Requirements to be a School Director: Functions, What it is and MORE

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Do you want to know what you need to carry out the position of director in a school? Stay with us. In this article we give you the details of the requirements to be a school principal, the functions that this professional has, the necessary skills and much more.

The director of any Educational institution, whether public or private, is assigned as its main function to lead and direct the teaching activities of the campus or school. All this through pedagogical and administrative management, attending the national education project, in order to achieve excellent quality learning in students.

In this sense it promotes since the beginning of education of children, their capacities and attitudes that help the formation of integral individuals for a healthy society. That is why the director of a school is a fundamental factor in achieving the objectives of the educational institution, since it contributes to the formation of individuals from the first years of life.

What are the Requirements to be a School Director in Spain?

The requirements to be a director school in Spain, the law is defined. This is the ideal guide for anyone interested in a director position to know the step by step for choosing the professional for the position.

The following are the requirements to be a director school in Spain, for a public institution:

  1. Have a minimum experience of five (5) years, as a career practitioner in the public sphere as a teacher.
  2. Have worked as a direct career teacher, for a minimum time of 5 years, where you are applying for the position. The teaching exercise should have been carried out in one of the teaching topics offered by the institute or college.
  3. Have the certificate that accredits the bearer who passed the training course to develop the managerial functions of a school. The training must be that dictated by the Ministry of Education or by the administrative centers of education of the autonomous community.
  4. The applicant must develop, deliver and present a project that includes, among other things: The goals, behavior profile with the assessment of this.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that in the concerted schools, the director is elected by the outgoing Director. Who should have made the report of the school assembly in advance, which must be embraced by a large part of the attending members. In addition, in private schools, the requirements to be a director tend to differ according to the educational center, in some cases, it is usual to open the option to a non-teaching professional.

How to be a good school principal?

Once the professional has managed to get the position, should focus on performing excellent quality educational management, so it can be a bit ambiguous and will depend on the person. However, here are some skills that the head of a school should develop:

Transform perspective

This idea is based on meet the goals of the center education as their own, so it is vital that the person who obtains the position prioritizes the interests of the school over his own. Which suggests sacrifices on the part of the new director, since he proposes to desist from personal interests.

Increase obligations

This role «School Director» it is not limited to the organizational field school, managing the creation of the curriculum or organizing the team of teachers. Beyond the functions, it must cover some other aspect related to the institution or educational center. As the highest authority of the school, the principal must be aware of:

  • Teachers work.
  • Care and maintenance of school facilities.

  • Organization of school activities.
  • Any inconvenience that may arise with the members of the educational community.

Aptitude to incentivize

This is one skill really needed in a school principal, since with it he inspires others, with it he can move the values ​​and goals of the school to the educational community. Therefore, it can influence in favor of the objectives of the school, the teachers and promote the participation of students and families. This ability allows the director to perform his job efficiently.

Encourage communication between people

This ability allows the school to conceive as a family and achieve that all the members coexist harmoniously. In this sense, as the leader of a large family, the principal must be focused on the well-being of teachers and professors, students, parents and representatives. In this way, it must meet the requirements of each member.

Necessary Competencies to Be a School Director

It is briefly described below 7 competencies generally required in the profile of the director of a school, with the purpose that this achieve the success of the school:

  • You must be convinced that education leads to the integral formation of society. Therefore, you must actively contribute to the formation of individuals who believe in their talents to change their realities, that is, to train them for their life project.
  • Facility to encourage and involve their staff in the improvement of training and in the achievement of the educational project of the school, so they must remain in constant creation of activities that help in the achievement of goals.
  • Able to understand social, educational, technological, cultural symptoms, changes and needs of the local context, in order to integrate them into the educational project of the school.

  • Being able to define and achieve the priorities and goals of the school, through the planning, organization, direction and control of the institute’s resources.
  • It is necessary to have skills to: Lead, integrate, develop, support, communicate and consolidate the team of teachers and staff in general.
    • All this by delegating responsibilities and activities based on the capacities and skills of each one, which favors the creation of an excellent work environment.
  • Ability to face the difficulties and challenges associated with the position of director, as well as the ability to innovate and seek alternatives to make decisions, which lead to the expected results.
  • Skills to identify the cultural, social, economic context of the school and adjust to it.
  • Have skills in adult training.


The head of a school has pedagogical functions and administrative, the most relevant are listed below for each group. For the group of pedagogical functions, the most important ones are described below:

  • Propose, monitor and measure the objectives and goals of the institute, also the plan and programming of studies and the strategies for the respective implementation.
  • Structure, guide and observe the processes of pedagogical work and professional improvement of each teacher of the institute in the school or educational institute.
  • Sponsor guidelines that allow parents and representatives to obtain constant information regarding the operation of the school and the progress of their children.

Regarding the Administrative functions, they have:

  • Structure and inspect the work of teachers and educational assistants.
  • Formulate each year the parameters of the employment relationship, up to five percent (5%) of the group of school teachers.
  • It must also formulate the personnel to be hired and the replacement staff, either for teachers or assistants.
  • Organize work groups, appoint or change those who perform the functions of inspector and coordinator of the school, according to the work plan.

  • Sponsor and promote an appropriate coexistence in the school.
  • Regarding the financial aspect, determine, manage and supervise the execution of the budget, if applicable.
  • Communicate at the end of the year about the achievement of the school’s objectives and goals to the management, the school community and higher authorities.

On the other hand, the Director has the commitment to intervene actively in production activities and implementation of community regulations. All of them related to the annual plan of educational progress in the municipality.

What is Being a School Director?

The Director of a school He is responsible for directing and leading the activities of the institution that hires him. All this through the management of pedagogical techniques and the best administrative practices, framed in the national and municipal educational project.

That is why the fundamental purpose of the Principal is the achievement of student learning. In this sense, it must actively contribute to the formation of individuals who believe in their talents to change their realities and train them for their life project.

All this taking into account the project guidelines school education, to produce modern means of learning for the student community. In this sense, it promotes from the beginning of the education of children, their capacities and attitudes that help the formation of integral individuals for a healthy society.

That is why the director of a school is a fundamental factor for the achievement of the objectives of the educational institution, since it contributes in:

  • Establish a suitable and suitable work environment for the teaching work of teachers, as well as to achieve innovation in their activities.
  • Creation and monitoring of the operation of support services that the teaching staff needs to achieve the fulfillment of their functions.
  • Maintain relationships with parents and guardians, with the student community and with the environment in general.
  • Maintain good relations with other educational institutions or organizations.
  • Among other things.

Important aspects when participating in a contest to be a School Director

When participating in a Director contest of a school, applicants must take into consideration the following aspects in addition to meeting the requirements to be a school director:

  1. Have an adequate understanding of the different psychosocial and sociocultural realities of the population.
  2. Have a clear understanding of strategies to confront highly vulnerable environments.

The latter generally goes managed to the high vulnerability of people affected by:

  • Consumption and dependence on drugs.
  • As well as for the mistreatment, cruelty in the family nucleus.
  • For sexual abuse, among others.

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