Requirements to be a Large Family: Here you will find the information you need

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Nowadays, thanks to the technological contributions and the financial stability that there are in certain countries it is allowed to have a large family. Contrary to certain countries, this idea is ruled out thanks to overpopulation.

However, there are certain countries that to carry out This mode of conception must process certain documents and permits. Which is of the utmost importance to become official as a large family.

Remember that Unlike other countries there are some where the population is low or there is only more of one gender than the other. For this reason, there are these kinds of methods to in one way or another level the social status.

That is why we want to provide you with all the necessary information on how to be a large family. We will also tell you how to process this document and the requirements that junco merits with some tips that will help to process it successfully.

What is considered a Large Family?

To start large families, those nuclei that are made up of more than two common children or not are called. In addition to being a nucleus with more than 5 people that are related in direct line to the second generation.

It is also called the parents that financially support three or more children, common or not. As long as they are under your financial guardianship, before the law.

Currently there are many parameters that define the characteristics of a large family so it is difficult to specify them one by one. We recommend our loyal readers to find out by entering the link below Large family

What are the requirements to apply for the Large Family title

Following this topic, we must mention that this procedure requires certain documentation. Which will validate and depend on the success of the processing process, it should be noted that these documents they will accredit their status as a large family.

Next we will mention the requirements for a family with both parents. Since it is pertinent to mention the fact that these requirements and documentation will vary depending on the type of family they are:

  • Large family application signed by both parents.
  • The DNI or NIE of both parents, as well as children over 14 years of age. Presented in original and copy.
  • Certificate or Certificate of birth of the children. Presented in photocopy.
  • Accrediting document or certificate of the registration that is in force and that has been granted by the City Council near your residence of the entire family nucleus. However, it must be issued for a maximum of 90 days.
  • Certificate verifying parental-child measures.

It should be noted and as we have already mentioned above these requirements are only when both parents or parents remain in the family. However, we urge our readers to enter the following web page Requirements for Large Families Spain for more requirements.

How to apply for the title of Large Family

The request for this certification it can be issued by different methods, such as the Internet or one-stop-shops. It is worth mentioning that these must be done or we advise that prior to the process an appointment is requested.

  1. In the first instance, we must enter the appointment portal of the national single window (This only for Renewal cases).
  2. Therefore we must present ourselves together with the requirements to the Registry Offices of the Community of Madrid. Where we will present our supporting documents.
  3. Next, we will proceed to the delivery of documents and we will be asked certain questions along with the signature of certain documents. We recommend reading all the aspects of these documents so as not to be surprised with something that we did not know.
  4. Once this has been delivered, we must wait for the certificate to be delivered by the registry offices.

It should be noted that this process It can be done at any office of the Registry of the General State Administration. As well as in the consulates or embassies if you are abroad.

What is the Individual Card and how to request it?

The individual card It is a document that proves your membership as part of a large family duly registered before the law. This is requested after we have been granted the title of large family.

Then they should only be processed to members who already have National Identity Document (DNI) or Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) in force. In turn, this card is strictly non-transferable, so it is unique to the holder.

It should be noted that the use of this card It must be presented together with the DNI or NIE. And if you want to request it, you simply have to present the application form signed by the applicant if of legal age and if not, it must be signed by the legal representative.

As well as the valid DNI or NIE of the applicant presented in a photocopy. The request for said card must be processed through the online portal that we will provide below

How to obtain the Electronic Certificate of Large Family

If you belong to a member of a large family You can also opt for an individual or collective Electronic Certificate. This will achieve greater transport and conservation convenience for the beneficiaries.

The way to process it It will require that your identification as a member of a large family be confirmed with the DNI or NIE. It should be noted that you must process your electronic certificates to do it directly on the page.

What are the benefits of being a Large Family

Concluding with this topic, you will surely wonder what purpose or why it is important to carry out this process. What do you earn or the benefits that it can offer you since it is an unusual procedure.

However, among the wide range of benefits that this certificate brings you, the most relevant are the legal and economic opportunities it offers. Just like el discount of 20 and 50% in transport by road, sea or RENFE and if it is by plane of a 5 and 10%.

As well as a discount of up to 50% in all enrollment regimes, which is of great benefit. In turn, this provides different discounts and considerations for citizens of the nucleus declared as Large Family.

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