary to meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Have the title ESO or Compulsory Secondary Education
  2. Title or certificate of having completed Basic Vocational Training.
  3. A Title of Auxiliary Technician or simply Technician.
  4. Only two subjects of the total of the first two courses that make up the Unified and Polyvalent Baccalaureate can be pending for passing. Or the first Experimental Cycle of Reform of Secondary Education in its second year.
  5. Have completed the training in Applied Arts and Artistic Trades, in the third course included in the 1963 plan or in the second course of experimental commons.
  6. Have certifications of having completed other studies that have been declared equivalent for academic purposes with any of the above requirements.

In the event that the applicant does not have any of the academic requirements listed above, there is the option of passing the Access test to Middle Grade Training Cycles, if you are seventeen years old for the year in which the test is scheduled.

What are the entrance exams?

With the execution of the access tests They are looking for entry to Professional Training, in the Middle and Higher degrees. As long as the applicants do not meet the academic requirements that are necessary for direct entry to the teaching of Vocational Training.

To prepare for the tests, there are courses that are taught in Adult Education Centers and Distance Education Centers, however the preparation can also be done on your own.

Passing the entrance test is valid indefinitely throughout the national territory. In case of not enrolling in the same year in which the test was passed, it will not be necessary to do it on another occasion of enrollment, even if it is in an autonomous community other than where the test was carried out.

One of the characteristics of the test is that it can be carried out infinity of times, complying with the calls for its celebration. In order to overcome them with a higher note.

The calls for the entrance exams to the training cycles of medium and higher degree, are with an annual frequency.

With the approval of the entrance exams for the intermediate or higher degree, they will qualify for access to any of the training cycles that make up the degrees.

It is important to note that passing the entrance exams does not constitute academic equivalences. Its scope is limited to enabling access for intermediate and higher VET.

Ensuring that the necessary skills and knowledge are possessed for the execution of the corresponding training cycles.

What is FP

We understand Vocational Training of the Educational System as the knowledge that is imparted to train people so that they can carry out a professional activity, that is, specific preparation in an area.

This knowledge is imparted by Training Cycles, which are of three degrees: Basic, Medium and Superior.

The duration of each degree is two years.

In the last three months of the second year, the practices are carried out in the Formation in work centers . That is, they are practical in the labor field, in companies or organizations, this period is commonly known as FCT.

VET studies are divided into professional families. A total of 26 professional families in existence, which teach a hundred professional training titles

In the educational system, in addition to Vocational Training, there is Employment Training, where certificates of professionalism are issued, instead of Vocational Training titles.

The certificates of professionalism comprise three levels, which are part of the 26 professional families.

We found that it exists a validation regime, Between the certificates of professionalism and the titles of Professional Training.

Where the professional skills acquired during working time or through non-formal education are certified. This procedure is carried out through specific calls.

In the Training Cycles of medium and higher degree, teaching can be face-to-face or at a distance.

There are other levels of Vocational Training, in addition to basic, medium and superior. As are the Adapted Professional Training Programs or PFPA and Initial Professional Training Programs or PFPI.

What degree will I obtain as a FP medium degree

Upon completion of the intermediate level training cycle, the technical title corresponding to the teachings acquired from each course.

They have official status and have the same academic and professional validity throughout the Spanish territory. This does not determine its validity because the studies have been carried out in one or another autonomous community.

There is the possibility of continuing VET studies to a higher degree cycle. They also last two years and allow you to access a university degree.

In short, the completion of a Vocational Training generates many advantages, since it is the opening to the labor market and can also be a motivator to continue with a longer academic training.

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