Requirements to be an API: Skills, Studies and MORE

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If you are interested in being a Real Estate Agent, you must take into account the Requirements to be an API. In this way, you will be able to register with the respective associate’s college without any inconvenience. It is also important to know how to be an API, the necessary studies, the required business skills and some other little things that we will explain to you today.

A Real Estate Agent (API) is a professional dedicated to the sale of real estate, thus operating in the real estate market. This is responsible for approving the legitimacy of the properties, avoiding presenting fraud, breaches of contracts or erroneous contracts. In addition, it seeks to highlight the advantages of the home and tries to satisfy the demands of its customers.

If you are interested in knowing how to be an API, do not go! We will be explaining it to you today.

What are the requirements to be an API in Spain?

Let’s start with the Requirements to be an API. These meet the requirements of the Association of Associates of Real Estate Agents to register, but most constitute the general requirements to be API.

Let’s see what they are,

  • Be of age.
  • Not being limited by any disability that prevents you from performing your duties.
  • Possess a graduate, bachelor, diploma, architect, engineer, technician degree. But…
  • Specialization course as a Real Estate Agent, approved by the Real Estate Agent Registry. At the end, 200 teaching hours must be added in preparation to be able to join.
  • Do not have a criminal record.
  • Read the Royal Decree 1294/2007, to be informed of the regulations of the real estate market, as well as 12/2010 if you are in Catalonia.
  • Constitution of the regulatory bond established by the Association.
  • Delivery of the mandatory amount to complete the association.
  • Possess the necessary documentation.
  • Be operating for the public.
  • Possess commercial spirit. You must have certain skills to sell anything that comes your way. This happens when you know your customers and you know immediately what they want. You should also know the market and the available offers.
  • Have time available. This to develop and grow as a professional.
  • Once you are an API, sign up for the Real Estate Agents Registry if you are in Catalonia, Navarra, Madrid, Andalusia or the Basque Country.
  • Be proactive and productive.

If you notice, most are requirements to become an API, not only to associate in the College. You just have to ignore the bond, the documentation, the amount of association and the establishment to the public. You can even remove the title, since it is not essential to work as a real estate agent.

Refering to documentation, you must present:

  • Previously specified academic degrees.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Copy of the NIF.
  • IBAN code or bank account number.
  • Criminal record.

You must bear in mind that it is not a requirement to be a member in the Association of Associates to practice as a real estate agent. It is a resource, without more, that we have made available to you.

How to be an API in Spain?

For Be a Real Estate Agent You do not need to have a specific university degree, as we will see later. This makes it a lot easier to enter this profession and start anytime you want.

In Catalonia you need to register in the Real Estate Agents Registry, based on Law 18/2007 and Decree 12/2010. However, this is the only exception.

To begin with, you must analyze if you have the business skills to sell or if you must acquire them first. Obtaining it is done through business courses, specific techniques and practice. To be honest, many people agree that you either have a gift for charming clients or you don’t.

In your profession you should be empathic, something very important to keep in mind. You must be a person that people feel they can trust, able to understand what they are demanding. However, just having these characteristics is not enough to become a real estate agent.

It is advisable to attend a Official Association of Real Estate Agents. There they will not only prepare you, but will also advise you on legal and technical matters. In addition, they will ensure that you carry out your tasks in a transparent and independent way. You will have official recognition in the market.

If you don’t want to, you can take various preparation courses at universities or independent entities. You can study business or architecture, as you wish.

Thus, we can conclude that in order to enroll, you do need to train. To exercise, no. However, in the end what you will need it is:

  • Know how to negotiate.
  • Have knowledge of finances.
  • Be empathetic with your clientele.
  • Acquire Marketing Skills
  • Use social networks.
  • Know how to get clients.
  • Know the market (and thus the competition).
  • Know the laws and decrees related to the exercise of API.
  • Know about banking and accounting.
  • Have a very explicit business plan.

This in resonance with the Requirements to be API.

Business Skills to Be an API

By this point you will have an idea of ​​the business skills you need to be an API. By business skills we mean sales and negotiation techniques that you must have to work in real estate.

As a sales technique the digital marketing It can be a very good recommendation, and it is actually what works for many agents today. You will be able to find profiles of agents or real estate companies that show the houses, apartments, offices, etc., that they have at their disposal. Customers can log in and see if they are interested, then schedule a meeting.

Have knowledge of the market and know the real estate indicators Relevant information will allow you to advise your clients properly. Remember that as a real estate agent you are not only carrying out purchase-sale transactions, but also leases, exchanges, advice and mortgage processing, processing and promotions related to the sector, etc.

The customer service skills they are certainly part of business skills. As we have been telling you, it is essential to have a good deal with clients and potential clients. The neuromarketing is another incredible recommendation, very popular today as it teaches you how to sell and negotiate.

The Virtual tours it is also a widely used sales technique. Rather than showing only photos to the customer, they can access tours from the comfort of their homes. You can learn more about this by going to sites like Eye Spy 360.

The business skills innate are sand from another coast. These reflect the real estate agent’s ability to sell once they are face to face with the client. They should not limit themselves to reciting the advantages of hiring, buying, selling, or whatever, but should be a person who inspires comfort and confidence. Confidence that it will not only be your own needs that will be satisfied.

Again, knowing all of this could constitute part of the Requirements to be an API.

Studies Needed to Be an API

As we said earlier, It is not mandatory to have a university degree to practice as a real estate agent. In the case of living in Catalonia, Madrid, the Basque Country, Andalusia or Navarra, you can register in the Real Estate Agents Registry, but little else.

It is recommended to get a tuition, because in these places they will prepare and advise you, in addition to providing support with the start of your career. You’ll receive brochures and newsletters, opportunities for further training, and lots of more things.

You can also earn your bachelor’s degree in business, economics, business administration, economics, business science, law, political science, building engineering, and so on.

In addition, there are various courses related to the real estate sector such as mortgage law, real estate law, marketing and commercialization, real estate development, and so on. These courses must be approved by the Real Estate Agents Registry, if you live in Catalonia.

These are basically all your API preparation opportunities.

Specific Knowledge

As for the specific knowledge to be API, we list them in their entirety below.

  • Know how to negotiate.
  • Know how to sell, not just a product but an idea.
  • Have knowledge of finance, especially real estate indicators.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Acquire Marketing Skills
  • Use social networks.
  • Know how to get clients.
  • Know the market (and thus the competition).
  • Know the laws and decrees related to the exercise of API.
  • Have skills in neuromarketing.
  • Know about banking and accounting.
  • Have a structured business plan.
  • Know about virtual tours and their impact on the market.

If you know all these things you will have more opportunities to be successful as an API. Remember that for this business to be profitable you must be able to get customers in the first place.

What is it?

A Real Estate Agent (API) is a professional trained in the tasks of buying and selling, renting, swapping, advising and processing mortgages, and other activities related to the real estate sector.

Knows of real estate indicators, comparing offers and key moments to buy. He is able to advise his clients with transparency, and is responsible for preventing them from suffering from fraud or erroneous contracts.

Being an API You will always be acquiring new skills, always looking for knowledge to keep up with the real estate market, meeting new people and identifying their needs faster and faster.

Through negotiation techniques, sales, customer service, and knowledge of market management you can be an incredible real estate agent. Think no more!

We hope we have been of help with the Requirements to be an API.

See ya!

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