Requirements to be a Security Guard: Steps, Functions and MORE

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Are you interested in working as a Security Guard? Here we leave you the Requirements to be a Security Guard in Spain. Which are strictly necessary to be able to fulfill the characteristics required for such a position.

You will also find information about the functions of a security guard, the salary, the courses they must take, how to process the TIP, where they can work and much more.

What are the Requirements to be a Security Guard in Spain?

To work as a Security Guard in Spain, you must comply with all the Requirements to be a Security Guard, which are the following:

  • Have fulfilled the age of majority (18 years).
  • Present the title of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and other levels or higher degrees.
  • Do not present a criminal record and it must be accredited by requesting the pertinent file.
  • Have completed a course in Remote Surveillance or in any case a Vocational Training course in Surveillance which must be approved by the Ministry of the Interior
  • Have passed the relevant selection exams. These tests regularly assess upper body potential, lower body potential, and running speed on a regular basis. It should be noted that these evaluations are different for men and women, and in turn have a theoretical part, which is the complement with the solution of 100 questions related to the matter.
  • Submit a medical certificate that validates that the applicant between 18 and 55 years of age is capable of fulfilling the functions that will be assigned to him in terms of surveillance and security.
  • The person must be of Spanish nationality, since it is necessary to occupy this position, either by birth or obtained.
  • Have the physical and mental capacity to use weapons and act as security personnel.
  • Not having been in the military service or in a State security body or force during the last 2 years.
  • In the case of wanting to apply as a private escort, it is necessary to have a height of not less than 1.70 m (men), and 1.65 m (women).

Steps to Be a Security Guard

In addition to complying with the Requirements to be a Security Guard, applicants must follow some steps. These are detailed below:

  • Pass the security guard course. To obtain information about these courses go to this link. This course must last 180 hours, of which must be received in person. This training is complemented with a physical part that consists of shooting and personal defense tests.
  • Attend the exams of the Secretary of State for Security to acquire the TIP (Professional Identity Card). It is essential to record the certification of the course approved as a security guard, the medical certificate and obey the Requirements to be a Security Guard.
  • Submit the registration of the National Private Security Registry. By following all these steps, the applicant is prepared to perform the duties of a security guard.

How do you know if you are Admitted for Testing?

When the time for receiving applications is over, the Court will make a list of those called to carry out the exams. This list will indicate the place where the exams will be held and the corresponding dates for them.

It should be noted that applicants will a single call. Therefore, those who do not appear will be left without an opportunity to take the exams. To find out if the person was selected, you must check daily from the moment the registration time ends.


Among the functions exercised by a security guard are the following:

  • He is the one who takes care of guard the security of structures, goods or people. On a daily basis, it complies with monitoring and protecting real estate, property, premises or people. These can be both private and public.
  • Other functions of a security guard is that of a sworn guard. This means that, prevent, check and review what is necessary. It is also responsible for preventing criminal acts or transgressions from happening.
  • If required, the security guard can arrest and place criminals at the disposal of the security forces. Also, make the respective complaints.

Courses to be a Security Guard

There are some courses that can be taken to be a security guard. However, before preparing to do them, it is necessary to check if the Requirements to be a Security Guard previously exposed. These courses are as follows:

  • The course as a security guard.
  • Approved security guard course program.
  • The Constitutional Law Module: Private Law, the Spanish Constitution and the European Union.
  • Criminal Law Module: Crimes, homicide and its forms, criminally responsible persons, infractions and penalties.
  • The Criminal Procedure Law Module: Rights of the detained person, the private security personnel as auxiliary of the State security forces and bodies.
  • Special Administrative Law Module: The Private Security Law, the competent authorities in security matters.
  • The Labor Law Module: Prevention of occupational hazards, the concept of employment contract.
  • Legal Practice Module: Denunciation deeds, writing deeds and documents.
  • The Instrumental Area.
  • Professional area.
  • The Socio-Professional Area.

To know the agenda in an expanded way enter here, and in this way you can consult all the information of interest.

Vigilante TIP

Based on Spanish law, one of the Requirements to be a Security Guard is to have the Professional Identity Card (TIP). This is also known as a security guard card. Which is a certification that guarantees that the owner is qualified to perform the functions of security guard.

The TIP (Professional Identity Card) is issued by the National Police. From the moment the security guard course is passed, both the theoretical part and the physical exams, you have 3 months to request the TIP.

Regarding the exams for the TIP, these are divided into 2 parts, and they are the following:

  • Part N ° 1 of the Security Guard TIP: It contains four physical exams that are: The push-ups in the fixed bar, the 400 meters, the vertical jump and throwing a medicine ball.
  • Part No. 2 of the Security Guard TIP: This part consists of a written test, which contains 80 questions. You have a time of 50 minutes to answer and a minimum grade of 5 must be achieved.

How Much Does a Security Guard Earn?

According to official information, the average salary that a security guard receives in a private company in Spanish territory is about € 1,3000 euros per month. This profession is well paid, however, it must be taken into account that it is a demanding job, and that the hours are regularly long and at night.

In such a way that, the reason that the days of work as a security guard are well paid (which is relative), is basically because working hours are more followed, strong and that you must be fully involved in moments outside the schedule.

Places where you can work as a Security Guard in Spain

The malls

Here the security guards are in charge of check security cameras and of all the images that they are able to capture. They must also pay full attention to the people who travel in the vicinity of the Mall. Among its tasks is to prevent petty theft in supermarkets and stores.

In Industrial Pavilions

In these sites the activities that are carried out are usually at night. These pavilions are scarcely traveled and in which criminal acts are regularly generated at night. For this reason, it is that some owners of these pavilions look for security companies to provide protection in their establishments.

Private Security or Duties as an Escort

These surveillance personnel can also be hired by private companies that provide security. Which are dedicated to supplying protection and escort of renowned people that they ask for the service because they need it. In this case, they do not prevent theft or criminal acts, but rather focus on protecting the physical integrity of the client.

Security Personnel in Nightclubs and Bars

The work schedule in this case is also night, however, it is different from the jobs mentioned above, due to the functions to be performed. Here the security guards are dedicated to preserve the organization within establishments owned by their employers. Many times they must be mediators in unpleasant arguments and fights.

Characteristics of a Good Security Guard

  • Should have compromise and responsibility.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be attentive to any rare situation.
  • Be able to keep calm.
  • Think and act skillfully in difficult moments.
  • Have the ability to communicate properly in some risky situation.
  • Prevent an occasion of violence or aggression from becoming complicated.
  • Have the disposition of work night hours, holidays and weekends.
  • You must be willing to work with the different professionals in the area of ​​a company, complementing to strengthen the security of this.

If you are one of the people who prefer another type of work that is not in an office, this information is for you. Since here you have the Requirements to be a Security Guard, which also requires a vocation for service.

Do not hesitate and prepare everything necessary so that as soon as possible you can act as a security guard. Good luck with your procedure and the tests you must take

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