Requirements to Be a Soccer Coach: Studies, Role and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements to be a Soccer Coach. Soccer is a fantastic sport, based on two teams made up of 11 players each and a referee. It is considered one of the most popular sports in the world.

In this sport it is essential that a person fulfill his function working as a soccer coach because he must be one who guides each of the players of the objectives to be met.

That is why, if you are a lover of this sport so important. You can prepare for this race, but first you will need to meet the Requirements to be a Soccer Coach.

What are the Requirements to Be a Soccer Coach?

The Requirements to be a Soccer Coach are as follows:

  • The citizen must be older than 18 years-old.
  • The person who wishes to serve as football coach must have a respect to compulsory secondary education of a higher academic level.
  • Have in possession of a title of Technician or Auxiliary Technician.
  • You must also have a basic professional title.
  • Have passed the second course of BUP.

It is important to note that the institution that regulates this profession is the Royal Football Federation (RFEF). It is worth emphasizing that the necessary requirements to obtain the title of coach are evidenced between three types that are the following:

Basic Diploma of Football or Indoor Coach

The Requirements to obtain the Soccer or Futsal diploma are the following:

  1. The person must have 18 years old at the beginning of the course and not having reached 65 years of age.
  2. You must pass the technical and physical fitness tests.
  3. Demonstrate by a medical certificate, skills and abilities that involves practicing a sport.
  4. The citizen must demonstrate the basic sports knowledge that is needed.
  5. Be in possession of the Graduate in THAT.
  6. Pass the courses established as: face-to-face phase and practical training block.

Advanced Diploma of Soccer or Futsal Coach

If the applicant wishes to obtain the advanced diploma, you must first have the corresponding Basic diploma. In addition, you have to pass the certain course of: face-to-face phase and practical training block.

Professional Diploma of Football or Indoor Coach

The citizen must have his diploma from his advanced studies as a football or indoor coach. In the same way, they must have completed their training for at least one season.

In addition, you must pass the entrance exam to the professional training course and, above all, pass the specific face-to-face course.

Necessary Competencies to Be a Soccer Coach

The National School of Trainers as a pedagogical institution that governs the Spanish Football Federation, has the following competencies:

  1. The National School of Coach can gather and develop the trainer courses or workshops. In other words, it constitutes and carries out the programs with their specific content.
  2. In these schools they help send diplomas to citizens that they have approved the determined courses that are dictated.
  3. Organize and plan the activities of the coaching schools.
  4. Coordinate and plan refresher and specialization courses. As for example the meet techniques, assemblies with lectures.
  5. Support with the exchanges regarding the information that it contains with the other schools of foreign coaches.
  6. In these schools they help students to stimulate their respective physical condition.
  7. In these academies, the coaches must train, teach so that they comply with the rules determined within the regulations governing football.

What to Study to Be a Soccer Coach?

People who aspire to become a soccer coach must first train, study and obtain a professional degree to aspire to the position of sports coach in soccer. That is, such official training is regulated through the Ministry of Education and FP.

It is worth emphasizing there are two courses where the applicant will be taught, rules and objectives, resources, and soccer-based evaluation methods, techniques and tactics. They will use all the necessary instruments to carry out the evaluation, in addition to knowing and using the tactics in a good way.

People who want to aspire to the degree to prepare as a soccer coach, have to project and plan the activities complying with the subjects requested in that sport.

You will also get instruction on how to manage teams, physical preparation, tactics, among many other things. Do not waste this opportunity.

Role of a Soccer Coach

A soccer coach must perform the following functions:

  1. A soccer coach must form and build a team.
  2. Has to search for talents or future promises to include him in said club.
  3. The coach must organize when there are trainings or sessions.
  4. Guide and direct each game, either before or after it.
  5. He must keep the team together, in which he emphasizes that each one is important when they go out to the courts.
  6. You should always have clear goals and objectives.
  7. A coach must be a mentor, where they call for group talks, rehearse tactics, conduct training, etc.
  8. Must always motivate players when they need it most.
  9. Must dominate the space of the training place.
  10. Coach must be a good speaker. That is, you must be good at expressing your ideas to the players so that they understand.
  11. Under no circumstances can a coach go overboard humiliating a player, he just has to correct his mistakes.
  12. You must do training on a large scale, be it mental and physical.
  13. Control the assistance from their players.
  14. The coach must guide performance controls and how the players feel emotionally.

Be a Futsal Coach

It is important to explain that to be a futsal coach, the person must obtain the basic trainer diploma of said sport.

This qualification is obtained by carrying out first-level federative studies, coordinated by the institution of the Real spanish soccer federation.

This training allows to perform in the functions to be fulfilled by a coach in the following football categories, which are the following:

  • In the Youth category at regional level.
  • In the rest of the Base Futsal categories.

If the person wishes to take the Basic Futsal Coach Diploma, he must bear in mind that the duration is approximately 205 hours, of which is distributed as follows: 80 for practices and 125 for the theoretical ones.

Futsal Committee

The committee is an entity made up of the Real spanish soccer federation who works in the management, planning, promotion and direction of sports activities. This committee performs the following functions:

  1. Encourage, plan activities and futsal sports competitions.
  2. Organize with the determined Scope Federations, the promotion and general disposition of futsal.
  3. The people who make up this committee must promote the training and registration of each player, of the referees, coaches, assistants, technicians, they help the Federation in the organization of the technical teams and above all to be aware of the preparation of the players so that they are at a high level.
  4. Comply with all the orders made by the technical bodies or the government.

What is a Soccer Coach?

A coach is the person who performs the direction, training and training of the players that make up a soccer team.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation

It is the entity that is dedicated to soccer in Spain. This body was established on September 29, 1913, its place of origin is located in Las Rozas de Madrid.

It is very important to explain that this organism is associated with International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and UEFA, that they are the maximum entities that make up the world of football at European and world level.

general Assembly

The general Assembly It is the superior entity that shows its face for the Real spanish soccer federation. It’s integrated by 144 people, of which 20 are born and the rest are elected, among whom are the President of said entity, the representatives of the 19 federations and the elected members, whether they are coaches, footballers, referees, etc.

It is important to note that the members that make up the general Assembly, are chosen every four years, through free, secret, equal and direct vote. It is also up to this entity to meet urgently in the following cases:

  1. This entity must allow the approval of an annual budget and the liquidation.
  2. They must approve the sports calendar.
  3. The acceptance and transformation of the statutes.
  4. Election and resignation of the President.
  5. The election of the Delegate Commission, according to its renewal.

Delegate Commission

The Delegate Committee of the General AssemblyHe is made up of 12 persons, of which a third are the presidents of Federations, another third the clubs and finally the rest of the levels that make it up, be it coaches, footballers or referees.

This commission must fulfill the following functions:

  1. They must fix the sports calendar.
  2. Change or correction regarding the budget.
  3. The acceptance and change of regulations.

If your dream is to train yourself in this world, you must bear in mind that you first have to comply with the Requirements to Be a Soccer Coach. To then start training and become a good coach at a professional level

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