Requirements to Be a Lawyer: Functions, Qualities and MORE

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Through this article you have the opportunity to read the Requirements to be a lawyer, which is a profession that requires compliance with some qualities to facilitate the performance of the assigned functions.

You will also find what it is to be a Lawyer, the functions of a Lawyer, the monthly salary, how is the process to be a Public Lawyer and much more information. Keep reading so that you can clear up any doubts regarding the Requirements to be a lawyer.

What are the Requirements to be a Lawyer in Spain?

Within the Requirements to be a lawyer in Spain, there are the following:

  • Have a law degree.
  • Make a postgraduate or master’s degree to enter the legal profession.
  • Pass the admission test called by the Ministry of Justice.

After passing the training phase, the Professional Title of Lawyer. Which can be requested registration in an Official Bar Association. This management makes it possible to practice as a lawyer in the Spanish territory, as well as in the countries that make up the European Union.

To acquire membership, the application must be submitted to a Bar Association, attaching certain documentation, among which are the following:

  1. Certification of first integration of the CGAE (General Council of Spanish Lawyers).
  2. Documentation that justifies the acquisition of the Professional Title of Lawyer.
  3. The criminal record certificate, issued by the Ministry of Justice.

Duties of a Lawyer

Currently a lawyer is a multifaceted professional, who within his professional field provides his service in different matters such as:

  • It defends the interests of any kind in legal proceedings, whether of the contentious-administrative, civil, social or criminal area.
  • Make agreements and draft any type of private or public contracts. Whether it is loans, buying and selling of goods, work, making works, among others.
  • Counseling and mediation in real estate transactions, leasing and buying and selling of land and flats, preparing contracts and the required legal documentation.
  • He also gives advice on legal matters, adapt and present any type of obligation and tax declaration such as (VAT, Corporation Tax, Income Tax).
  • Write wills, also declaration of heirs without will and hereditary partitions, likewise, judicial processes in hereditary matters.
  • Defend against fines and penalties from a public entity.
  • Consultancy diligence of rights in matters of industrial and intellectual property (patents, trademarks, etc.).
  • Claims for accidents to responsible citizens, relevant public entities and insurance companies.
  • Draft capitulations referring to the financial regime of the marriage (joint venture, separation of assets, among others).
  • Contributes to the constitution, proceedings and separation of any type of civil and commercial companies.
  • General advice on business law (tax, commercial, administrative and labor matters).
  • Claim of all kinds of responsibilities and debts.
  • Agreements and proceedings in matters of labor law (working conditions, salaries, etc.).
  • Intermediation in labor problems, family and business.
  • Support and collaboration in any type of meetings or assemblies (associations, community of owners and companies).
  • Participate as a mediator of law to solve problems of any kind between companies or people.
  • Fill out and claim all kinds of pensions and rights to Social Security such as: disability, unemployment, retirement, maternity, among others.

The functions of Lawyers cover many areas, to expand the information on this aspect you can enter this link, where there are other functions of interest.

How to be a Public Lawyer?

When a lawyer is in the exercise of his functions, he has the possibility of requesting his registration at the Bar Association during the duty shift. The Requirements to be a lawyer of Office are the following:

  1. Have a frequent place of residence, and an open office in the area of ​​the school where they request registration on the duty shift.
  2. Justify a period of more than 3 years actively practicing the profession of Lawyer.
  3. Have the credential of the School of Legal Practice course, or of some equitable courses approved by the Bar Association. Or have passed the exams or courses to enter the duty shift services. Which are stipulated by the Government Boards of the Bar Associations.

NOTE: The last requirement can be granted by the Governing Board of each school. In the event that the person requesting it justifies the merit. Likewise, the conditions that support their skills in terms of providing their services on the duty shift.

Qualities Needed to Be a Lawyer

To be a lawyer you need some qualities, which will help you to perform optimally in the fulfillment of your duties. These qualities are part of the Requirements to be a lawyer, which are mentioned below:

  • Ability to express oneself orally and use of language: This quality is essential. Both to function in front of the Courts and when assisting a client. It is essential to know in depth the issues to be discussed, as well as to express yourself in a concrete simple way. Many people can express themselves fluently through legal experience. However, the person who has that quality naturally, will take a step ahead of the others.
  • Routine and Skill in Reading Comprehension: Lawyers have to read frequently. It is indispensable understand quickly and effectively what is read. The person who does not have these 2 habits will often find it difficult to carry out the demands that this profession handles.
  • Socialization: It is an essential element to market work as a Lawyer. They can be a useful and trustworthy lawyer, however, they must trade their work and sell it at the same time. Every self-confident, expressive and sociable person, tends to be more successful professionally than people who are not.
  • Order and Balance: Lawyers have to be aware of due dates, deadlines, unavoidable dates, etc. For this, they must be organized very well and be ordered and planned. The basis is knowing how to plan, and thus be able to carry out various activities in the shortest possible time.

Other Qualities for Being a Lawyer

  1. Adaptability and Naturalness: Within the Law it is very important to look for options to solve conflicts. On the other hand, it is essential not to conform to the structures already studied. In most trials you should improvise, because the accused, witnesses, complainants and experts may change their statement.
  2. Use Psychology: Sometimes Lawyers they function more like psychologists than as such. They must have the power to listen to their customers, to somehow achieve solutions and adapt to customer demands. Some issues have the need for the lawyer to be involved in the conflict to empathize. This will make the client feel grateful, understood and will provide the security that a professional requires.
  3. Have Mediator and Skillful Temperament: This is especially true when attorneys are faced with difficult clients. Also when they need a cordial treatment depending on whether the matter deserves it.
  4. Act Independently: Sometimes attorneys are faced with issues that they have not touched on before. Therefore, they must find the data accurately and quickly. It should be noted that the internet as a new technology provides the opportunity to find concrete and truthful information.

How Much Does a Lawyer Earn in Spain?

Lawyers are very well regarded throughout the Spanish territory, and their salaries are evidence of this. Now a Junior Lawyer in a multinational law firm can win between € 1,200 and € 1,500 euros a month. This salary increases as responsibilities increase and with experience within the office.

On the other hand, between 2 and 3 years practicing as a Lawyer, some variations are generated. Where the scale is between € 1,800 and € 3,400 euros per month.

It is after 4 or 5 years practicing the profession, it is when the average salary of a Lawyer is regularly between € 3,750 and € 6,600 euros each month. Reaching a minimum monthly salary of € 10,000 euros from the age of 10 practicing law.

The aforementioned amount is the one desired by any Lawyer at the end of the month. In other words, the salary of the Lawyers is very high, since the work is quite demanding. It should be noted that the Lawyers are in a constant training process. Since every year there are new laws that completely vary the conditions in the Law.

What is it?

Lawyers are autonomous and independent professionals. Somehow represent, guide and guide their clients with respect to their interests before private companies, public institutions and individuals. They determine the mechanisms they will use to defend their clients’ affairs.

This in order to favor the understanding of the alternatives and answering all the legal unknowns that they may have regarding the case. These professionals not only handle the aforementioned, there are other legal issues as well.

A very important function that Lawyers perform is preventive. Which takes charge of advising clients and make drafts regarding documentation and contracts. In such a way that in the future there are no complications of a legal nature.

You already have the Requirements to be a lawyer, the next step is to bring them together so that you can achieve your goal of being a Lawyer in Spain.

It is important to bear in mind that legal professionals never stop learning and adapting to the modifications that are made at the legal level. Since for any legal conflict a solution must be sought. Good luck with your procedure.

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