Requirements to be a Civil Guard: Documents, Functions and MORE

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You must take into consideration the Requirements to be a Civil Guard if you want to apply for this job position. Along with these, it is also important to know the documents you will need and other things that will allow you to know more about the Civil Guard, such as the salaries they receive, who cannot enter and what are the functions that you would carry out.

The Civil Guard It is a military institution, whose duties are those of a policeman, that is, to safeguard public order and guarantee citizen security, as well as the enjoyment of the rights of Spaniards in their day-to-day life. This institution depends on the Ministry of Defense and the Interior, and together with the police, it carries out essential tasks in the country.

If you want to know how to be part of the Civil Guard and what this entails, don’t go! In this article we will be explaining everything to you.

What are the requirements to be a Civil Guard?

Let’s start with the Requirements to be a Civil Guard, which are vital to take into account so that you can be an eligible candidate. Below we detail all of these:

  • Possess the Spanish nationality. It is not necessary to be Spanish by origin, but having nationality is enough.
  • Be of age (> 18 years) at the time of the call and claim less than 45 years of age.
  • Evidence of exemplary citizen behavior, as established in Law 68/1980, on reports and certificates of citizen behavior.
  • Free exercise of the rights and obligations enshrined in the Constitution and other applicable legal regulations. In this sense, there can be no criminal record.
  • In addition, you can not be deprived of the exercise of Public Administration, whatever the reason. You must be within your right to exercise a State job, and therefore have no disciplinary record.
  • Pass physical and psychological tests of the Civil Guard corps, which will be carried out during the selection process.
  • Have compulsorily completed the secondary education or the equivalent of this.
  • Driver’s License. Due to the work of a guard, he must class B.
  • Responsibility for carrying and using weapons.
  • Have the Minimun height, which in women is 1.55 m and in men it is 1.60 m.
  • Be free from perforations, mutilations, or any other accessory of this type, in visible places even with the uniform on. Likewise, tattoos with messages contrary to the Constitution and the image of the Civil Guard are prohibited; They cannot have discriminatory, obscene and exclusive messages.
  • Last but not least, it is vital to know everything about the work of a Civil Guard, so that you know in advance what to expect.

Documents Needed to Be a Civil Guard

Just as there are requirements, there are a number of documents that you will need to have on hand at the time of the calls. They are very basic and surely you already have them on hand.

Let’s see,

  • National Identity Document (DNI).
  • Driving license, type B.
  • Secondary education degree It can also be the equivalent, although if you studied abroad it must be apostilled.
  • Any other title you have. If you got it abroad, it must be apostilled.
  • Criminal record.

If you are in compliance with the Requirements to be a Civil Guard and you have these documents at hand, you just have to wait for oppositions. These are carried out by the Ministry of the Interior and you must be prepared (or prepared) to present a series of physical, psychotechnical and knowledge tests.

The latter includes a foreign language section, which can be English or French. In addition, a medical examination to check that everything is in order.

To prepare for these tests you must study in an academy focused on this area. Some of these Academies are:

  • Military General of the Army, for officers.
  • Officers of the Civil Guard, for officers.
  • Guards and NCOs of Baeza, for corporals and guards.

If you manage to pass all the tests, you will be officially part of the Civil Guard. You can also start to gain experience and rank up. Remember these are:

  • Officers
  • Non-commissioned officers
  • Corporals and guards.

Functions of the Civil Guard

The Civil Guard is a very important institution, whose functions they allow to maintain a state of calm and peace in the country. This is why it is very important that before making any progress you know what the functions of a Civil Guard are.

These are:

  • Ensure that citizens fully enjoy their rights as civilians.
  • Guarantee everything related to citizen security.
  • Work side by side with other civil protection institutions in accordance with the provisions of Spanish legal regulations, in cases of catastrophes or high-risk situations.
  • Prevent and respond for criminal acts.
  • Ensure compliance with the laws. Those who violate them must be brought to justice.
  • Protection of the citizen in risk situations.
  • Prevent and detect smuggling and trafficking, whether of illicit substances or any other illegal merchandise.
  • Ensure the territorial integrity, as well as the independence of Spain.
  • Guarantee the security of the coasts.
  • Fight VAT fraud and irregular migration.
  • Rescue people.
  • Conservation of nature.

As you can see, the Civil Guards have an immeasurable contribution to society on a day-to-day basis, even when you are not aware of it.

Salaries in the Civil Guard

The usual thing when you are going to dedicate yourself to something, is to ask yourself if it is economically viable. The salariesThus, they are the first indication of whether you can live comfortably if you dedicate yourself to being a Civil Guard.

You must keep in mind from the moment one that, like another armed institution, wages depend on hierarchy. As we said on one occasion, as a Civil Guard you can become an Officer, Non-commissioned Officer, corporal or guard. Depending on the rank in which you are, you will receive greater or lesser economic benefits.

By 2020, corporals and guards They charge around 750 euros per month, which is equivalent to more than 9,000 euros per year; this without counting the two annual bonuses of more than 660 euros each. Sergeants and Captains would earn more than 12,000 and 14,000 euros annually respectively.

Wages are determined based on a base salary to which seniority, the destination complement (level within a position) and the specific complement (according to the functions of the position and due to particular conditions that were seen in the exercise of the duties) will be added. labors), which can range from 500 euros to more than 1,000.

Additionally, performance, bonuses, decorations, etc., will be taken into account, when applicable. That is, when you have generated the right to enjoy them.

In conclusion, we can say that the average (gross) salary of a Civil Guard is 27,000 euros per year, which is equivalent to 2,250 euros per month. And a month of vacation every year. click here to find out more about this salary structure.

You must bear in mind that this pyramidal structure allows you to move to higher ranks over time, gaining experience, leadership, being an exemplary guard and with clear ideas. Thus, there are probabilities of salary improvements in the future, depending on their performance during your stay at the institution.

Who cannot be a Civil Guard?

You may be interested to know if there are people who cannot become part of the Civil Guard and the answer is that there are. In general, they are all those that do not meet the Requirements to be a Civil Guard, among other specifications.

Let’s see,

  • Be a minor or over 40 years of age.
  • Not go inside of the demands of height, state of health and physical aptitudes.
  • Possess tattoos with images and / or phrases that violate the provisions of the Constitution, where no type of discrimination or social exclusion is accepted.
  • Have a disciplinary record that prevents you from doing work of this type.
  • Have a criminal record.
  • Present any addiction or condition that may prevent the development of functions as a Civil Guard.
  • Be a foreigner, for which you cannot be a Corporal Guard.
  • Not having completed high school and, therefore, not having the respective degree.

Many of these limitations are unalterable conditions that they will not allow you to apply for the competitive examinations to be a Civil Guard. You must take them into account when wanting to join this service or any other of this type, where the requirements are the same, as is the case of the Armed Forces.

What is it?

A Civil Guard It is the person who is in charge of guaranteeing the safety of citizens, as well as the enjoyment of their rights and freedoms, as established in the Spanish Constitution.

Likewise, it safeguards the integrity of the State, its independence, and prevents unconstitutional criminal acts, such as smuggling, drug trafficking, and other punishable crimes.

The Requirements to be a Civil Guard they are very basic and most people have them without knowing it. If you are interested in working in the public sector, mainly because it is a source of great job stability, you should probably consider this position.

Remember, it is a very well paid job, which will allow you to advance as a professional, and where at the same time you will be carrying out protection, rescue and preservation of human life.

See ya!

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