Requirements to be a Baptism Godfather in Spain

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The moment of the birth of a baby is something long awaited and wonderful, the arrival of this little being at home brightens family life and fills everyone with hope. But after this great celebration the next one awaits him and it is none other than the Baptism of the new family member.

It is thus then when the parents of the baby begin the preparations for baptism. If you are among the parents, relatives or close friends they can know in detail the Requirements to be Godfather of Baptism in Spain.

Undoubtedly, the baptismal celebration is an event that is within Christianity, it is therefore important to know how to make a good choice of the Godfather and Godmother of Baptism. It should be a conscientious and responsible act. Read on and get ready for a beautiful and thoughtful ceremony!

What are the Requirements to Be a Godfather of Catholic Baptism?

Before starting a great celebration is to be part of the Catholic community. For this reason, it is very important to know what the Requirements to be a Baptism Godfather in Spain, and they are the ones mentioned below:

  • One of the parents must consent to the act of baptism and want the child to be educated in the Catholic religion and in the Christian faith, where intrinsic values ​​are instilled in Catholic doctrine.
  • You must select the name that the boy or girl will take. In any case, this is a normal requirement that is done prior to the birth of the baby and which is recorded in the corresponding civil registry.
  • Must choose the godparents of the baptism and have confirmation that they agree and meet the requirements. People who are trusted by the parents and who fully agree with being a godfather or godmother of baptism should be selected.
  • Parents should go to the church chosen for the baptism, to find out what the day of the celebration is and what are the steps to follow.
  • Parent ID required.
  • Make the presentation of the parents’ family book.
  • Deliver the Godparent baptism certificate elected, since it is an indispensable requirement that they have been baptized and profess the Catholic faith.
  • Likewise, the sponsorship confirmation certificates, and marriage certificates in case of being married.
  • Parents and godparents must do the Preparation course catechesis, if required by the church where the baby will be baptized.
  • Deliver the child’s birth certificate.
  • The baptism ceremony must be requested by the parents. Only in exceptional cases are grandparents, relatives, friends or others who make the request.

Steps to Be a Baptism Sponsor

According to the Requirements to be a Baptism Godfather, It should be taken into account that you can only have one godfather and one godmother. Neither can the father or mother of the child to be baptized be a godfather or godmother.

It is essential that they meet all the requirements imposed by the Catholic Church for this baptismal ceremony.

  • Godparents must be over 16 years of age.
  • Sponsors must be people with the capacity to carry out the responsibilities and functions entrusted to them.
  • Both the godfather and godmother must be willing to carry out that mission.
  • The godparents must help in the Christian teaching of the child.
  • It is important that the godparents do not have any canonical penalty applied, such as excommunication or expulsion.

The Steps to Follow to Become a Baptism Godfather or Godmother are as follows:

  • Go to the church where the baptism ceremony will be held to agree on the date and other requirements.
  • Equally, attend the baptismal preparation course taught by the church.
  • Likewise, they must attend a prior rehearsal for the celebration of baptism.
  • On the day of the ceremony, the godmother is the one who must hold the boy or girl in her arms, while the godfather holds the baptismal candle in his hands.
  • After the ceremony, the church issues a baptismal certificate with the baptized data, their godparents and parents, among other relevant data. This is a very important document for other procedures related to other sacraments.

What Can Stop Someone from Being a Baptism Sponsor?

Following with the Requirements to be a Baptism Godfather, you should consider the following:

  • They cannot be godfather or godmother at baptism, those under 16 years of age.
  • Nor is it possible for a child to be baptized have two godparents.
  • Not be a practitioner of the Catholic religion.
  • Not having received the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and communion.

Of course, the chosen sponsors must accept with good taste and with the greatest possible disposition, since it is about assuming a commitment and responsibility for life.

Importance of Baptism Catholic

Following with the Requirements to be a Baptism Godfather, The Catholic Church with the baptismal ceremony and the requirement of having a godfather and godmother what it intends is that both are collaborators with the parents in developing the child’s Catholic faith.

That is why the church requires that the godparents of baptism be Catholic believers and practitioners of the Christian faith. The godparents play a preponderant role in the Catholic community since they have that responsibility to preserve the grace of baptism and help others to do exactly the same.

That is the true ecclesial function must be fulfilled by the godparents, which is to direct the Christian life and guarantee the faith of the baptized. It is therefore that godparents must be committed to the Christian faith to give an authentic witness of Catholicism to the godchildren.

Excluding people who are a terrible example of Christian life for the newly baptized. Parents and godparents must contribute their best to the Christian formation of children, providing them with a Christian family and environment.

All the requirements to be godparents mentioned above are established in the Code of Canon Law. For any questions in this regard, you can do it by here.

Baptism costs

Reviewing the Requirements to be a Baptism Godfather, It can be indicated that as everything in life must be done in an organized way, a Baptism is no exception. It is a ceremony that although some do not have a great celebration, it will always be advisable to take into account the budget and the possible expenses to be incurred.

Baptism as a religious ceremony always implies celebrating, and in this case the entry of a new faithful to the Catholic community is celebrated and the ceremony is used to welcome the child to the family group.

It is suggested create a budget

according to what you have planned to do. If you want a great celebration, you must take into account the place where the party will take place, the costumes of the parents and the child.

You should also consider the time and therefore what kind of food can be offered to godparents, family, friends and guests in general. On the other hand, if the celebration is hardly familiar at home, surely the organization will be easier, but you should not miss any detail.

Make a list of what you need for the entertainment you want to do, and then you will incorporate things according to the requirements that can be added as you advance in the organization.

A baptism can cost you an approximate of 2,800 euros, not counting the donation and the expenses of the church. Here are the most common expenses:

  • Boy or girl costume, for this point there are multiple options. Depending on this the budget varies.
  • Photographs and videoFor a christening session, with traditional reminders the cost is approximately 250 euros.
  • Take into account the christening menu. A menu in a restaurant has an approximate cost of 45 euros. The number of guests influences everything that is budgeted, you can multiply 45 euros by a number of 25 guests.
  • Likewise, in the baptism meetings there are always children, therefore they must be budgeted bags of candies and trinkets. Approximately each bag worth 1 euro.
  • The invitations they should be included in the budget whether they are produced or made at home.
  • The Christening gifts or souvenirs, are these typical details that are given to the guests. The price to pay for these details is approximately 1.94 euros for each one.
  • The expense of the decoration and event organization services.
  • Additional expenses, among which are expenses for family clothing or last minute contingencies.

What is Being a Baptism Godfather?

Being Godfather or Godmother of Baptism is to occupy an important place in the life of a child, after the baptism ceremony. The godfather and godmother are the ones who assume a life commitment and great responsibility, not only with the boy or girl, but also with the parents who chose them.

Accepting this commitment is being clear about what it means and that from now on it should serve as a guide and example in the life of the godson. You must be aware of the mission you must carry out.

The godparents they must commit to teaching the godchildren the Christian life, be a counselor. The baptismal sacrament It is something very important and transcendent in family life, which is why it must be taken very seriously.

If you have already learned about all the necessary conditions to be a sponsor in the Requirements to be a Baptism Godfather, now you have to think about it carefully and accept or deny the invitation that you have been given to take part in the Catholic life of a child.


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