Requirements to be a VET teacher: Everything they haven’t told you

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If you want to be a teacher or teacher of Vocational Training (FP), in addition to possessing a series of knowledge and skills. You need to have a strong vocation, since even though it is a really rewarding profession, it is also demanding.

This may not have been your first choice when wishing Enterokay in the labor field, but regardless of whether you were already clear on it or not. There is a wide range of requirements that it was necessary to be totally clear.

If you want to work in a center private or in a concerted one, it is better that you send your curriculum to the moment in which they have an available place. This process of selection it will end up depending on its center.

But if the case is that you want to work in a public center, you will need to overcome the oppositions, or manage to enter for the interim exchanges of the autonomous communities.

Requirements to be a VET teacher

Regardless of whether you are opting for education public, or the private sphere it is necessary that you know that you must comply with a series.

Of requirements, which will end being indispensable in either of these two fields:

  • You have to have the most of age and be a citizen of the European Union.
  • Possess the university degree corresponding to degree, bachelor’s degree, engineering related to the specialty

That you have chosen to be able to impart classes or their training cycle that has the higher degree that corresponds to the specialty.

  • For those who already have their university degrees, they must be in possession of a degree corresponding to the Master’s Degree in Training of the Faculty.

It is of character required to be able to teach the class in any of the types of center, be it private or public.

  • With what corresponds to graduates with the FP higher, they must be in possession of their Official Certificate of Pedagogical and Didactic Training for Professional Training Teachers without their degree.
  • Its character as a University Master with the mention correspondent in the Teaching Staff of Compulsory Secondary Education

What are the opposition tests

We must first know that an opposition is one of the processes of selection to be able to access their jobs and public administration positions.

For these there are many types of work in front of the public administration, which has different categories professionals, as they can be:

Teachers, police, administrative and cleaning staff or even the lawyers themselves.

So that you can present yourself in any opposition in this case to be a VET teacher It is necessary that you meet all the requirements of the calls.

This may be the experience professional, training, nationality and others, fulfilling all the requirements you will be able to pass with total success.

The tests that were given in the process opposition, and if you get the best grades, you can get the job.

In this they can also exist various processes of a selective nature, such as exams or other types of these tests.

Other requirements

It will always be important that you do a lot of research detail as it will be the opposition to which you want to present yourself.

With regard to oppositions for a post public, all autonomous communities may have some particular requirements.

As they may require, another degree that is necessary, that has experience working with the specialty to be taught, or only that it has experience as a teacher previously.

There are certain professionals who for whatever reason do not have any Title university, it is for this reason that they cannot start the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training.

If in any way this is your case, it is necessary to carry out your correspondent didactic and pedagogical training.

Anytime that may be equivalent and that it can qualify him for the corresponding exercise for teaching.

All those people who have also approved the previous Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude CAP, before the year 2009.

They will be totally exempted to be able to take this master before accessing any of these oppositions.

They also have to know that for people who have their certificate of disability with more than 33%.

There are certain autonomous communities which are in charge of reserving a series of plazas, which can vary between 5% and 7%

How to prepare it

They usually meet divided as follows:

  • The first proof

This is an exam that is intended to be able to assess the corresponding specific knowledge for the specialty who was chosen.

However, this usually consists of other two exercises, which are:

  • The exercise practical

Which will allow him to assess the training scientific than the corresponding one with the mastery of the skills that are technical for the specialty.

  • Development

Which will be done in writing with the correspondent a subject that was related to his specialty.

  • The second proof

This is an exercise which is intended to be able to test the skills pedagogical of the opponent and his mastery of the techniques that are used in the teaching exercise,

The test will actually consist of submitting a programming of a didactic nature and orally present the corresponding didactic unit.

Like the others oppositions You can choose whether you want to prepare it remotely or in person.

Another option for this is to acquire the topics To be done on your own, it is your decision to evaluate the one that is appropriate.

Places for opposition tests

It is the most common that in the oppositions that are held to be able to be a VET Teacher be included among those made in order to become a high school teacher.

For the years to come they are announcing a good number of new places in the teaching offer.

Because for many years the corresponding offer for the job audience had been totally paralyzed.

There are already several Communities Autonomous who were in charge of announcing their corresponding examinations for the coming years.

From there it is up to your choice inform you in yours or nearby if new places are available.

we wish you success and that you get the place you want.


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