Requirements to be a Professor: Documents, Studies and MORE

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There are a number of Requirements to be a teacher that you must keep up to date if you want to dedicate yourself to this profession. Today we will explain what they are, together with the documentation you will need, the studies that you must take, the average salaries that teachers in Spain enjoy today, and some benefits and tips so that you do not lack an iota of information.

A Teacher is a professional trained in teaching, in a theoretical and / or practical way, concepts and processes that he himself knows, seeking that students can receive information in a complete and effective way, from the easy to the complex, and understand it enough to apply it as required. That is, using logic in addition to the knowledge acquired.

If you are interested in knowing how to be a Professor, don’t go! Today we will explain everything you need to know about it.

What are the requirements to be a teacher in Spain?

Let’s start with the Requirements to be a teacher, so that you start at once to see if this path is according to your abilities and personality. Let’s see what they are,

  • Be of legal age (> 18 years) and less than retirement age.
  • Possess the Spanish nationality, any other from the EU, Norway or Iceland.
  • You should get your bachelor’s degree Either in early childhood education, primary education If you want to be an ESO and high school teacher, a university degree in the subject you want to teach: biology, mathematics, philosophy, and so on.
  • In the only case of wanting to be an ESO or high school teacher, you must also do the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for ESO, Baccalaureate, Professional Training and Language Teaching. This you can get it in large quantities universities in Spain.
  • Know how to speak the official language of the autonomous community in which you plan to teach, if you have one. Maybe you should prove it, if you come from another place.
  • Not having a disciplinary file registered in any Public Administration or a record in the Central Registry of Sex Offenders.
  • Enjoy the enjoyment of full rights endorsed by the Constitution and other legal norms. You cannot have a criminal record, pending or executed.
  • Have the ability to perform the tasks corresponding to a teacher. That is, not having any illness or physical limitation that could prevent you from working.
  • They cannot be doing an internship or being a career civil servant at the time of the oppositions.
  • Be a graduate in pedagogy or have a higher degree in dance, music or sport. This is in case you do not have the CAP and you want to teach classes without the Master.
  • You must have a doctorate to teach at universities.
  • Being a person who thinks that the foundation of any successful human interaction is respect. And, consequently, be in favor of promoting an environment of respect in class.
  • Be disciplined, responsible and above all tolerant.
  • Taste for teaching.
  • Finally, you must pass the oppositions and be selected.

Some of these personality requirements are not mandatory, that is, they will not prevent you from becoming a teacher. However, it is important to take them into account because your level of satisfaction with your profession could well depend on them.

Necessary Documentation

If you meet all the requirements, you must take into account the necessary documentation to access the oppositions. These are the ones that will determine your passage to public education, because for the private sector there are particular selection processes.

Let’s see what you should have on hand on the day of the oppositions,

  • National Identification Document.
  • Degrees, degrees, etc. The training you obtain must be documented in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 2/2006, specifically in its Article 100.2.
  • Certificate from the Central Registry of Sex Offenders, guaranteeing that you do not have a record of this type.
  • Evidence the use of the official language of the Autonomous Community in which you are going to present yourself.

Other documents could be needed if so established by the officials in charge of the oppositions. We recommend that you pay attention to the notification of oppositions. In this way, you will be able to know from now on what other documents or Requirements to Be a Teacher could ask you.

What must be studied to be a teacher?

To be a teacher different things have to be studied. It all depends on whether you want to be a primary, ESO or higher education teacher. As we said in the requirements:

  • You should get your bachelor’s degree either in early childhood education or primary education.
  • If you want to be an ESO and high school teacher, you must acquire a university degree for the subject you want to teach: biology, mathematics, philosophy, etc.
  • In the only case of wanting to be an ESO or high school teacher, you must also do the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for ESO, Baccalaureate, Professional Training and Language Teaching.
  • Be a graduate in pedagogy or have a higher degree in dance, music or sport. This is in case you do not have the CAP (replaced by the Master) and you want to teach classes without the Master.
  • You must have a doctorate to teach at universities, relative to the area where you want to teach.

Remember that the selection process It is done in the calls, where you must register, offer the necessary documents to accredit your preparation, present two knowledge tests, go to the practice phase and finally enter to work as such.

The tests are carried out to see your level of scientific knowledge and in the didactic and pedagogical area.

What is the Salary of a Teacher?

The wages from a job It is something that anyone is interested in knowing, since they are the fruits of the investment of time and money that is made by obtaining a certain degree of professional preparation. So don’t worry, we will also talk to you about the salaries of teachers in Spain.

In case you want to be a elementary School teacher, for 2019 the salary was a maximum of 2,425 euros per month, which was equivalent to approximately 29,100 euros per year. This is for a teacher who is just starting to work and no bonuses or extra bonuses are counted in the payments.

The secondary education teachers (ESO) They had a little more benefits, since they can charge from 2,100 euros to 2,700 euros, monthly and in gross value. This would be equivalent to an annual salary of 25,200 euros gross up to 32,400 euros gross.

Also, a college professor You could earn between € 20,000 and € 70,000 per year, without taking premiums or other additional benefits into account. If in doubt, it is a very wide range, ranging from 1,700 euros to 5,800 euros per month.

Salary of teachers, whatever the level of teaching, it will be different in each Autonomous Community in which it is searched. Currently, those who receive the highest salaries are teachers from the Basque Country, while the lowest salaries are received by teachers from Asturias or the Balearic Islands, more than all in secondary education.

Like any job, the level of wages will also depend on experience and seniority. These two factors, together with the location and preparation, will determine the level of wages you will receive, in the short and long term.

Benefits of Being a Teacher

Now let’s see what the benefits of being a teacherNow that you know what the requirements are, the necessary documents and the average salary level. These may or may not convince you, we will see how it works below:

  • First, you will be a vital part in the preparation of that child, adolescent or adult so that he can face the different obstacles in his educational and social life that may arise along the way.
  • As a teacher you have the power to impact the growth of that child, adolescent or adult, promoting the development of ideas, imagination, creativity, and forging character and other necessary tools for the future.
  • You will be pleased to see the progress of these students.
  • This job is mostly for vocation. If you like working with students, then this is a benefit in itself.
  • You have the ability to escape the routine and generate new ways of teaching, in a way that is more enjoyable for everyone.
  • You will be teaching every day, yes, but also you will be learning daily new and interesting things.
  • You can have a lot more vacationsas they match that of the students. In this time you can do what you like.
  • You will have more time to spend with your family or with whom you want, because the schedule also coincides with the children’s and ends very early in the day.

Without a doubt, the job is a teacher is invaluable, although it may not be seen at first glance.

Tips for Being a Teacher

Finally some tips for being a teacher that will help you get an even bigger perspective on this job. Let’s see,

  • Be responsible, flexible and attentive. In this way, you set an example for your students.
  • Create more enjoyable and interesting classes, instead of monotonous and boring, so that the student likes to learn.
  • Dedicate yourself to teaching those students who have the hardest understanding and understanding.
  • Have a well-designed lesson plan, so that no topic is left out, and make sure that the assessment plan is not the same. Always apply quizzes, essays, forums, etc.
  • Earn the respect of your students.
  • Accept that not all are grades: there is progress that a grade does not reflect.

Now that you know what the Requirements to be a teacher, What are you waiting for?

See ya!

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