Requirements to be a Concierge: Competencies, Activities and MORE

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You must take into account the Requirements to be a ConciergeThese are the ones that will allow you to work in this area in the first place. Together with these, in this article we will also explain the skills to be a janitor, work activities, the average salaries they earn in Spain and much more.

A ConciergeIn general terms, it is the person who is in charge of ensuring the cleanliness, order, security and functionality of the building, public or private, in which he works. Also, it is very useful in hotels, clubs, offices, etc. If you are interested in knowing everything about how to become a janitor, don’t go! We will tell you.

What are the requirements to be a janitor?

Let’s start with the Requirements to be a Concierge, as it is one of the most important things you should know if you are looking to develop professionally in this space. Don’t worry, most of you probably already have them, and those that are not just a matter of getting them. Let’s see,

  • Communication and social skills. In your job as a janitor you will be talking to people most of the day, to help them with their doubts, conflicts or to attend to some requests. Also, some of them may simply want to talk, so if it’s something you like, great!
  • Having the skills and aptitudes necessary to be able to adapt to any situation or person can be very helpful. This way, you will have no problem adapting to work.
  • You should be a responsible, constant and autonomous worker. Usually you will be working without any supervision, or at least without direct supervision, because there may be cameras in the place. In this way, you must be a person capable of carrying out their functions without the need for an order, on established days and with minimal and unavoidable absences.
  • Be willing to resolve doubts, conflicts and attend to requests whenever someone may have one.
  • Always useful have skills in various areas. A janitor who knows how to respond to unforeseen events and solve them, through knowledge in some tasks, is worth gold. Thus, you can make arrangements on the spot, if required.
  • Earn the trust of your superior, so that they brand you as honest and responsible when hiring you.
  • You must have a optimal health, taking into account physical fitness. You will be on your feet most of your week or in constant movement, so if you have health problems that prevent you from performing your tasks comfortably, it is better to choose something else.
  • If you want to work for the State, that is, be registered in the Public Administration, you must participate in the competitive examinations for ordinance and subordinate. There they will perform a series of tests that you must pass in order to work.
  • Also, if you want to work in the public area, you will need Certificate of Schooling or ESO degree.
  • Finally, know about cleaning spaces: techniques, equipment, products, etc.

You can always perform courses to be better prepared and present a better CV. These can be done online or in person, you just have to look for them on the internet and see what appears.

Skills to be a Janitor

There are a number of competencies that you must fulfill to be a Concierge, understanding as competencies the set of characteristics and capabilities that you must have up to date in order to carry out your work. Next we will tell you, so you can see if you comply with them:

  • To be organized.
  • Have an optimal state of health, especially physically.
  • Ability to organize yourself.
  • Agility to work independently.
  • Be responsible and disciplined.
  • Be charismatic.
  • Being able to bend down, lift objects or be able to perform other actions of this type.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Ability in teamwork.
  • Honest.
  • Ability to solve problems, observe and communicate.
  • Knowledge in the area of ​​cleaning: products, techniques, equipment.
  • Ability to carry out not very hygienic and repetitive activities, such as cleaning the bathrooms.
  • Conduct security rounds.
  • Carry out repairs on the premises.
  • He makes sure that complex repairs are made, as well as seeing that the facilities are working properly.
  • Security and maintenance of the building, hotel or offices.
  • Ensure an orderly, clean and attractive space for the senses.
  • He uses the machinery that is entrusted to him.

All these are the areas of competence of a janitor, which you must keep in mind, along with work activities.

Labor Activities

The Work Activities of a Janitor they are diverse and cover a lot of ground. Without a doubt, it is a very complete work although very little known by people in general.

These professionals They are in charge of taking care of and maintaining buildings, hotels, offices, schools, colleges, universities and a great etcetera in order. Of course, they also take care of everything we mentioned in the previous section, but in general terms it is all about taking care of and maintaining the space where you work in optimal conditions.

The custodians should check, for example, the status of the elevators, to check that everything works well. If not, if the elevator has a fault, then they will call the specialists to repair it. The same with heaters, alarms, and so on.

They are in charge of cleaning the entrance, the corridors, sometimes the bathrooms. They may also have to change light bulbs, make minor repairs, pick up trash, mow if there are green areas, and so on.

The tenants or users of the places could have a conflict, doubt or problem that the concierge should see if he can sort out or if you should offer the contact of someone who is qualified to carry out the instructions.

Sometimes custodians may live on the premises, to ensure your safety, or at least they live nearby. This leads to having to check the security alarms, close and open the doors of the building, hotel, school … every day.

Finally, custodians must manage the inventory of cleaning products and other vital equipment and products. If it is a facility with cleaning staff and other custodians, you may also have to supervise their work. Some move equipment between classrooms, air conditioning offices for meetings, among other things.

It important It is to understand that the specific functions of a concierge depend in the first instance on the type of establishment in which they are going to work, its size and their functions. You may have to cover a larger number of areas in small spaces, practical jobs, while in large spaces you may have to carry more administrative burden.

All this, without a doubt, complying with the Requirements to be a Concierge.

How Much Can You Earn Being a Concierge in Spain?

The wages it is a very relevant topic when considering working as a janitor. This without a doubt is the section that is most sought after, since salaries are what will determine your standard of living if you dedicate yourself to this job.

Before saying anything about it, it is important to highlight two things. In the first place, if you work for the State, it can be said that you will get a stable and well-paid job. Second, the amounts that we will address today do not take into account premiums, bonuses and other economic compensation in addition to pay. We are talking about average gross wages.

By 2020, these sAverage gross wages ranged from € 620 to € 1250, with a full-time shift. However, to these are added other payments that depend on the characteristics of the place where you will carry out your work. If there are green areas, depending on their size (m2), they could pay you from € 48 to € 144. If there is a pool that you must take care of, it is another € 92.

Delivering the mail also has its extra, which are on average € 20. If you need transportation to get there, some provide the corresponding voucher, which on average is € 55.

If you work in a place where you must do all of these things, you monthly salary would be between € 840 and € 1470. Some owners or managers also offer other performance benefits, but that is characteristic of each property.

Finally, you must bear in mind that retirement is at age 70 and that you will have a vacation of 15 to 30 days. Without a doubt, taking into account the salary could be one of the Requirements to be a Concierge.

What is it?

A Concierge It is in charge of maintaining establishments of all kinds on foot: schools, colleges, buildings, offices, and so on. It is a very important job with public and private professional opportunities, with cleaning, administration, inspection tasks and a host of others that you have already seen.

At private area You can work in an urbanization, sports center, building, office space, schools, and so on. Always under certain parameters that the contract will specify and that you should analyze very well before taking it.

At public area It can carry out its functions in any State institution: museums, councils, town halls, civic centers, and so on. In this case, a series of tests must be presented in the calls oppositions that each Autonomous Community indicates in due time.

Now that you know what the Requirements to be a Concierge, your work activities, skills and salaries, what are you waiting for?

See ya!

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