Requirements to be a Deputy: Studies, Calls and MORE

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There are a number of Requirements to be a Deputy that you should keep in mind if you want to work in the Senate. Overall, it is important to know what the minimum academic studies you need are, what the calls for the entrance exams are about, what are the functions of a deputy and some other things.

A Deputy he is a representative of those who elect him by majority vote, being a fundamental part of the Congress of Deputies, which together with the Senate form the Cortes Generales, a body in charge of exercising the functions of the legislative power. In today’s article we will be explaining everything you need to know to be a Deputy, don’t go!

What are the Requirements to be a Deputy in Spain?

Let’s start with the Requirements to be a Deputy in Spain, so that later we can move on to other points taking into account these vitally important requirements.

Let’s see what they are,

  • Be of legal age (> 18 years).
  • Possess Spanish nationality, either by origin, option, etc.
  • Possess the titles corresponding to academic requirements, or at least be in time to obtain them in order to deliver them before completing the delivery of the application for the calls.
  • Not be in possession of a disciplinary record that prevents you from developing any work in the area of ​​Public Administration or any other legal impediment that prohibits you from exercising your professional capacity in the performance of public functions.
  • Be in a optimal health, with full disposition of the capacities to carry out the work of a deputy. That is, not to suffer from diseases or disabilities that prevent the correct development of the tasks in the exercise.
  • Take into account the requirements that are established in each call. These are specific to each one, so you should research them very well before applying.
  • People with disabilities who can perform their functions in the Senate will not be discriminated against in any way.
  • Have certain experience and skills that make you stand out from the rest.
  • Lead a political life. Remember that you will be elected by popular vote, so politics is inherent.
  • You must know about all kinds of subjects: economy, finance, history and a great etcetera. Of course, knowing about legislation is the basis of a deputy.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • Do not have a Criminal Record.
  • Know the functions of a deputy, about the Congress, know the Constitution to the letter.
  • Belong to a politic party. It is not an express requirement, but this is how it comes most of the time: with the support of a party capable of mobilizing masses.
  • Enjoy full political rights.

Once you have all these in mind Requirements to be a Deputy, we can move on to the minimum academic studies that you will need to have on hand.

Requirements to be a Deputy in Spain: Academic Studies

You are probably wondering, like everyone else interested in the subject, if there is academic requirements inviolable to gain access to a place in the Congress of Deputies.

The truth is that there are no expressly required minimum studies to be a deputy in Spain. The Constitution does not establish anything in this regard, so it is left to those who nominate the candidate and those who vote for him, to decide if you are academically prepared to carry out the work of a legislator.

In Spain and in many other countries there is the idea that many politicians do not have a very high educational level, or at least not as high as expected. It is an opinion that has gained a lot of strength in recent years and that has a great impact on society without a doubt. did a study on 350 congressional deputies, to see how correct this opinion was. The answer would be surprising for those in favor of which these professionals present very low studies to the necessary ones.

90% of the interviewees turned out to have higher education: bachelor’s, diploma, master’s, doctorate, engineering. Almost 68% had at least one (1) bachelor’s degree, and up to 8% had a diploma and doctorate.

The most studied careers turned out to be, without any surprise, those of Law and Economic and Business Studies. Political science, medicine and history follow. Only up to 5% and 3%, respectively, reported having only high school studies or did not provide clear information in this regard.

In the past there was a greater predominance of certain careers, such as industrial engineering and philosophy and letters. In addition, a large percentage did not have clear studies. Without a doubt, as we can see, this situation is no longer the case.

In conclusion, if you want to be a deputy, there are no academic requirements other than having the ESO title. Nevertheless, the political market is very competitive And being prepared is always a plus that you must take into account.

Finally, remember that academic preparation is important, but some might argue that experience is more important. It is always advisable to have a Balance between the two, without more.

Calls for Access Tests

Now let’s talk about Calls and the respective entrance exams, certainly both parts of the process of finally becoming a Deputy and developing your skills.

To begin with, let’s summarize the procedure for becoming a deputy as follows:

  • Preparation. The first step is undoubtedly to acquire the necessary training to be launched as a candidate for Congress. By training, again, we mean both professional practice and academic merits.
  • Calls. These are carried out when Congress has to renew places, which is every four years, and they specify specific requirements that you must meet to launch.
  • Get the Signatures. The political party must present a series of signatures in the form of an endorsement, except for parties with representation in the chamber.
  • Present the list. Each party that is going to participate must present a list of candidates, so that some of those lists can be chosen. At this point, a campaign must have been launched to publicize the names of those who are going to run for the Senate.
  • Voting. The last step is to wait for the voters to make their choice. At least 3% of the total votes will be needed to have representation, that is, for a party candidate to enter Congress as a deputy.

The distribution of seats is based on the D’Hont Law, proportionally, once the required minimum 3% of the total votes has been reached.

Finally, it is important to note that the term of a deputy is 4 years, like the Congress, and that can be disqualified under the parameters established in the different legal norms in force in Spain.

Functions to be performed by being a Deputy

Almost to finish, let’s talk about functions of a Deputy as a participant in the Congress of Deputies, which makes up the Cortes Generales, a name given to the Spanish Parliament.

These are:

  • To debate and approve laws that are considered necessary, with the participation of the rest of the deputies.
  • Appoint investigation commissions for matters of public interest.
  • Approve bills and bills.
  • Establish the budget of the Chamber.
  • Intervene in plenary sessions.
  • Intervene in the Commissions and other bodies.
  • Ask questions to the Executive, so that it declares in plenary session or in Commission.
  • Serve the interests of the Spanish people as a whole, valuing the cost-benefit ratio.
  • Propose amendments to an article.
  • Alert to any irregular situation during the exercise as legislator.

Always is recommendable read the Spanish Constitution, title III: Of the General Courts, from article 66 to 80. There you will be able to see everything related to the Congress of Deputies, as well as the Senate, if you are interested.

Members and spouses of the royal family, as well as magistrates, judges, prosecutors, professional military personnel, members of the State security forces and bodies, among others, they cannot be elected as deputies. As long as they are in active exercise, of course. Read the Requirements to Be a Deputy again if you wish.

What is it?

A Disputed It is a legislator who is in charge of debating, voting and making amendments and proposals regarding the legal norms of the country. This is a professional backed by a political party, group or coalition. This is chosen by universal, secret and direct voting, for a period of 4 consecutive years.

These earn a monthly salary between € 3,600 and € 4,600, depending on whether they are from Madrid or any other part of the country. Specific amounts are attached to this gross amount, which can be more than € 1,000, depending on additional functions.

Are 350 the deputies that are elected when Congress is renewed, which occurs every 4 years. Unlike the Senate, candidates are chosen from lists proposed by specific political parties, groupings, or coalitions. In other words, representatives of the same party cannot be elected.

Finally, it is important to know that the deputies enjoy immunity, inviolability and protection. They cannot be arrested if it is not in the middle of the crime, they cannot be judged by opinions issued in Congress and, if exposed for a crime, they will be judged by the Supreme Court of Justice.

Now that you know what the Requirements to be a Deputy, What are you waiting for?

See ya!

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