Requirements to Be a Firefighter: Documents, Evidence and MORE

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There are a number of Requirements to be a Firefighter that you should keep in mind before opting for this job. Together with these, in today’s article we will find the documents you will need, the oral and practical tests that you would have to carry out, what is the salary of a firefighter and much, MUCH MORE!

Be Firefighter It is undoubtedly a very important job, as well as any job related to the protection of people’s lives. It is a person who is in charge of fires and the rescue of people trapped in the fire, as well as other disasters and accidents that could threaten human life.

If you are interested in knowing everything about it, you cannot leave. Today we will tell you, step by step, how to be a firefighter.

What are the requirements to be a firefighter?

The Requirements to be a Firefighter Without a doubt, they are the most important part of the whole process to become one, because we are talking not only about requirements that you can acquire, but also about aptitude and vocation for work. Without a doubt, each of these constitutes a very important step in making the decision to be a firefighter.

Let’s see what they are:

  • First of all, you must be of age (> 18 years). In the case of wanting to be a firefighter driver, this requirement increases to 21 years of age. Also, you must be younger than retirement age.
  • Second, you must be from Spanish nationality or of nationality of some of the member countries of the European Union.
  • As such, there is no minimum height, but if necessary, they could ask for a minimum of 1.65 m.
  • Your file cannot reflect fines, infractions or decrees that prevent you from carrying out work in a public position, such as that of a firefighter.
  • Regarding the permissions, you will need the driving license BTP and B. In the case where you want to be a conductive firefighter, you will also need type C.
  • Medical certificate where your physical health status is stated. It is not always a requirement, but it could be if an endorsement is considered necessary for the physical tests that you will take during your preparation.
  • As for the educational requirements, will depend on the group to which we are going to introduce ourselves, which are generally A, B and C.
    • Group A: possess the University degree, for both A1 and A2.
    • B Group: have the title in Advanced technician.
    • Finally, the Group C: be bachelor or have the title of technical in the case of C1, and a school graduate, FP grade 1 or ESO, in the case of C2.
  • Have the physical and psychological capacities necessary to carry out the tasks that this job entails.
  • Optimal health status. You cannot have any of the conditions on the list of medical exclusions, such as high blood pressure. You can find the list by clicking here. It is vital that you review this list, as they are limitations that will prevent you from developing your functions as a firefighter.
  • Being a person of actionDo not be afraid to get your hands dirty or risk your life in order to carry out a goal, which is usually to save the life of one or more people.
  • Present the necessary documentation, which we will talk about in the next section.
  • Be a disciplined, responsible person and eager to learn about your trade.
  • Pass the physical and theoretical tests.
  • Finally, research as much as possible about this profession, especially about your work.

If you have all of this online, you should have no problem being a firefighter. Remember that it is very important not to skip any requirements and you will be fine.

Requirements to be a Firefighter: Necessary Documentation

The necessary documentation to be a firefighter is very specific. You can not forget any document, except for those that do not ask you, of course, as they are exceptions to the rule.

Having them present, even if you want to confirm it on an official site in person, is a necessary action. Don’t worry though, they aren’t a big deal.

These are:

  • Medical certificate where your physical health status is stated. It is not always a requirement, but it could be if an endorsement is considered necessary for the physical tests that you will take during your preparation.
  • Driving license BTP and B. In the case where you want to be a conductive firefighter, you will also need type C.
  • Qualification University, Superior Technician, Bachelor or School Graduate, as specified by the requirements previously seen.
  • National identification document (DNI).
  • Application for Admission to Selective Tests, when they make the corresponding calls to be a firefighter. The general recommendation is to do more than one selectivity test, and for this you must already come prepared for the theoretical and physical tests.

All these documents, with the exception of the application, must come duplicates. That is, you must make a copy of each of them before submitting them. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that the exam has a cost, which can be up to 3 euros.

Theoretical Tests to Be a Firefighter

As we told you in the Requirements to be a Firefighter, you must pass a series of theoretical tests in order to become one. These are very important, because in conjunction with the practical tests it will be denoted as a person capable of carrying out the functions of a firefighter.

Usually it can be separated into three areas The questions that can be asked in this test: legislation, functions and other specifications related to the firefighter trade, and general topics. Let’s see briefly what each one is about.

  • Legislation: Knowledge of other legal texts related to public administration, with public employees, with the community in which you are going to work, as well as other decrees, statutes and regulations directly related to the firefighter trade is required. And of the Constitution.
  • Firefighter’s role: This area includes everything you need to know to develop specific functions of a firefighter, such as: hazardous materials, fire extinguishing, mechanics, and so on.
  • General topics: Here you can find anything from history to geography, usually from the municipality where you are going to work.

It is a test with a duration of 2 hrs 15 min, with more than 100 questions. It is important to know that if you fail, they could eliminate you, so it is necessary that you get a grade equal to or greater than 5. The ideal, of course, is that you get the full 10 points; do not forget that this work is delicate.

Besides, the general recommendation is to spend more time on this test than on physics.

Practical Tests to Be a Firefighter

On the other hand, you must also present a series of Physical tests to get your place in the fire department. These tests will require you to practice climbing the ladder, running more than 200m, and knowing the topics of electricity, masonry, driving, swimming, and so on.

Will compete to achieve the objectives in the shortest possible time and with the proper technique. In addition, you could have surprise tests that they will tell you the same day, to know how much area your knowledge covers.

They can also perform a psychotechnical test, personality test, and the mandatory medical test to see that you meet the necessary parameters, but the latter is done once you pass the previous ones.

To summarize all that we have said, the process to be a firefighter it is:

  • Investigate the requirements and functions of a firefighter, to see if they are consistent with your personality and capabilities.
  • Get ready for the theory test. In the Firefighters Academy you can find syllabi so you can study. Remember to spend more time on this test.
  • Prepare for the physical test, doing tests by yourself, taking the time
  • Is pending when the call comes out, so that you can present your application, pay the fee, and take the respective tests.

Salary of a Firefighter

Finally, you may be wondering how much is the salary of a firefighter. Do not worry, this is something that all people wonder whatever the job they are looking for, because this will more or less determine the lifestyle that you would lead working as such.

For 2020, the salary ranges from € 2,000 to € 3,500 per month, which would range between € 24,000 and € 42,000 annually. However, you should also take into account the ‘extra’ benefits perceived by firefighters:

  • If they gain experience over time, there is an increase in salary.
  • Fourteen (14) you pay annually.
  • More than a month of vacation, every year.
  • Promotion odds.
  • Three days off when you have a full 24-hour shift.

Remember, furthermore, that there are not only firefighters serving the local service, but there are also fire departments for the army, airports and county councils.

What is it?

A Firefighter He is a professional who takes care of accidents at all times. They are well known for helping with fires, but they also have their part in accidents, accidents, so they can do the job of rescuers. They take emergency calls and their primary objective is to protect lives.

On Spain There are more than 130 fire departments, more than 550 parks and almost 20,000 active firefighters throughout the country.What are you waiting to join? We hope we have helped you to know the Requirements to be a Firefighter and the whole process to become one

See ya!

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