Requirements to be Mosso d’Esquadra: Here you can find out what you should know

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Being a policeman is a responsibility that both men and women want to acquire, for this reason this article will explain in detail the requirements to be Mosso d’Esquadra, to do the corresponding errands and enter this squad.

What is a Mosso d’Esquadra?

The Mosso d’Esquadra or how do you say in spanish Mozos de Escuadra, is an autonomous police force that works in Catalonia. It was founded under Law 19 on July 14, 1983.

Origin of Mosso d’Esquadra

The police force has its beginnings from the 8th century when Philip V reigned. At that time it was said the Royal order. The organization is created by the international conflicts that Spain had at that time. The order is created by Squads of Armed Countrymen a Bourbon administration that existed in those years.

The Royal order I fight against the French because of the differences that these two nations have had. Something that dates back to when Spain was Castile and Aragon originally. Apart from the French they also fought against the migueletes of the Archduke Charles. This organization had its own police regulations. Which was created on June 8, 1719, in addition to having its own organization as a police force and its own hierarchy. In order to provide a civil police service and comply with the orders of the king.

Too were legalized by royal decree as the Captain General of Catalonia December 24, 1721. The Royal order It was dissolved in 1873 and they were reestablished four years later.

By 1932 in the Second Republic they became dependent on the Generalitat of Catalonia. The one who made them the main policeman in this area, where they defended the state During the civil war in 1939. During this time they already began to be known as Mosso d’Esquadra and not like the Royal order

Mosso d’Esquadra in recent times

In 1983 the Parliament of Catalonia, declares the autonomy of this police force. Based on what is mentioned in the Spanish Constitution and what the Article 13 of the Status of Autonomy of Catalonia. Since then it has been considered the police force of Catalonia.

The functions of with respect to civilians were completed in 1994, after having participated as a military body in the civil wars that Spain experienced and fighting against enemies in the Spanish Moderates.

Obtains jurisdiction in Barcelona in 2005 and 2008 it was extended to Land of Ebro and the Tarragona field.

What are the functions of a Mosso d’Esquadra?

Interesting everything that this police force has evolved over the years, but the people who comply with the requirements to be Mosso d’Esquadra, you have to be aware of the functions in which this police force is in charge, so you already have a notion of the possible things that you have to do once they are part of the Mosso d’Esquadra. These are the functions:

  1. Protecting city security and maintaining public order, avoiding any altercation against people or property.
  2. Carry out criminal investigations related to organized crime, terrorism and any kind of crime in general.
  3. Collaborate in everything that the state entities need.
  4. Do the activities that correspond to the traffic police, from making passersby comply with road regulations, to attending to road accidents, not counting that they have to protect property.
  5. If it is necessary to provide support when there is a natural disaster.

This is all a member of Mosso d’Esquadra, although a superior is the one who assigns to each one which of all these functions each member has to do.

What are the requirements to compete for Mosso d’Esquadra?

Now the reason many are taking a few minutes of their time to read this article is to know requirements to be Mosso d’Esquadra, since the dreams of many is to be a policeman and why not be part of this police squad, which has an important role in the history of Spain. In order not to lengthen the matter, this is the profile that a person must have to be a Mosso d’Esquadra:

  • Be nationalized in Spain either by birth or by time of stay.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or one of the same level.
  • Have reached the age of 18.
  • Measure 1.65 meter in the case of being a man or 1.60 meter in case of being a woman, at least.
  • The driver’s license you have must be class B or at least have a similar permit, in a few words you have to know how to drive and have the license that has just been indicated.

There are not many requirements but it is important that future police officers have them, to fully comply with their duty.

How are the opposition tests for Mosso d’Esquadra?

In case of complying with what was mentioned above, you have to enlist in the police force and take the tests to find out if you have the capacity to comply with the police responsibility. These are the tests you have to pass:

  • Knowledge: They focus on verifying the level of knowledge that the participant has, in addition to performing an attitude and personality test.
  • Physical: It is based on doing agility circuit exercises, not counting that the coursse navette and grasping the bench are performed.
  • Language: It is necessary for the person to master the Catalan language, since they will be working in Catalonia.
  • Psychology: The people who are going to assume this type of position have to be in perfect mental condition.

Upon passing these tests, which are divided into 9 months of selective courses and 1 year of internships, depending on the grade obtained, you can begin your professional growth as a member of the Mosso d’Esquadra, since it is part of the police squad.

What is the salary of a Mosso d’Esquadra?

After knowing what a person must have and do in order to be a MossoIt is good to know how much your salary will be, since this type of work is not done for free and more with the risk that the person who will be part of this police force runs.

Well without talking much, what can get to charge a Mosso is among the € 33,684.42 and € 37,978.92 annual, everything will depend on the position you acquire while you grow professionally. In the case of the sergeants they can win € 42,000 and those who are in charge of Higher you can earn up to € 85,535

What are the benefits of being Mosso d’Esquadra?

Since not everything in life is responsibility, there are certain benefits that will make this job of being a police officer more attractive. Mosso d’Esquadra, so read carefully what is good so you can see the good of being a Mosso:

  • Job stability.
  • Receive 14 and a half times your salary payment.
  • You have 40 days to work, of which 30 days are on vacation and the other 10 days are for personal use.
  • If you have been working in the squad for a long time, they give you a raise.
  • There are possibilities of leave and internal promotions.

Charges that exist in Mosso d’Esquadra

It can be said that this is the ladder of ascent that any professional growth in this police career has to climb, at the same time while accessing the salary increases more, something that does not hurt anyone who is progressing at a professional level. These are the charges:

  • Higher.
  • Commissar.
  • Mayor
  • Inspector.
  • Deputy Inspector.
  • Sergeant
  • Cape.
  • Agent.

To be promoted, each person has to do the corresponding studies to be able to reach the position they want, not to mention that they have to do the job in charge in an excellent way.

It is no longer necessary to search, because you already have what you need to know it is possible to be a police officer in Catalonia, you just have to be sure you have requirements to be Mosso d’Esquadra, which mostly depend on the individual.

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