Requirements to be a traffic examiner: Everything they haven’t told you

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In each country there must be a certain policy within its legal statutes to achieve the correct behavior on the part of its citizens. However, there are certain entities and persons in charge of ensuring compliance with these regulations.

Since serious or minor offenses are often overlooked and the appropriate measures or consequences are not applied in the event of non-compliance with these. One of the spaces where this type of case occurs the most is in traffic rules, in addition to being the most used way to get around.

It should be noted that countries like Spain have taken the initiative to delegate a certain body of officials in charge of regulating traffic laws in the nation. So it is a very timely and elementary profession to achieve coexistence in the city.

Given this, we have brought you everything you need to know to be a traffic examiner and everything that this profession entails. In addition to offering you a whole series of recommendations and useful information to exercise it.

What is a traffic examiner?

First of all it is important to know that The role of a traffic examiner is not if not an examiner and regulatory agent to evaluate candidates for a driver’s license.

In this way to be able to prove the acquisition or application for a driving certification or as we commonly know a Driving License. However, being a profession of such high standards and demand, job vacancies will always persist.

It is important to highlight the fact the great importance and weight that this profession exercises within public administrations. So it is a good option if you have always been struck by working in this area.

Requirements to be a traffic examiner

Continuing with this topic it is imperative that you know that in order to be a traffic examiner you have certain requirements and documentation. Similarly, the respective training and preparation within the legal parameters to exercise it.

Below we will share all the requirements that you must take into account to be a traffic examiner:

  • Bachelor’s or FP degree.
  • Possess a driving license of class B current and have elapsed at least 2 years since it was granted.
  • Be a verifiably good driver.
  • Have been successfully trained through a traffic examiner course (Optional).
  • Pass the tests carried out by the General State Administration.

Remember that these requirements They refer to the general scope of the subject, so we urge our readers to visit the offices of the General State Administration. There they will be able to request all the documentation or essential requirements to opt for this job.

Tests to be a traffic examiner

As we have mentioned previously, if you want to certify and corroborate with the training of a good examiner, it is important that you pass the evaluation tests. These are made by officials belonging to the General State Administration to carry out a filter class.

In this way to be able to verify and consent to the authorization to be able to carry out the work as a traffic examiner. Notably, these tests include a driving assessment.

Therefore, it is important to maintain excellent driving habits on the part of the applicant in addition to achieving the qualification of career official. Belonging in this way to the General Administration of the State in which the subgroups C1 and C2.

How much does a traffic examiner make?

At this point, you will surely wonder how much an examiner can earn practicing his profession on a daily basis. Currently the State has taken the economic administration of the payment for this work so important for society.

However, the salary of these professionals usually oscillates approximately in around the € 1,289 per month. It should be noted that at present this figure it is neither very high nor satisfactory to meet the expectations of an official.

For this reason, on various occasions, protests have been made to achieve a salary adjustment within the work carried out by these professionals. Not to mention that it will depend on the years of seniority you have as they may pay you less than € 1200 per month.

What to study to be a traffic examiner

As we mentioned before, there are several campuses dedicated to training those interested to be traffic examiners. That is why we want to share with you which are the studies that you must have as basic to obtain better hiring qualities.

  • A DGT course which can last around 10 weeks and consists of 2 parts:
    • Part 1: basic or initial.
    • Part 2: advanced or professional.

It is important to mention that this course can only be taken by people who have already passed the opposition process or tests. Which consists of a multiple choice test of 100 questions and driving.

Some traffic examiner courses

In addition to this there are also other external courses with reference to this topic, which are not usually very common. For this reason we want to offer you some options so that you can choose one of these to train you as an examiner.

  • The Course for Traffic Examiner Oppositions with DAC Capote (Online): You can obtain information by accessing its website below DAC course.
  • Exam Preparation Course for Traffic Examiner with CNAE (Online and Face-to-face): You can obtain information by accessing its website below CNAE course.
  • DGT Examiner Course (Face-to-face and Online): You can obtain information by accessing their website below DGT course.


Finally, we want to share with you an audiovisual material referring to the subject in question:


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