Requirements to be a National Police: Documents, Evidence and MORE

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If you are thinking of being a police officer in Spain, keep reading, as we present everything related to the requirements to be a national police, the documents you need to apply, the tests and much more.

In this sense, this article has been created especially for all person who is interested in being part of the team of officers of the national police of Spain. Therefore, all the information concerning the selection process has been clearly and specifically described through the evaluations and documentation required by the authority.

What are the requirements to be a National Police?

From the moment in which the aspiring national police, make the decision and prepare to present the corresponding evaluations; Until the time of the oath to assume the functions, the admission procedures are diverse.

It is because of that below are indicated the requirements to be a national police, which are mandatory at the time of registration:

  • Have Spanish nationality.
  • Valid identity document.
  • Be over eighteen (18) years old.
  • Have a minimum height of:
    • One meter sixty-five centimeters (1.65 m) gentlemen.
    • One meter sixty centimeters (1.60 m) ladies.
  • Have completed high school and have the corresponding title.
  • Present a license to transfer and use weapons.
  • Not having convictions for malicious crimes in their conduct record, as well as not having been separated or fired from any administration or state service.
  • Have a driving license.
  • The applicant cannot be affected by any physical defect or medical condition that hinders him from performing police duties.

Fundamental aspects to consider before, during and after the selection process:

It is important to mention that prior to evaluations the ministry in charge of the selection must authorize a public job offer. So that the interested parties are aware of said approval and prepare the requirements because they will announce the call at any time.

In this sense, once the job offer has been approved it is announced and published in the official media of each autonomous population. Information on when and how the evaluations will be carried out is given in said publication. It will also indicate how to make the payment of fees, as well as the diffusion dates of the instances, the police program, among others.

Following and prior to publication of the list of definitively accepted, the ministry will publish the list of temporary admitted with a maximum period of ten (10) business days to correct errors, from the date of publication. Once this time has elapsed, the decisive list of admitted will be published.

Documents Needed to Be a National Police

The necessary documents, which are part of the requirements to be a national police they are mentioned here below:

  • Valid identity document.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Permit or credential to carry weapons and use them.
  • History of good behavior. It is essential that applicants do not have convictions for malicious crimes on their record. As well as not having been separated or fired from any administrative or state service.
  • Credential permit to drive.

Admission tests to be a National Police

The admission tests are part of the Necessary requirements to be a national policeman. That is why after submitting the required documentation, the next step is to approve the required evaluations, which are mentioned below:

1. Physical tests

The physical evaluation is the one most feared by aspiring national police, is detailed below on which this exam is based:

Exercise number 1, required for both men and women consists of:

  • The applicant located behind an initial strip, standing and leaning on both legs, has to carry out a certain route.
  • During the performance, any attempt where the applicant throws the flags that set the limits of the route is considered invalid.
  • In this test, 2 attempts are accepted only to applicants who cancel the first attempt.

Exercise number 2, in this case the execution is different for both sexes:

  • Exercise applied to mens:
    • In hanging position only with palms in front of a bar.
    • With the arms extended, the applicant will perform push-ups showing the chin on the bar and with the full extension of the arms.
    • It is not allowed to swing the body or seek help with the movement of the legs.
    • In this exercise the applicant only has one chance.
  • Exercise applied to women:
    • It is based on being as long as possible with both arms flexed and with the palms of the hand facing backwards.
    • Legs fully extended, cannot touch the ground.
    • The chin located above the bar, without contact with it.
    • As for men, women have only one chance.
    • They must remain in this position for between 44 and 51 seconds.

Exercise number 3, is based on a race of one kilometer or one thousand meters, for both men and women.

2. Theoretical tests

This assessment is based on three groups of exercises, where the applicant must answer correctly, which are described below:

  • In this part, applicants must answer a list of 100 questions in writing within 50 minutes.
    • Each question has three options to select only one.
    • It is important to know that the wrong answers punish the correct ones.
  • The second part is the written and oral exercises in French and English, for a knowledge of high school graduates. The written part has 40 minutes and is based on the understanding and knowledge of the grammar of a writing in the selected language. The oral evaluation will be done through a conversation in the same language.
  • The third part is to resolve in writing and in 90 minutes one (s) hypothesis in which the topics on the agenda must be interrelated.

3. Personal interview

This is an evaluation that consists in two parts, a psychotechnical exam and an interview with the applicant. Below are the details:

  • Psychotechnical examination:
    • This evaluation is aimed at diagnosing the personality and aptitude of the applicants for the development of police functions.
    • All this in relation to the status that the applicant claims.
    • This assessment includes a spelling test.
  • Interview with applicants:
    • This interview will be developed from the results of the psychotechnical evaluation.

It is important to mention that the two tests will be valued together and the court determines the minimum score required to pass each one. Once the results are evaluated, the list of applicants who achieved at least the minimum required score is made public. These applicants will be invited to continue with the fourth evaluation.

4. Medical examination

The medical examination is the fourth test, in this conventional medical check-ups that the doctor may deem necessary and pertinent are carried out. Urine and blood tests are also included in this evaluation.

Once the applicants have approved All evaluations, in addition to the merit count, if applicable, the ministry will publish a definitive list of accepted applicants. In this sense, being within the academy, applicants receive training classes for approximately one year, to train as, and then take possession of the functions:

  • Personal defense police.
  • Research.
  • For computing.
  • Also for road safety, among others.


The salary of the members of the national police is subject to the position or hierarchical level they occupy. In this sense, an estimate for three (3) different levels is mentioned below:

  • For a base rank police officer, the monthly salary is estimated at 1,500 euros (€ 1,500).
  • The monthly salary of a national police officer is estimated at one thousand seven hundred euros (€ 1,700)
  • For a chief commissioner the monthly salary is estimated at two thousand eight hundred euros (€ 2,800).

Who cannot be a National Police?

Those people that present some type of medical exclusion, for example, if you have a visual defect, without correction to 2/3 of the normal vision in both eyes. Therefore, it is suggested to go to the specialist to issue a medical report of the applicant’s vision that must be presented to the ministry.

There are also other medical conditions visuals that can limit the applicants to be national police, which are mentioned below:

  • Keratotomy
  • Detached retina.
  • Squint.
  • Hemianopsies.
  • Dyschromatopsies.
  • In addition, any process that, due to the opinion of the medical team, considerably hinders the vision of the applicant for the functions as national police.

Likewise, the hearing impairment conditions, they can also limit the entry of an applicant to the national police, for example:

  • Hearing loss between one thousand (1,000) and three thousand (3,000) hertz at thirty-five (35) decibels.
  • As well as hearing loss between four thousand (4,000) hertz and forty-five (45) decibels.

Also diseases like Those that will be mentioned below, will be evaluated in a particular way as of 2020. Therefore, these conditions will no longer be grounds for definitive exclusion:

  • Diabetes.
  • Asthma.
  • HIV

What is it?

It is an armed institution, is from the security groups of Spain; It is civil in nature and depends on the Ministry of the Interior of the country. It is responsible for monitoring all cities, provinces and urban areas that the government stipulates.

Also has responsibilities, within its various specialties of:

  • Criminal investigations.
  • Also judicial investigations, terrorism, immigration and public order issues.

It is important to mention that the power of this police force It changes according to the different autonomous regions of the nation.

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