Requirements to Approve a Degree: Documents, What it is and MORE

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If you intend to emigrate to Spain, take into account the Requirements to Approve a Title. In this article you can review all the information you need to do it now.

It is very important to have this advance procedure of having the duly certified professional title, since it facilitates the daily development of being able to exercise your profession legally.

Doing the homologation of the title will favor that when exercising you can obtain a better income and contribute to Spain the best of your training and experience.

What are the requirements to approve a degree in Spain?

The Homologation of foreign qualifications is a procedure that must be done to practice in Spain based on the studies carried out and the profession obtained.

The Requirements to Approve a Title or validate studies in Spain are the following:

  • The qualifications that are presented for homologation must be officially valid in the corresponding educational system of the country to which they correspond.
  • In addition, the degree must guarantee the studies formally carried out and must be approved according to the existing educational system in the country that grants it.
  • Likewise, the title from the homologation of another title granted by a third country is not accepted.
  • In order to validate it, there must be an equivalence with the Spanish qualification that is requested or is intended to be obtained, both at an academic level and also with respect to the duration and content of the degree.
  • Likewise, the homologation is made with respect to completed studies, it cannot be done for individual subjects.
  • Likewise, the applicant must not have previously obtained the same degree in the Spanish educational system.

Who must approve a title?

Okay, to the Requirements to Approve a Title, this procedure should do it if you have an academic degree awarded by a foreign university.

It can be a university degree, diplomas, training cycles, bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree, among others.

You must deliver a series of documents and follow the corresponding steps to carry out the homologation.

The homologation has the purpose of allowing professional access in a regulated manner in Spain to foreigners or nationals with degrees issued abroad.

The homologation admits that whoever holds a foreign degree has the possibility of practicing the profession in a legal and regulated manner, under the same terms and conditions as those who possess the Spanish degree.

The body authorized to grant the certification is the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

Documentation Needed to Approve a Degree

Following with the Requirements to Approve a Title, To carry out the qualification homologation procedure, a series of documents must be included, which are shown below:

  • Photocopy of identification document on DNI, NIE or passport.
  • The certified photocopy of title to be certified or homologated.
  • Likewise, a photocopy of the certificate of the courses taken and where are the subjects taken, the grades achieved and the duration of the same.
  • The qualification homologation procedure requires the fee payment 079. You must deliver the 790 form to any box or bank.
  • All documents delivered must be translated by a public translator or by a diplomatic or consular representative of Spain abroad. This in those cases that are not in the Spanish language.
  • In health professionals, if the degree is more than five years old at the time of the procedure, you must present the certificate of good practice.
  • In those cases, where the preliminary studies to those carried out abroad were carried out in Spain. You must also submit a certified copy of the academic certification of these studies, with grades and academic history.
  • All documentation delivered must be issued by the competent authorities of the country that issued the title, in addition to being duly legalized.
  • If the title was issued by a country of the European Union, a country that is a signatory to the agreement on the European Economic Area then, should not carry out any legalization.
  • For those applicants residents outside the European UnionAll documents must be apostilled and two authentic photocopies certified by the Spanish consulate of the country of origin.
  • If the title has been issued by a signatory country to the Hague ConventionYou only have to deliver documents with an apostille made by the authorities that are responsible for you.

In the case of certificates issued in the remaining countries:

  • Here legalization is done through diplomatic channels, generally through the Ministry of Education of the country of origin. It can also be done through the consulate of Spain.
  • You must provide a certified copy of the identification document, issued by the competent body of the country of origin.
  • Also, the certified photocopy of the title for which the homologation process is requested.
  • Likewise, deliver a certified photocopy of the academic accreditation. It refers to the study plan, academic years, subjects taken, duration, number of credits for each of the subjects.

Where is the procedure done?

According to the Requirements to Approve a Title, When you already have all the documents with the corresponding requirements, you must follow a series of steps to specify.

The procedure begins by going directly to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in the city of Madrid. If this is done with the originals and photocopies of the documents, it is not necessary to do the prior certification at the Consulate.

You must go to the General Registry of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, located at Calle Los Madrazo, 15 or Calle Torrelaguna 58 in Madrid.

In the functional areas of High Inspection of Education of the Government Delegations in the Autonomous Communities or Directorates of the Province of the Ministry in Melilla and Ceuta.

Deliver the documents to the Consulate General in an open envelope, indicating the agency and also the destination address. It must be accompanied by a letter addressed to the Consulate requesting that the envelope be sent to Spain.

The Consulate receives all the documentation, but does not review or evaluate it, it only sends it according to the indications of the applicant. In this case, you must certify all the documents requested by the Ministry at the Consulate.

To check the documents within the homologation procedure, you can consult here.

After submitting the documents, after a few months you will receive a notification that gives an answer about the request. It can tell you the following:

  • Homologation granted from your degree to the degree that it belongs to according to an inventory of official university degrees in Spain.
  • Likewise, it can indicate approval denied, in case the file suffers from some requirements.
  • Conditional approval, that is to say that some complementary training elements are requested so that the approval is consolidated.

The additional information that you may need about the homologation of qualifications in Spain, can be consulted at the web portal.

Courses in which it is needed

According to Requirements to Approve a Title, The courses that require homologation are the following:

  • Students who carry out 4th ESO, First and Second Baccalaureate studies abroad. They must complete the process, since the Ministry of Education establishes that certain subjects must be taken in order to continue studying in Spain.

Spain carries out the homologation only of some titles:

  • For Secondary Education.
  • High school.
  • For Vocational Training.
  • In the case of professional artistic education.
  • Higher artistic learning.
  • Sports training.

What is Homologate a Title?

Approving a title is a procedure commanded by the Ministry of Education of Spain, where a degree is equated with the one that corresponds in Spain. It is the affirmation of the equivalence of a degree obtained in another country with respect to a Spanish degree.

It is a validation or certification of professional studies equating with the Spanish equivalent.

Do the homologation of a foreign title in Spain, is to enable that foreigner to work in favorable and equitable conditions with respect to a national.

Many foreigners choose Spain to start a new life and develop their profession. A large number of these are university professionals and others are duly qualified workers who aspire to have their training validated in Spain.

Now that you know the Requirements to Approve a Title, what you must do to homologate a degree in Spain, prepare everything, be thorough so that no detail is left out and then that is an impediment to obtaining your homologated degree. We wish you good luck!

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