Requirements to apply for a place in a public nursery: Everything you need to know

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If your son or daughter has already compliment 4 months of age, and you already need to re-enter your work activities.

You can choose to request square in a public nursery, so that your child is cared for.

How to enroll your child in daycare

In order for your son or daughter to be enrolled in a kindergarten or in a public kindergarten, you must be at least 16 weeks old at the time of initiation.

Then if the center has vacancies throughout the school year may elect to admit children from the time they are 16 weeks old.

All day care centers Private facilities have their own operation and therefore you have to consult directly with the center you want.

However, before you register at the public nursery pre-registration has to be carried out, which is the procedure by which admission is requested.

The process so that you can register your son or daughter is the one that we explain below:

  • Find out the calendar you will have this process.
  • Carry out the consultation of the centers
  • Inquire about the criteria of priority that they have the applications when they are ordered and then gather the documentation that is necessary
  • Present the application and the corresponding documentation
  • See the results of the pre inscriptions when the lists with a provisional score are published
  • You should also check when the lists of the punctuation that is resolved in the claims
  • Has to Consult what center have you been assigned
  • Perform the enrollment of your son or daughter.

All day care centers private have their own operation, this procedure has to be consulted for the specific center.

Requirements to apply for a place in a public nursery

In the public nurseries After you submit the application form, you must provide some documents, generally they are the following:

  • Copy and original of the family book or that document that is relative to the filiation.
  • In the event that the student is in the situation of reception, the resolution of the reception of the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families can be consigned.
  • Photocopy and your original of your ID in the person who has requested it, be it the father, mother, guardian or others.
  • If the person you are applying for is foreign You can present your passport or residence card.
  • Or if the foreigner is from the EU, the documents of the identity of your country of origin.

In the event that it also presents a criterion of priority, you must include that documentation as well.

Dates and deadlines for the registration of the nursery

The process for pre-registration and admission of children in public kindergartens is one of the competences of the municipalities.

This is why they are responsible for power establish their official calendar, but in some institutions they have their own.

If this is not the case the calendar for this year is the following:

  • The offer for plazas schoolchildren: from 7 to 9 in May 2019
  • For the presentation for pre-registration applications: from May 13 to 24, 2019.
  • The list of requests of a provisional score: June 4, 2019
  • The claims: from June 5 to 11, 2019
  • It will be held on lottery to get the tiebreaker number: from June 12 to 14, 2019
  • The ordered list that will be definitive: June 18, 2019
  • Will be able enroll students who have pre-registered and their assigned place: from June 19 to 26, 2019

We repeat, this calendar is exclusive to the public nurseries, since the private ones have their own calendar.

Factors to take into account when applying for a place in a public nursery

There are several factors to take into account when a request is made. square in the public nurseries.

Mostly the schedule in this type of day care centers It is from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

But each center as it considers it can also establish a schedule that is flexible, according to the needs of the students or their families.

This can be modified in the course of the first days of the school year, to make the adaptation process of the children easier.

All public nurseries they organize the schedule according to your needs and on food, your rest and more,

This is according to the amount of students, their particular conditions, the spaces and the amount of resources that are available.

Priority criteria

These criteria The priority will be those that will be able to grant you points so that the regulator used to order the request is applied.

This is mostly done when more requests than the squares that exist.

These criteria of priority They will only apply in the various public nurseries, let’s see:

  • That the brothers of the student have attended school or have their tutors or parents work there: 40 points
  • The proximity of the address habitual that the student has in the center or his proximity in the place of the work of his representative
  • If he address usual is located in the area of ​​influence: 30 points
  • When the place of job of the applicant is located in the area of ​​influence that the center owns, 20 points will be awarded
  • In the event that your address is usually located in the same municipality but for some reason is not in the area of ​​influence: 10 points
  • When your unit’s annual rent family is found in the event that they obtain the help of a guaranteed income of citizenship: 10 points
  • That the student or a direct relative (parents or siblings) have disability 33% or higher: 10 points
  • If the student is part of a family numerous: 15 points

Nursery prices

Payment in day care centers who currently depend on the department of education, request an amount each month of only 118 euros.

However there are also exemptions or certain bonuses that are general:

  • A bonus 50% corresponding to the amount for:

Family members numerous according to the category in general.

If they are members from a family that is single parent

  • You can get the exemption 100% of your payment only:

Members who are of a large family with a category special. Those who were victims of any kind of terrorism. People who have disability 33% or greater. Those children or adolescents who are in reception family.


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