Requirements to Become Self-Employed: Steps, Finance and MORE

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This article will explain which are the Requirements to Become Self-Employed. It is important to explain that self-employed is a person who frequently executes economic activities personally for profit. And it is not subject to any employment contract.

If you want to become self-employed, you not only need to be clear about the feasibility of the business. You have to know the next steps for your registration, according to your situation, future obligations and the economic activity that you will carry out.

That is why, if you are interested in a topic, we recommend that you continue reading, that the importance of the Requirements to Become Self-Employed in Spain.

What are the requirements to become self-employed?

The Requirements to become autonomous are as follows:

  • Come of age with free disposition of goods.
  • Emancipated minors, with certain limitations established in article 323 of the Civil Code.
  • Minor with a disability, represented by their parents.
  • You must carry out an economic work that generates profits on your own.
  • Deploy this work without needing to be led by others.
  • Running this activity frequently and on which your income will depend either primarily or secondarily, you must generate invoices.
  • Must be active in the Social Security, to quote, as self-employed, without having an economic activity and is registered with the Treasury.

Steps to Take to Become Self-Employed

Then you must comply with the steps that will be explained below:

Make a Census Declaration, is done by delivering in Hacienda formats 036 and 037, (the format 037 is a simplified interpretation of 036).

You must do it before starting the activity. There, the economic activity to which you are going to dedicate yourself, the company data, and you choose the corresponding tax system is considered, which will allow you to identify and exercise control of your obligations.

The citizen must register you in the IAE (Economic Activities Tax). A tax, which is also presented in the Treasury, is levied on the exercise of professional activity (so you must make as many registrations as the activities you are going to carry out).

As of 2003, those who have a net turnover of less than 1,000,000 euros. In these cases of exemption the declaration is carried out in those already seen models 036 and 037. For other cases, they must present the model 840.

Register in the Self-Employed Regime in the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS), during the 30 calendar days after the census registration. For registration you must take the format 036, DNI and model TA521 / 1 registered in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers, which you can complete in the agency.

If your activity is to be carried out in a local, you need to carry out another procedure in the City council of your city that contemplates the opening permit You already know the requirements to be autonomous, as well as the steps to follow.

Information to know

  • What is the corresponding tax regime you will pay.
  • The Fiscal obligations later, according to your regimen.
  • As it should check in, which will depend on the type of sale, client or supplier.
  • How to pay the VAT and personal income tax when filing taxes, such as invoices.
  • How to keep the registration books as a freelancer. At this time it is important to know the process for issuing sales invoices, record deductible expenses, and know what deductible expenses should be recorded as investment goods.
  • Be clear about the formats of self-assessment that you must present in each quarter.
  • The informative returns that you are obliged to present when the fiscal year ends. One of the serious problems for the self-employed is monthly billing, which is why at present there are online programs that make it easier for you to make invoices and estimates.

Become Self-Employed in the Treasury

The people with having complied with the Requirements to become autonomous, you can also do it in the case of the Treasury, the steps are as follows:

  1. The citizen must present a model 036 or 037 high.
  2. Must have knowledge about IAE headings, which correspond to it, depending on the different activities it carries out.
  3. You have to register in the Intra-Community Operators Regime.
  4. Be clear in which tax regime it is included according to the activities it performs.
  5. The citizen must be clear about the amount of taxes he has to pay.
  6. Know the self-assessment models that you will have to submit each quarter and especially the annual informative returns.
  7. It is not necessary, but it is interesting, to register in the service of AEAT electronic notifications.
  8. Take into account to obtain a fiscal calendar, so that you do not forget any date.
  9. You must enter your investment property in your accounting.

Become Self-Employed in Social Security

You must comply with the tax registration process and social Security, They can also include other procedures, depending on the economic activity that you are going to develop and it will depend on whether to carry out this activity, you have to open a store or you need to hire employees.

For this you must complete some forms carefully and correctly, since according to the boxes you mark, you will assume tax obligations.

One of the great problems of the Social Security, is that it claims the fees not paid long after registration with the Treasury, especially when there is regular issuance of invoices.

You must bear in mind that you can process and register and drops up to 3 times a year. That is why Requirements to Become Self-Employed in the case of social security they are the following:

  1. Related model: TA 0521.
  2. Choose your National Code of Economic Activities (CNAE). Choose your contribution base. In general, the self-employed select the minimum at the beginning. Considering that you can change your base up to 4 times a year.
  3. Gather all the relevant documentation, to save time.
  4. If you are currently collecting unemployment, you should be aware that when you become self-employed for the first time, you have different options to invest unemployment in your business. Taking into account and indicating how you want to use it before formalizing your registration.
  5. Citizens must take into account their activity that they are going to carry out as a self-employed person, before they pass two years from your discharge date, You can recover the unemployment that you have left, if you have not exhausted it to start your activity.
  6. Because it is your first discharge, you can qualify for the flat rate no hassle. Choose the flat rate that suits you best and remember that the Social Security It has other types of bonuses, which may be better suited to you.
  7. By being self-employed with the first time with a bonus, it will not be necessary for you to have all the types of contribution included in a mandatory way. Now, you can consider making a contribution due to cessation of activity. Now, quoting for cessation of activity does not assure you of having unemployment, yes or yes, in the event that you will cease your activity.
  8. The minimum quota for freelancers 2020 was established at 944.40 euros per month and for the same it corresponds to pay a monthly fee of 286.15 to Social Security.


If you are a foreigner and you are in Spain, you can undertake, develop an economic activity as a self-employed person. The first thing you should do is apply for a temporary residence and self-employment authorization. Which you will request at the Consular office that corresponds to you according to your residence address.

Citizens can carry out a series of documents that observe the personal guarantees related to the business that you are going to establish.

It is established for the delivery of the business plan that it is endorsed by a representative association of freelancers in Spain, it can be ATA, so it is convenient to contact one of them.


  • For become self employed, the citizen must take into account changing his mentality, since this generates a great change so that he is prepared to take charge of large activities such as accounting.
  • It is very important to check in. That is, you must be aware that you must pay for other things, for example, office expenses, taxes, among other things.
  • A mistake that happens frequently is to sell very cheaply, that cannot happen because it will take its toll on them in the future.
  • Freelancers need to be familiar with all areas of work, but that doesn’t mean they have to do absolutely everything. It is essential to authorize tasks to citizens who comply with their certain role.
  • Scale the prices. It is important that once the company begins to reach customers, it should gradually increase prices, so that your business is profitable and sustainable.
  • A good autonomous citizen must be good at negotiating, therefore little by little he must learn to do so.

What is it?

An autonomous person is one who regularly performs a job to acquire remuneration. It can also be known as the job to perform functions as an individual entrepreneur or on your own.

Above all, most of the self-employed are self-employed workers. If you want to become one, remember that you must first comply with the Requirements to Become Self-Employed.

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