Requirements to collect family assistance: Everything you need to know

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Here you will find important information about family benefits, read the complete Requirements to collect family assistance: Everything you need to know, you will expand your knowledge and you will know in what situation during unemployment you can enjoy these benefits, which will fall like a glove.

What is family help

Corresponds to the allocation of subsidies that are received when we have a situation of unemployment. They are of two types, with different requirements, period of validity and payment to be received.

The first refers to the subsidy that we can access almost as a substitute for the last collection of normal unemployment. Understanding as normal unemployment, the existing contributory benefit for one year of contributions. As long as there are no family charges or income.

The second is associated with the Subsidy that can be collected, in situations in which it is not possible to collect normal unemployment, due to not complying with the quoted year. But there is a minimum of three months of contributions and also family charges.

Family assistance for exhaustion of the contributory benefit

Although it is known as family assistance, its name is really «subsidy for exhaustion of the contributory benefit with family responsibilities».

There is a time limit of 15 business days to make the request, counted from the moment the waiting month is fulfilled.

Understood as a month of waiting, the thirty-day time that we must allow to pass since the collection of the previous strike is completed.

In the event that we request it outside that period or period, we do not worry, we do not lose our right. But if we lose the collection of the days that were within the term and we let it pass.

It could also be the case that the applicant meets the requirements to opt for the subsidy for people over 52 years of age. The latter being the one that would charge for being with greater advantages.

On the occasion that you are not eligible for the subsidy because you do not have family responsibilities or responsibilities, or perhaps you have exceeded the established income, you can request it in less than a year, if there have been changes in your situation and you also have family responsibilities and also your income per month are not more than € 675.


The requirements and conditions to apply for this family assistance are the following:

  1. Exhaustion of unemployment due to unemployment
  2. Not having an employment relationship and being registered as a job seeker, within a period of thirty days, counted from the date on which the contributory benefit ended. Situation popularly known as «the month of waiting.»
  3. You must have family responsibilities, these being with children under 26 years of age, with your spouse, legally married, and disabled children, being able to demonstrate that they are dependents of the applicant. We will emphasize that even if there are no children, and the spouse is financially dependent on his partner, he can opt for family assistance.
  4. Do not have income or income greater than 75% of the SMI interprofessional minimum wage

This last requirement is double-checked by the competent bodies.

In the first place, it is verified that the applicant has no own income greater than the 75% mentioned above. Which is equivalent in this year 2019 to a monthly income of € 675.

After this first validation, the average income of the whole family is calculated. These must not be greater than € 675 per month.

To obtain this result, a summation of all the income of those who make up the family unit is carried out. That quantity or number thrown, is divided by the total number of the members that make it up.

How much money is charged for family support

The amount to be charged for this family help is 430.27 euros per month. This amount corresponds to eighty percent of the IPREM.

As of the RDL Reform, in 2012. Situations in which the hiring was part-time, the subsidy will be paid only for the hours worked, not for 100%. This as dictated by the Public Employment Service office.

That is, we have that the last contract was part-time, 50% of the subsidy would correspond, or 215 euros per month.

Which represents a negligible monthly amount, unable to meet the basic needs of a family.

How long is it possible to collect the aid

The family help that we comment, it can be charged for a total of one and a half years. Charging the first six months, then we must renew up to two more times, until we meet the total time of 18 months.

And as the saying goes, every rule has its exception.

We have the existence of a fourth extension to complete the two years or 24 months to:

  • People who are unemployed, with family responsibilities and who are under 45 years of age. In addition to having consumed the contributory benefit of a minimum of six months.
  • Over 45 years of age, with dependents, unemployed. Having consumed the four-month contributory benefit.

Another exception, grant two extensions of six months each, to complete the 30 months to:

  • Those unemployed over 45 years of age and with family responsibilities. Having consumed the contributory benefit of at least 6 months.

Where it is requested

By prior appointment, at the offices of the State Public Employment Service, known by its acronym as SEPE, the application is entered.

On the internet it is possible to find the links for the previous appointment to the INEM, which was how the organization was previously known.

The appointment request can be made through the official website of the SEPE or by phone.

Through the electronic page, when entering, the option of Previous Appointment is selected and completes the steps and information requested. It is a prerequisite to have a password, DNI or electronic certificate.

By electronic means, you can contact them by dialing 901 010 210.

Family assistance due to insufficient contributions

In the previous family assistance, one of the conditions for obtaining it is having consumed an unemployment benefit, which is the same as ending unemployment.

Or at the end of the benefit, the waiting month is fulfilled and the aid is requested within the next fifteen days, complying with the requirements.

There are situations in which unemployed people do not have 360 ​​days of contributions, making it impossible to collect unemployment benefits.

But, good news, there is a subsidy in this situation, which is our subtitle. Also known as «job loss allowance». This type includes the existence of family responsibilities.


The conditions to request family assistance due to insufficient contribution, we have:

  1. Have contributed between three, four or five months and have family responsibilities
  2. Have contributions between six and eleven months, with or without family responsibilities

We remind you that with contributions of 12 months or more you have the option of requesting the contributory benefit.

How much is charged

The amounts or months to be charged in the first condition, that is, With contributions between 3 to 5 months, you will receive between three to five months of subsidy, equivalent to a monthly amount of 430 euros.

For the second condition, de Contributions between six and eleven months, six months of allowance can be received if there are no family responsibilities. And with family responsibilities up to 21 months of subsidy.

It is important to be aware of these conditions, as they tend to be modified between having five or six months of contributions.

Since five months of subsidy are charged with five months of contributions, while with six months of contributions it is possible to collect up to 21 months of subsidy.

We hope the reading will be of use to you!

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