Requirements to be a mediator: Everything they haven’t told you

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If you wish to practice the profession of mediator here we will explain the requirements that will be needed. In addition to what important who can be mediators in the workplace.

What does it mean to be a mediator

The word sounds more or less familiar to all of us. mediator, this is a person who is in charge of trying to put you in peace.

A couple of people who are in a situation complex, either due to a dispute or a problem that is affecting them.

No matter what the ambit, even if it is from family, neighbors and even companies.

This is a figure that has a tradition wide, which with the help granted by the law born in Spain in 2012.

It can be defined with a greater amount of detail in order to understand what a mediator professional at the time of resolving any conflict.

But even so exactly, what is really a Mediator?

While in the Mediation process, this mediator professional I decide to take charge of facilitating communication on both sides.

This is on watch at any time, so that this can be made available. information and of sufficient advice about this conflict.

As indicated in the law, it is this Mediator who will have to develop an active behavior that can tend.

To get a close-up between its parts, but this in any moment acting in a position that is impartial and neutral.

What do you want to refer to a Neutral Mediator who is also Impartial?

The character of neutrality possessed by the mediator, is referred to the type of action that is willing to develop.

In order to allow parts that are in conflict can reach an agreement between them.

Because they are the ones who have their proper role in this process of mediation.

With regard to the impartiality of the performance of mediators is referred to the existing need to guarantee.

For all times one of the planes of the equality that the parts have with each other, such as the

time of intervention.

Being awarded in that point the same amount of opportunities.

It is on the other hand that you also have to make sure that your position always be in balance and respect both points of view.

So that the mediator You must not at any time act in detriment or with the interest in any of these.

Requirements to be a mediator

  • They can choose to exercise as mediators those who are people of a natural nature who are found in the full exercise of what corresponds to civil rights.

As long as your legislation by which they are subjected under the exercise that involves their profession.

Any person of a legal nature who is dedicated to the mediation, whether they are companies that have a professional nature or whatever is foreseen.

By means of its legal system, for this purpose, any natural person who can meet the requirements provided for in the laws.

  • Who acts as a mediator professional, You have to be in possession of your official university degree or by training.

Superior professional, counting in this way on his training specific so that you can exercise the mediation you want to acquire.

By taking several or one of the courses specific for this they are taught by institutions that are accredited.

These are valid as long as the proper exercise of their activity is carried out. mediator throughout the nation.

  • Besides whoever he is mediator professional has to take care of underwriting by means of a guarantee or insurance.

Which will end up being the total equivalent to what your responsibility civil that will be totally derived from the action in their conflicts.

Mediator training requirements

Mainly the mediators They must comply with a series of competencies in their training.

  • The Competencies that are communicative

You have to have a certain facility to be able to mediate with the communication between its parts, with the quality of guiding the process towards a communication that is assertive and positive.

It is in this way that the professional mediation You must have the ability to identify the key aspects.

For inquiry and information between themselves.

  • Competencies social

In what is spoken regarding the relations human. These conflicts that are addressed are of an interpersonal nature.

Therefore, certain skills of a social nature must be obtained through reliability, empathy, manage emotions and many others.

  • Competencies personal

Between the competencies of the people who are insured, by means of the capacity of the analyzes with respect to the situations.

Decisions that are required regarding the process and their interventions that are classified as appropriate for the respective cases.

What training will be required?

The training required for mediation it is possible to find it in quite varied terms, corresponding to master’s degrees.

Certificates of professionalism, postgraduate courses, short and medium-term courses, which have a wide range of options.

So that it can be understood as if it were positive, by which it means which is a subject that is interested and has its growth in demand.

This is an aspect that has a true lack with their respective legislation.

With reference to the training that is required for you to be accessible with respect to certain places of your work.

It is the center of mediation and Private Law of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with respect to what is specified with the contents minima.

Regarding their training, their masters and postgraduate degrees that are responsible for offering training that is approved.

For all who are professionals who are wish enter in the respective registers by the Mediation and Private Law of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Its municipalities are increasingly times required their training in the master and postgraduate with mediation.

But at the time that the exercise corresponds professional With regard to your private sphere, you can surely have a wide range of options.

Which could be indicated with respect to your need to be able to regularize with the minimum training required.


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