Requirements to be a hostess: Functions, Studies and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements to be a hostess. Being a stewardess or flight attendant is currently a highly demanded profession. It represents an excellent job opportunity with good economic benefits and job stability.

Importantly, there is great competition for an available position. It is because they provide excellent benefits in the airlines, both in salaries and social benefits.

The people who play the role of flight attendant lead a unique and different life from so many countries and cultures they have known. That is why, if you want to aspire to this office, you must collect the Requirements to be a hostess.

What are the requirements to be a hostess?

If you are interested in this topic, discover what are the Requirements to be a stewardess, which are the following:

Requirements to be a hostess: Age

One of the essential requirements to apply for the position of stewardess is to have 18 years old except for certain airlines that establish at least 21 years old. At present, it has become more flexible, moving to the 35 years.

Requirements to be a hostess: Height

Another requirement demanded by the airlines for the position of stewardess or flight attendant, is the minimum height allowed and, we clarify that it is not for a simple taste, but for safety. The flight attendants must reach the emergency elements, which are located in high compartments in an efficient way and in the shortest possible time.

This is why ladies who want to be stewardesses or flight attendants should bear in mind that the minimum height for ladies is 1.65 m and for the gentlemen of 1.70 m.

Previously, this trade was exclusively for women and today there is still a high percentage of women occupying the position, now it is also carried out by men.

Requirements to be a hostess: Good health

You must have a good health and therefore pass with excellent results the medical exams that are carried out before hiring and that are mandatory both physical and mental. That is why you must have your class 2 medical document that has a cost of 100 euros approximately, it depends on the authorized place you attend.

Likewise, optical, urine and blood examinations are carried out and it is established not to exceed a percentage of 5 in the use of diopter glasses. It must also have an excellent presence and mobility among others. You should avoid being noticed if you have piercings or tattoos when you are in your uniform.

Requirements to be a hostess: Swimming

People who wish to acquire this trade must know how to swim. To pass the exam, the applicant must take a practical test that consists of swimming 100 meters in a pool in 2 minutes 30 seconds.

It is very important to note that the person will receive practical pool assistance. Where they will analyze their skill with swimming instructors, to see if they meet the goal achieved.

Requirements to be a hostess: Idiom

It is essential that the applicant must have a good command of the Spanish and English. If you master the languages ​​very well, it will be a plus for the person to be accepted.

Academic training

The applicant must have a degree in the ESO or BUP or FP. But above all it must be a bachelor or similar studies that will be valued when appearing in the airlines.

Depending on the airline, they can also request that the applicant have a university degree in the following careers: in communication, sociology, psychology, and public relations.

Flight attendant

It is recommended that the applicant must take a course in a permitted academy that works in the aeronautical sector in each country. That is why you must learn first aid techniques, know how to react if an emergency happens against a fire.

Legal aspects

People who aspire to become a stewardess or flight attendant must have their passport up to date, which allows their entry to any country that they have to attend.


Its main objective is to provide passengers with an efficient service with the highest quality at all times, making them feel safe and comfortable during the duration of the flight. This is why it is very important that you are prepared for any emergency situation that arises, knowing first aid, etc.

The functions are varied and will depend on the duration of the flight and the number of crew members, and are as follows:

Before the flight

  • The hostesses or flight attendant have to accompany everyone in a meeting, where they will be informed in detail about everything relevant to the trip, number of minors who are going to travel, if passengers with limited conditions will travel.
  • They should verify the security equipments, that everything is in order inside the aircraft, count the meals, drinks and information brochures.
  • Receive passengers and inform them of the location of assigned seats.
  • Help the passenger in the security process in relation to the hand luggage storage.
  • Inform which are the emergency exits close to the location of the passengers, such as fasten the seat belts of security, located in the seats, use of the oxygen masks in case of an eventual emergency.

During flight

  • The stewardesses or flight attendants must verify that before taking off, each passenger has their seat belts on.
  • Inform passengers of the identity of the pilot responsible for the flight, clarify doubts that any passenger has.
  • Keep passengers calm and at all times check that the security processes, in case of any emergency.
  • Give first aid if necessary.

At the end of the flight

Ensure that all passengers disembark from correct way the aircraft, be aware that no passenger forgets their hand luggage, also check that there are no suspicious objects inside the plane.

It should be concluded with the paperwork, deliver a flight report with everything related to the flight.

Minimum Studies to Be a Stewardess

Must at least be a bachelor, obtain a certificate ESO similar (BUP or FP), speak at least 2 languages, Spanish and English, and if you master Chinese and Japanese it is a plus to be hired, be certified with the Official Flight Attendant Title (TCP), once the course is completed.

Benefits of Being a Stewardess

People who want to become hostesses have the opportunity to get to know the world and, above all, to tour their entire nation.

He has a fairly comfortable schedule and with the opportunity to climb position within the organization. A TCP hostess does not have a schedule like the vast majority, they give her their calendar the first days of the month. Since the flights are every day of the year, they have to work on holidays like Christmas and New Years.

You also have the chance to meet new people, because new colleagues rotate every day. In addition, several companies contain discounts according to agreements with other airlines, hotels, sports establishments, among others.

They can even have free tickets in which you only have to cancel the taxes that the airports have.


The different airlines have their own Human Resource recruitment policies and carry out job interviews to select the best candidate who meets the requirements to work in the position of flight attendant.

That is why our recommendation is that before going to the interview, you are aware if the working conditions and salary meet your expectations.

Salaries will always depend on each of the airlines, but according to the studies carried out, it is for 30,000 euros per year, established in about 1900 euros per month, with working hours of 30 hours at week. Of course, this will always be conditional on the country and the airlines in particular.

You must be aware of certain ways, how TCP calculates the salary. Each airline pays based on the hours you are in the air. This means that you provide a service during 12 hours and you only charge for 5 hours of flight.

The salary will always depend on the experience of the flight attendant, whether he is located to serve first class or economy class passengers.


Examples of the salaries awarded by airlines will be shown below and are as follows:

  • The crew of the Iberia airline, through their collective contract, has established a gross salary per year of 20,000 euros, more diets among other things.
  • At the British company EasyJet, flight attendants have an approximate salary 10,000 pounds (approximately 11,500 euros) annually.
  • In Aerolineas Argentinas a flight attendant receives a salary of $ 55,683 per month for and vary between $ 39,609 and $ 144,081.
  • One of the airlines with the best salary is Emirates. Established in Dubai, the monthly salary of its crew is 2,300 per month. In conclusion, the flight attendants that vary according to the benefits offered by each airline and your experience.

What is it?

The hostesses or flight attendant are the people who are in charge of providing services inside an airplane. Most of all, they are responsible for ensuring the protection and safety of passengers on each flight, in addition to serving them in the best possible way so that their journey is a unique and enjoyable experience.

If you liked the information and you are interested in aspiring to this job, it is very important that you comply with the Requirements to be a stewardess. You can also check in the following link where they take courses to become hostesses.

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