Requirements to Collect Family Assistance: Application, What it is and MORE

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If you are currently unemployed and have the corresponding contributions, the next is to know the Requirements to Collect Family Assistance. Thanks to this help, families can organize themselves while the person in charge of the family group is hired in a new job.

In addition to the requirements, you will also learn how to apply to collect family assistance, who can collect it, how many times it can be collected, the benefits, among other things.

What are the Requirements to Collect Family Assistance?

The Requirements to Collect Family Assistance They are necessary to comply in order to receive this help. These are the following:

  • The applicant must be unemployed.
  • Register at the office of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), at least one month before asking for help. You must remain a job seeker for as long as the aid lasts. After a month has passed, you have 15 days to ask for help.
  • You must be committed to actively find a job, so you have to intervene in activities that suggest you to get a job.
  • Contributory unemployment has ended.
  • Possessing family responsibilities, in other words, support children or spouse. If the charges are children, they must be under 26 years of age, or if they are older they must have a disability. Likewise, the income of the family group divided among the members of the family that is not greater than 75% of the SIM (Minimum Interprofessional Salary). Without taking into account the part that corresponds to the 2 additional payments.
  • Not to own Income greater than 75% of the monthly SIM, which at this moment represents € 675 euros per month.
  • All the income of the family group must be notified, from the moment in which the applicant acquires it, to the other people with whom he lives and is economically under his charge. The income has been, the salary that is received independently, the profits from the bank accounts, actuate them. It also refers to scholarships, rentals, farmer financing, deposits, earnings, retirement plans, lottery prizes, etc.

Application for Family Assistance

To apply for family assistance, the entity in charge of this procedure is the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). The first thing to do is schedule the appointment in advance at that institution. Then you must attend the appointment with all Requirements to Collect Family Assistance necessary, which are:

  1. Present the National Identity Document (DNI), and in case of being a foreigner the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) along with the passport.
  2. The family book or its equivalent, if you are a foreigner.
  3. Bank documentation where the number of the account in which the aid will be deposited is evidenced.
  4. If you have children with disabilities and over 26 years of age, you must record proof of disability.
  5. In the case of having protected a minor, the judicial or administrative provision must be presented.
  6. If there is a situation of divorce separation, it is mandatory to record the ruling and the agreement that regulates it.

As can be seen, the State has some allowances to help families, in cases where the person responsible for providing for the family group is unemployed. However, this is an aid that is not enough to cover all the financial responsibilities that you have.

For this reason, it is advisable to organize the family finances correctly, and make savings with emergency funds, which can be used when they are needed. If it is convenient, find a financial advisor, who will help you with good financial planning that adapts to your requirements.

Who Can Collect Family Assistance?

One of the most common questions that exists around this topic, in addition to knowing the Requirements to Collect Family Assistance en Who can collect family support? Which is a normal question, since not just anyone can apply for this grant.

It is essential to comply with the Requirements to Collect Family Assistance, because it is the only way to access this subsidy granted by the Spanish government. It should be noted that the main requirement is to have family dependents who are directly dependent on the applicant.

In other words, other members of the family group must directly need the applicant’s money in order to survive with dignity at this time. Children are regularly taken as the first family burden that anyone currently has, since this implies many things.

Indeed, the age that the children must be to be taken into account as a dependent family burden, they are up to 26 years old. The reason is, because it is estimated that the children are still training and then begin to work and contribute financially.

Lately, however, spouses who are unemployed have begun to be considered as a family burden for the aid applicant. Likewise, it should be noted that the person who wishes to apply for family assistance has the proper contributions, for at least 3 months.

In this way, it must have a reserve fund available for when it is needed, instead of making the request directly to the State. In conclusion, any person who complies with at least 2 of these requirements can request family assistance at the corresponding SEPE office.

How Many Times Can Family Assistance Be Charged?

In relation to the times that family assistance can be collected, it is detailed as follows:

As a general rule, they are 18 months, of which six months are received and after that you can renew two more times. The maximum series is reflected in this way (6 + 6 + 6). However with respect to this there are exemptions:

  • When the unemployed person you are under 45 years old, with family dependents and they have already exhausted the tax collection for at least 6 months. They are given a fourth chance of up to 24 months: 6 + 6 + 6 + 6.
  • When the unemployed person is over 45 years old, who have completed the four-month tax collection and have family dependents. Additionally, you are entitled to six more months, for a total of 24 months: 6 + 6 + 6 + 6.
  • Unemployed people over 45 years old, family responsibilities and that they have also terminated the contributory benefit, at least six months. You will also have the benefits of six more months, for a total of 30 months: 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6.

Benefits of Collecting Family Assistance

There are some benefits of collecting family assistance, which partly provides relief to the person with family responsibilities who is unemployed at a certain time. These are:

  1. The collection of family assistance allows cover part of the expenses of the family group.
  2. This help is aimed at the context of the family life of those involved.
  3. The purpose is help for a reasonable time to families in need.
  4. It is designed in a particular way according to the aid plans, which are adjusted to the needs of each family.
  5. It also builds the foundation that seeks to improve the point of view of the family group in all its facets.
  6. It also prevents that minors are placed in foreign homes.
  7. Family help is available in a number of ways.

What is it?

The so-called Family Help is also known as two unemployment benefits, which are different with respect to the requirements, the payment and the time it lasts. These two grants are listed below:

  • On the one hand, family aid is said to refer to the subsidy that can be charged instantly after unemployment has been collected (the tax assistance charged for having at least one year of quote). This as long as there is insufficient income and family responsibilities.
  • Likewise, family aid is said to a subsidy that can still be collected when normal stoppage is not reached (that is, you do not have a minimum of 360 trading days). However, when you have at least 90 days of contributions and the employee has family dependents.

When a person is unemployed in Spain, it is sufficient that they comply with the Requirements to Collect Family Assistance, since this is a benefit that allows those who have the opportunity to receive it to be freed from financial worries in a certain way.

By following the respective steps, which are very simple to do, it can be achieved that this help reaches your hands as soon as possible. Do not forget to carry out this procedure in the stipulated times.

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