Requirements to be a Tax Agent: What it is, Functions and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements to be a Tax Agent. It is important to note that serving in this position provides excellent benefits. He also occupies a fixed position, therefore a solid job and scale position within the institution.

Not all citizens have the power to perform the valuable tasks required by the position and guarantee an excellent function of the state economy.

If you want to work for the Public Treasury, I invite you to read this article. Where we will inform you of the requirements to qualify for the position of tax agent in Spain.

What are the Requirements to be a Tax Agent?

The Requirements to be a Tax Agent are as follows:

  1. To have born in spain or have nationality.
  2. The citizen must have turned 18 years old and be a minor, at the age contemplated for forced retirement.
  3. Be a bachelor or specialist or alternatively as a pussycat an experience of no less than 10 years in Body or Scale of Subgroup C2 or at least of 5 years. You must have passed the specific course referred to in the Decree issued on March 10, 1995.
  4. Likewise, the citizen has to comply with what is established in the ED Order on June 10, 2009, where equivalences are provided with the Bachelor’s degrees in Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), Bachelor’s degree normalized with respect to the Organic Law of 2006 of Education. Reformed through Order EDU / 520/2011, of March 7.
  5. In this case, the citizen has degrees abroad. You must confirm that you are in possession of the corresponding approved credential.
  6. This requirement will not be required of those applicants who obtained verification of their professional qualification in the professions regulated for the position. According to the provisions contemplated in the protection of Community Law.

Other Requirements to be a Tax Agent

  1. The citizen must be prepared and trained in those pertinent activities to carry out a good exercise of the functions established by the position for which the applicant wishes to compete.
  2. If the citizen has a fixed position, he must integrate the important hierarchies as the Chief Executive, Tax Agent, Executive Agent, or Administrative Officer 1 of the Professional Group.
  3. Another common request and that in the last one was not contemplated. It is that he must not have a disciplinary file and that he has separated from the service contemplated in the Public administration. Therefore disabled to exercise Public Functions.

What is a Tax Agent?

He is an indispensable Professional in the fiscal area, inside of Finance Administration and that I overcome the oppositions of Group C1. In order to fulfill and carry out his profession as a finance manager, his daily responsibilities and commitments are focused on guaranteeing the proper functioning of the Spanish economy.

Functions of Being a Tax Agent

Mainly the Tax Agent It has the function of undertaking and verifying or proving the facts, circumstances that it considers transcendent in the tax issue. Always supervised by a superior within the Public Finance Administration.

These functions are carried out in three areas which are as follows:

Requirements to be a Tax Agent: Inspection Area

The function of this area is to obtain all information of a tax nature, gathering all the pertinent documentation that exists. You must supply the required notifications, instructions, and demands. All information collected, organizes it to download it in a database, analyzes it, writes it and signs the procedures resulting from the performance of this area.

Requirements to be a Tax Agent: Management Area

In this area the instructions and requirements for the relevant information are administered, the differences in self-assessments are eliminated. On the other hand, they state the essential requirements to carry out the tax commitments and the proposal will be manifested, for the liquidation of the Value Added Tax (VAT).

Requirements to be a Tax Agent: Collection Area

Citizens who work as agency agents, report and communicate about withholdings, confiscations or haste. They also continue with the files of the insolvent. Make the arrangements for any postponement or fragmentation of the payment.


An official call is made, for those citizens who want to attend as Treasury Agent in the places that the government informs as job offer.

The requirements are established according to the experience that the citizen has to aspire to the fixed positions.

Official Personal Position: the citizen must have worked at least less 2 years fulfilling career functions in Bodies or Scales of the General State Administration of subgroup C2, or in Bodies of Scale, as in Postcards and Telegraphs, belonging to Subgroup C2, or in Bodies or Scales of Subgroup C2 and the others included in article 2.1 of Royal Legislative Decree 5/2015, dated October 30.

Where the consolidated text of the Law of the Basic Statute of Public Employees with final destination, the latter, in the General State Administration.

As permanent staff: Have performed in effective services, at least for 2 years, as a permanent official in the categories of Executive Head, Tax Agent or Executive Agent or 1st Administrative Officer of Professional Group 3 of the IV Collective Agreement of the labor personnel of the State Administration Agency Tax.


You must be aware that these requirements can change. What remains the same, are the requirements to comply with all the conditions from the day the specified time to enroll ends, until the process ends with the inauguration of the career officials.

If you want to overcome the oppositions Tax Agent, you have to go through some tests consisting of 2 exercises, and they are eliminatory.

  • Answer a written questionnaire that consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, related to the convocation program and is established in the agenda that they give you.
  • You must respond in writing to a theoretical / practical assumption that is related to “The Tax Inspection and Management” and “The Tax Collection.”

The oppositions of Tax Agentare very attractive due to different factors: the call for vacancies, the high pass rate or competitive remuneration are some of them.

How much do you earn by being a Tax Agent?

The monthly salary for a Tax Agent in Spain can reach up to 2,400 euros gross, for those professionals who have more experience in the field.

They belong to the C2 category, and can earn a salary of 25,691.18 euros gross per year if they manage to reach level 18SC.

Within the remuneration of a public finance agent are contemplated: the base salary, three-year terms, specific supplements and destination supplements.

The base salary depends on the members of the employee, the tax agent is in group C1 for which the amount is 781.39 euros. On the other hand, due to seniority, every 3 years he exercises in the Public Administration, said tax agent obtains a salary increase. That is why the liquid to be perceived is 28.59 euros per month.

Variable Concepts

Extraordinary payments are made, that is, officials obtain 2 pays per year. The current amount is at least 675.35 euros.

One of the concepts is the complement of the destination, it refers to where people have to charge with respect to the level at which they exercise. In this case the person increases their level, what will be charged will be the new destination, it can be 379.77 euros until 553.30 euros.

Another concept that must be taken into account is the specific complement, it emphasizes the functions that each person has in their position in which they are working. The amount ranges from 299.57 to 695.35 euros.

the gross monthly salary of a public finance agent ranges from 1,460 to 2,056 euros.

What is the Public Treasury in Spain?

The public estate It is the one that works in the financial world of the public area and its purpose is the commitment and responsibility of public income and expenses, for the realization that exists between them.

Its main objective is to provide theoretical techniques for officials. They must also be properly trained so that they can provide an efficient response to internal and external changes in the organization.


The Ministry of Finance is made up of the 17 ministerial departments. The purpose of this department is to carry out and work on government policy in the field of public finances, also in the world of budgeting and expenses, as well as public organizations.

It is important to highlight that within the scope of the State Tax Administration Agency, the authorities that are in the Treasury Technical Corps and the General Administrative Corps regarding the type of specialty that refers to said Public Finance Agency are evidenced.

Annually, it is said institution that informs and communicates the necessary vacancies to the public for these bodies. The finance technician is the person in charge of the investigation and control of the tax system. Either, in the field of customs and state.

In the event that the citizen needs information about the Ministry of Finance, he can consult and communicate through his web portal. If you wish to apply for this position, you must first collect the Requirements to be a Tax Agent.

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